What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

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What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments – As consumers switch to credit cards instead of cash, your business needs to be able to handle both credit and debit card transactions.

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important to accept credit card payments from your customers.

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

Consumers prefer credit cards to cash payments by a significant margin. According to a 2020 study by the Federal Reserve, 27% of US consumers choose to use credit card payments, while 19% prefer to pay in cash. Every year, the Federal Reserve reports, the use of bank cards instead of cash expands.

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As you adjust to a new digital-based payment market, ditching cash payments and placing credit card payment models next to the aisle makes a lot of sense—that is, if you’re ready for the transfer of additional payments . in plastic

That choice can be problematic for your business, as there are hundreds of payment processing companies to choose from and many factors to consider before choosing a processor. You want to find the best credit card processing company for your business, considering factors such as low fees, few fees, and month-to-month contracts.

If your business is new or has never accepted credit card payments, you may be wondering how to accept plastic and how much it will cost. These steps will guide you through the process of setting up credit card processing for your business and provide some questions to ponder.

If you plan to use a POS system to accept credit cards, check out our reviews and recommendations on the best POS systems.

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For example, you have to choose between a card payment service that is available to individuals or choose a provider that only serves businesses. Additionally, you must include the average monthly number of credit and debit card payments you accept.

If you’re someone who wants to accept credit cards for personal use, for example, if you want to accept credit cards at a garage sale or for freelance work, or if your business isn’t official yet, Square is a good choice. option (Read our Square review for more.)

Square is one of the few payment processors that works with you individually and your business. You pay a small fee every time you accept a credit card payment, and there are no monthly or annual fees. Square offers you a card swiper, or you can buy an inexpensive chip card reader from the company.

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

If you want to be able to accept credit card payments from friends, family, or other people you know and trust, like the friends you split the dinner bill with last night, you can use these peer-to-peer payment services like PayPal. , Venmo, Apple Pay Cash, Google Pay or Zelle.

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You don’t want to use a P2P payment service to receive payments if you don’t know the person. Be aware that buyers can reverse transactions, like Venmo payment scams.

If your small business processes less than $2,500 per month or has small sales tickets, you’ll want to work with a payment facilitator like Stripe.

Facilitators like Stripe are cheaper to use with this processing volume because you only pay a small fee—expressed as a percentage of each sale and sometimes a transaction fee—for each credit or debit card payment you receive. Although payment processors charge a higher percentage than other types of payment processing fees, you save money because you don’t pay any fees.

There are no setup fees, monthly fees (such as declaration and payment gateway fees), or annual PCI compliance fees.

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Payment facilitators, also called mobile credit card processors or merchant aggregators, sponsor multiple merchants into their primary merchant accounts. This makes it easy to sign up for an account and requires a small fee, but can be more restrictive.

Be sure to read the user agreement carefully to ensure that the goods or services you offer are not prohibited. Also, remember that processing irregularities, such as abnormally large transactions or sudden increases in monthly volume, can cause your card processor to freeze your funds, which can restrict cash flow.

If you have small ticket sales, you can save money by choosing a credit card processing company that only charges a percentage of each sale. Some also charge a small fee for each transaction, usually 10 to 30 cents, but this adds up quickly if you have fewer tickets to sell.

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

If your small business processes more than $3,000 a month or has a lot of sales tickets, consider a lower-fee processor like Payment Depot. These payment processing companies can set up a merchant account for you.

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While these processors may charge fees that aggregators don’t, they offer lower fees, which can save you money if you process large amounts of money each month.

Independent Marketing Organizations (ISOs) and Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) that resell direct processor merchant accounts also offer credit card payment options for your small business. Because you still process a lower volume of payments than larger companies, you may not receive better rates from direct processors. However, you’ll want to shop around to find low rates, low rates, and a month-to-month contract.

If you process a small number of credit cards each month, look for a payment processor that doesn’t impose a monthly minimum — a minimum dollar amount of credit card processing fees you must pay each month.

If you process a high volume of sales each month, you may also consider working with a direct processor such as First Data, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, or Bank of America Merchant Services. These companies are usually best suited for large companies, but will work with your small business as well.

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Direct processors provide merchant accounts and have relationships with banks and credit card brands. Again, you want to comparison shop for favorable prices, rates, and contracts.

If you are looking for a point of sale (POS) system, check with the company to find out which credit cards the POS system processes, as this may limit your options. Some require you to use their in-house processing services, but the best credit card merchants allow you to work with third-party payment processors so you can shop at lower prices and fees.

You want to accept credit card payments where and how customers want to pay. That’s the case regardless of the type of credit card transaction you accept, including: in person at your business or elsewhere, online, over the phone and through mobile apps.

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

Once you decide how to accept credit cards, consider what type of credit card processing equipment you need. The best processing equipment can meet these standards.

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All card readers can accept magnetic stripe cards, but you want a model that accepts EMV chip cards (Europay, Mastercard and Visa microchip card payments). EMV card technology protects you from liability for fraud that occurs at the point of sale. EMV card readers also allow you to bypass signature authentication, speeding up the checkout process.

Fortunately, the card reader has NFC technology, which allows it to accept mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. This way, you won’t have to upgrade your equipment again because this payment method is becoming more and more popular.

Almost all credit card processors sell processing equipment, and in most cases you can get your card reader from the company. If you have a terminal, the processor can reprogram it, although there is sometimes a fee for this service. If you want to buy peripherals from a third-party vendor, you should check processor compatibility.

Plan to purchase your credit card payment processing equipment in advance, as installment models can increase the price. A businessman signed a lease for $99 per month with a 48-month term for a machine; in effect, he pays $4,800 for a machine that cost $300. The FTC warns against leasing credit card processing equipment for the same costly reason.

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Be wary of free credit card processing equipment, as you may be charged higher fees and additional fees, such as an insurance fee or some type of equipment maintenance fee. Most payment providers also require you to return the equipment when you close your account.

It’s a portable device that you use with a smartphone or tablet and a credit card payment app. Some models connect to the headphone jack or Lightning connector on your phone or tablet, but many newer models connect via Bluetooth. Many processors offer customers a free credit card swiper, but you’ll need to upgrade to a model that accepts EMV chip cards and NFC contactless payments. These usually cost less than $100.

Mobile card readers can be used as standalone devices or as part of a larger system. You can use it if your business accepts credit cards while you travel. They are also useful for processing transactions from anywhere in the store during busy periods or if your business only does a few transactions per day.

What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

This type of card reader usually has a built-in receipt printer and keypad for PIN debit transactions. Countertop models connect via telephone or Ethernet connection. Wireless models connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS. All new models

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