What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

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What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For – The Internet allows us to find and share information across borders and vast distances with extraordinary speed and ease. By the end of 2015, there were 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide, up from 400 million in 2000.

The international nature of the Internet was established in the mid-eighties when a system was agreed upon to allocate each country its own space online. Each domain name will receive a two-letter code in the Internet’s address book. In 1985, the first three were represented: Internet access will continue to expand beyond the confines of Earth, as astronaut TJ Kramer demonstrated in 2010 when he tweeted from the International Space Station.

What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

Back on Earth, we were looking for a way to look at the global use of the Internet. The result is a map of our online world, an atlas recreated according to the number of Internet domain registrations in each country*, be it .uk for the UK, .de for Germany, .cn for China, etc. .

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While many of the islands and continents look familiar at first glance, a second look reveals some major size differences between this and a regular map. Why did Europe grow and America shrink? Why is there a large, unknown land mass in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? What happened to Africa?

“Online Europe” is much larger than geographic Europe due to the high rate of Internet adoption by countries in this region. The United Kingdom, for example, is only 21st in terms of population and 78th in terms of area. But in terms of internet usage, it is right at the top of the chart. In 2015, four out of five UK adults accessed the internet every day and more than three quarters bought goods or services online. With over 10 million registrations, .uk is the fourth largest country code domain in the world, and a new .uk is registered every 20 seconds.

America, on the other hand, is an exception. Despite high levels of Internet use, e-commerce, and online innovation, there are relatively few registrations for .us, its official country code domain. Americans and American businesses prefer .com, which is the most popular domain in the world with 123 million registrations.

In many other countries, the number of country code domain registrations can be a useful indicator of Internet adoption. But the low number of .us domains instead reflects American dominance in the Internet’s early years. The .com site can be considered the default for American, eliminating the need to specify.

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Another gem is Tokelau. Yes, that large, unrecognizable figure on the right side of the map is the tiny South Pacific island of Tokelau, which has a population of 1,400. Tokelau’s .tk has 31 million registrations, making it the world’s largest country code domain. It is almost as big as second and third place China (.cn) and Germany (.de) combined. .tk’s popularity is due to an unusual operating model where domains can be registered for free and revenue is generated from advertising. According to some reports, one-sixth of Tokyo’s GDP comes from .tk domains.

While the US and Tokelau show exceptions at each end of the scale, the online world map shows few correlations between a country’s Internet domain size, Internet adoption rate, and economic power. Unfortunately, our map suggests that global inequality can often manifest as a lack of opportunity and representation in the online world. The continent of Africa is home to more than a billion people, but on our map it is much, much smaller than it should be.

This week, ICANN (the international organization responsible for the Internet Domain Name System) is holding its 55th meeting in Marrakech. In his welcome address, ICANN’s outgoing president and CEO, Fadi Kehdia, emphasized his organization’s commitment to people on the continent who “want and aspire to be part of our great digital society, the society that he defines the century.” I hope that the global Internet community will support this call. If we work to bring the benefits of the Internet to more of the world’s population, we will help create a truly online world.

What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

Interested in buying a domain name? Purchase a domain name through one of our certified registrars. Search and compare multiple providers to find the best deal on our sister site, theukdomain.uk.Only United States Governmentmt. At first there was only the federal government, but later it expanded to include state and local government

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A domain name is a gov sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Internet Domain Name System. The name derives from the word government, indicating the limited use of government. The TLD is regulated by the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Only US-based governments can register .gov domain names, a product of the Internet initiative as a US government-sponsored research network.

Other countries usually assign a second-level domain to their country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for official functions; For example, .gov.uk is the UK government domain and .gc.ca is the Canadian government domain. The United States is the only country that has a government-specific top-level domain in addition to the ccTLD (.us).

Beginning in 1997, the General Services Administration (GSA) began managing .gov. In February 2011, GSA selected Verisign to manage registry services, replacing Native Technologies, Inc.

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Responsibility for the TLD was transferred to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) under the DOTGOV Online Trust in the Government Act of 2020.

In January 2023, CISA chose Cloudflare to replace Verisign in providing registry services. Cloudflare will also provide authoritative DNS services for .gov domains.

Many U.S. governments use the .gov domain, although most use .us (such as leg.state.nv.us), .com (such as myflorida.com), .org (such as lacity.org), or others. TLDs. (eg sate.mn).

What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

But some US government-related websites use non-.gov domain names, including the United States Postal Service (eg usps.com) and various recruitment sites for the armed services (eg goarmy.com). The US Department of Defense and related agencies generally use the .mil sTLD instead of .gov.

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Government organizations and publicly controlled organizations that operate in the United States are eligible to purchase a .gov domain. This includes the federal, state, local or territorial government, as well as any tribal government that is recognized by the federal or state government.

A power of attorney must be submitted to CISA to register a .gov domain. The person who signs the letter varies depending on the type of organization, but it is usually the head of the agency, the chief information officer (CIO), or a higher-level or elected official.

Historically, only US federal government agencies were allowed to register .gov domains. In May 2002, GSA proposed an amendment that would allow US state, local, and tribal governments to register,

In November 2019, before .gov was handed over to CISA, GSA’s authorization process was shown to be vulnerable when someone presented a power of attorney to the mayor of Exeter, Rhode Island and successfully took control of exeterri.gov. . In response, GSA said it implemented additional fraud prevention controls, and CISA supported the transfer of the TLD from GSA.

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The DOTGOV Act requires CISA to maintain requirements that “minimize the risk of .gov Internet domains whose names may mislead or confuse users.”

The law also requires that .gov domains not be used for political campaign or commercial purposes, and that domains be registered only by authorized persons.

President Barack Obama has banned executive branch agencies from registering new .gov domains in an effort to weed out redundant, redundant or outdated websites.

What Country Is Ch The Internet Top Level Domain For

US government agencies have used .gov registrars to facilitate HTTPS front-loading for new registries.

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, all states, the District of Columbia, and all territories except the Northern Mariana Islands are active domains in government;

Although the use of gov as a top-level domain is limited to the United States, many other countries have second-level domains with the same name or similar words for government purposes, including:

All other Canadian provinces and territories; gov..ca, where ‘ is the postal abbreviation of the applicable province or territory, except for Quebec, which uses gouv.qc.ca, and New Brunswick, which uses gnb.ca. 560 pixels. Other permissions. 320 × 224 pixels |: 640 × 448 pixels |: 1 024 × 717 pixels |: 1,280 × 896 pixels | 2,085 × 1,459 pixels

To reject Any mention of commercial products on NIST web pages is for information only; It does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST.

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This image is in the public domain in the United States because it is the work of an employee of the United States Federal Government, specifically the National Institute of Standards and Technology, under the terms of Chapter 17, Division 1, Section 105.

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