Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

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Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment – Well, you can easily send an email or an attachment to a Gmail message with a customized attachment.

Why do you want to do this? Let’s say you run a small business that wants to send monthly PDF invoices to your customers. Your billing software generates a PDF invoice for each of the 100 customer views. Now you need to send the right invoice to the right customer. Until now, you had to prepare multiple emails manually – composing and sending 100 emails each, and attaching the correct PDF to each email.

Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

Your files can be in your Google Drive or in a publicly accessible location on the web, such as your server, a public Dropbox folder, or a public AWS S3 bucket.

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If you want to upload your files to your Google Drive, our software needs permission to access your Google Drive. It is the first step you should take before sending any private attachment in your bulk email.

You must give your Google Drive read-only permission! By default, there is no permission for this when you register an account.

Also, note that not all files will be included in the folder; They can share different files as long as they are in the same Google Drive account. Finally, if you’re using Google Drive, make sure “Replace downloaded files…” is unchecked:

If you do not check this box, then some file types, such as .txt files, will not look like txt files after you upload them; they will be converted to Google Docs and will not be “attached” to your scheduled email.

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First, set up your Google Docs. Make sure your address columns are on the first row, and at least you’ll need two columns, one for the email address, and one for the file attachment. You can also have other columns, such as FirstName, LastName, Company, and anything else you need to organize your email links. This is what your notebook should look like:

The file content column can be named anything as long as it starts with “Attachment.” Each of the following are valid column names:

If your file is backed up to Google Drive, the column should contain the name of the file extension. If your file is hosted somewhere on the web, the column should contain the full URL of the file. This is what your newsletter might look like if you host your files on your own web server to send messages to multiple recipients.

Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

If you are a professional writer, feel free to use the extra column formula. For example, if you send monthly statements to your customers, and your billing software generates the monthly statements in [CustomerNumber].pdf format, with CustomerNumber as one of the columns on your spreadsheet. , you can set the additional column “= A1 ” + .pdf.

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Finally, if you have empty cells in the “Attachments” column, then it is assumed that the recipient does not have the corresponding files, and emails will be sent without any file attached.

If you have already done the post link, the next step should be known. Click the link document button, select your newsletter and workbook, click the “Connect” button, Gmail Compose will open. Enter your information, and click the button. You do not need to attach any files to this message. will find a column in your spreadsheet containing files that will be automatically added to each email.

Receiver. Also, any files you add to Drafts will be sent to all recipients, and any attachments formatted as drafts will be sent to specific emails.

For example, let’s say you publish a monthly PDF newsletter that you want to send to everyone along with individual invoices. Then you insert the newsletter PDF into the Gmail Compose window, and when you click that, each email will be sent with the newsletter PDF as an attachment and a PDF invoice as an attachment.

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Need to send more than one attachment to each recipient? For example, if every month you send bills and account statements to your customers, but they are two separate PDFs, then you can have two columns in your sheet, for example:

You can set up your newsletter campaign once, and leave the emails to be sent to you on autopilot every day, week or month, depending on your business needs. Let’s say you want to send your first email attachment every month. Just schedule your first email to be sent on the first night of the month, then set it to repeat monthly.

Now, on the first of every month, it will automatically read your newsletter, extract the files, and send an email with the corresponding attachment. All you have to do

Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

The first thing every month is to get new files somewhere, either in your Google Drive, or wherever you store them.

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If the file cannot be retrieved for a specific address, the recipient will be skipped and you will receive a report at the end of the campaign for all skipped recipients. If you intentionally do not want some recipients to receive any attachments in their e-mail, uncheck the box under the “Attachments” column – that way, they will still receive the e-mail but without anything attached. It makes sending multiple emails with different needs easy.

If you are saving your files to Google Drive, but you don’t have permission to read your Google Drive, then your campaign failed with this error:

You don’t have enough permissions on your Gmail account to do what you want. If you want to send a customized attachment, connect to your Gmail account and click the resume link.

If you want to use Dropbox to store files that you want to attach to your email, you have to do some manual work – you have to create a public URL for each file that you want to attach, even all of them. files in the same Dropbox folder. Although Dropbox makes it easy to find public links and files, and even public links to files, Dropbox doesn’t make it easy to create public links for say, 100 files, without manually going through the creation process. a link to each. For 100 links you will need a large email campaign.

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To create a public link to a file, right-click the file and select “Copy Link to Dropbox,” then enter the URL into the appropriate Google Sheet box.

Again, you have to repeat the process for each file, because there is no way you can follow it to find the link yourself. For example, if you have two files in Dropbox, doc1.pdf and doc2.pdf, and you create public URLs, they will look like this:

Now, let’s say you have 100 files and you want to create public links. As you can see the left side of the URL contains “,” as expected, and the right side contains the file name, as expected, there is a unique identifier string inserted in the middle that prevents you from creating These URLs. with you. Easily copy and paste into Google Sheets to manage multiple emails.

Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

If you skip the step of manually creating a Dropbox link for each file, your Google Docs will look like this:

Batch Upload Resource Endpoint

Using S3 is a better option than Dropbox to store files for the purpose of personal attachments, because S3 makes it easy to find a public URL for each file. By default, S3 buckets are not public, so make sure that if you create a bucket for the purpose of uploading files to multiple emails, you make your bucket public. You must uncheck the “block all public access” box and check the welcome box:

Then, when you put your files in the bucket, make sure to select “Give public read access…” and the following:

When your files are downloaded, S3 gives you a public URL for each file, which is the DNS name you chose for your bucket and file name:

Note that these URLs don’t work, so don’t try to visit them! But, every file I upload to this bucket will have the same URL, which means my Google Sheet will look like this:

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Windows Batch Script To Send Email With Attachment

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