Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

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Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

The other day I tried to log into my account and I entered the wrong answer to the secret question and I lost access. I was later able to access my mail from the website and change my password. Right now I can access my mail directly from, but I can’t download or send my mail from my ipod, ipad, or my desktop email client, which I believe is Outlook. It says my password or ID is bad. But both are true. All credentials are correct on each user account. Any ideas?

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Check the server name, port settings and whether SSL/TLS is installed. Make sure the password is required and correct. In some cases, you will need to enter [email protected] instead of your ID.

After you convert to AOL mail, your password will be changed separately on the Verizon site and the AOL site.

All done.. all configured correctly. I can go to the verizon website and get my mail, but it won’t reach my client devices (desktop, ipod, ipad). After I changed my password on the Verizon site, everything turned off. Changed settings on all devices to fix new password but no dice. He even deleted the old account and set up a new one. Nothing works.

Videos are subject to the Verizon Fios Community Terms of Service and User Guidelines and contain content not created by Verizon. This article will help you troubleshoot AOL Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There are two main scenarios:

Email Almost No ‘real Estate’ On Screen

Or suddenly you can’t get your AOL mail on your Mac or iPhone and they keep asking for a password and you type it in and it never works, even though you know what it is. this is the password.

If this sounds like you, click here to go to the section of this article that addresses this “updated security measures” issue.

UPDATE: If you have a Verizon email address (that ends in, these instructions may help you too.

Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

You need to know how to create a special app password and use it to access AOL on your old Mac or iPhone. Everything is there. However, if you would like me to do the work for you, please use this link to schedule a remote scaling appointment with me. This service is billed per device, $39 per bill, by credit card or PayPal, and only if your AOL mail arrives. No postage or taxes.

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AOL has sent an email to everyone with an email address, telling us that we will need to log back into our account using the updated secure login method in order to continue receiving our email address.

You may have noticed that AOL’s letter asks for an “updated secure login when accessing your account from unofficial or non-Yahoo applications.” You might be wondering what this has to do with Yahoo.

It turns out that in 2015 Verizon bought AOL and two years later Verizon decided not to work with their email accounts and moved them all to AOL. Soon after, they bought Yahoo and merged it and AOL into something called The Oath. Yahoo handles a lot of email and since Yahoo mail has a better security system than AOL mail, they update AOL mail security to match. UPDATE: Verizon is selling Oath. I hope this doesn’t affect anyone’s email.

First, if you get your email on a Mac (or PC) by going to your web browser, going to “” and then reading and writing your email, you don’t need to do anything. Your AOL Mail experience will remain the same.

My Email Suddenly Isn’t Worki…

UPDATE 2/19/2021: There is no way to get AOL Mail to work with Apple’s Mac Mail app on macOS 10.9.5 (Mavericks). It doesn’t matter how you try, it won’t work. If you want to get your AOL mail on your Mac without doing it in a browser (yikes), I recommend the Thunderbird mail app. It’s very similar to Apple’s Mail app, and works very well with AOL. And for free! This comes from people using Firefox.

AOL considers the Mac Mail app insecure if macOS 10.13 or earlier, and won’t allow Mail to connect to their servers — unless you create and use a special “app-specific password” when you sign in to – not your “real” AOL password – in the Mail app..

Even if you know your AOL account password, one way to be sure is to go to in your browser and sign in to prove you know it.

Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

With this password if you are on Mac 10.13 or earlier. The solution: a special, custom “application password” created by AOL just for the Mail program.

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. If you go to in your browser and enter your AOL username, that’s your “real” AOL password, which you’ll enter there as well. The app-specific password is only for the Mail app.)

If you make a mistake, you can start over. There is nothing to worry about. Note: FYI, you cannot request a specific password for an application on AOL. You can create a new one, but you can’t claim an old one.

Very important: spaces are not empty spaces! They don’t count! They don’t exist at all. Prove it yourself when you create a password for a specific application: highlight the password, copy it, and paste it somewhere (into Notes or email or anywhere you can put it in TextEdit). You will see that there are no gaps. So, it is better to copy and paste a special password for the application than to type it and then enter it manually in the Internet Accounts settings panel.

It may be tempting to enter a password specific to that particular application in the window that says “Password not specified” or something similar. Don’t do that, it won’t work. Instead, go to System Preferences, then Internet Accounts, then click on your AOL account. You will probably see the message “Unable to connect to account…” and if so, enter your app specific password and you’re good to go.

Iphone Not Getting Mail Unless On Wifi? Here’s The Fix.

If the password window doesn’t appear right away, or if you put an app-specific password in the box and it still gets rejected, you have another option. Uncheck the box above, click on your AOL account, then click “Details…” in the upper right corner and enter (or paste) the appropriate password for the application. This should work.

That’s it if you’re using Mail on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later. You can open the Mail app and track your incoming mail.

If you’re using Mac Mail on a Mac with Mojave (10.14) or Catalina (10.15), you don’t need a separate app password. Instead, you’ll need to delete the account and then add it again. It’s not hard – see below.

Verizon Net Server Settings Iphone

NOTE: When I first wrote this article, I mentioned that if you delete your account, you won’t lose your emails. The emails are on the server (test – go to and log in and see) or they are on “My Mac” (look for the folder on the left side of the Mail app). Deleting an account from a Mac does not delete mail from the server. Remember, you’re only “freeing” the account from the Mac – you’re not deleting mail from the server. That’s it if you follow the instructions below. What you don’t do is select all the mail in your inbox and delete it. No no. Simply “release” the account in Preferences. And then add again.

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Step 1: Go to System Preferences, then Internet Accounts, then click on your AOL account and click on the minus sign in the lower left corner of that window. You will be prompted to delete or delete it from all your devices. You must select “Remove from all devices”.

Before you disable it, note what is enabled and what is not for your AOL account as shown below. In my case, only by mail.

Step 2: Still in Internet Accounts (via System Preferences), click where it says “Aol” and enter your AOL username in the field that opens. You don’t have to add “” if you don’t want to. Check the “Stay signed in” box. Click next.

Step 3: Enter yourself

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