Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

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Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail – This article contains instructions for turning your personal Google Gmail account into an SMTP server. This is great for us developers because we can use this feature to send emails from our apps without being blocked by our sysadmins or other internal blockers in the team. But keep in mind that this only allows us to send 500 emails per day, but that should be enough, right?

Before we begin, I recommend using a designated Google account for your development efforts. Because after configuring your account to send emails as an SMTP server, your account is vulnerable Learn more (External Google link).

Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

Before we can send you emails, your Google Account must be set to authorized access. If this step has already been completed, skip to link #2.

How To Send Unlimited Emails In Gmail Using An Smtp Server

After logging into your account, click the Security link in the side navigation bar. Click here for direct access.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Disable Access (Recommended)” to navigate to the configuration page. Click here for direct access.

Keep in mind that once less secure apps are allowed and enabled, your account will be vulnerable. Remember to use a disposable account for this.

Once Allow Less Secure Apps is enabled, you can start sending emails using your Google Account as your SMTP email server. Skip to step 2 to configure your application server.

Sending E Mail In Gmail From Your Domain Without G Suite

Once you authorize access to your Google account, you’re good to go, use the configuration below and you can start sending free emails from your Google Gmail account!

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Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

Hello, I am an active Adobe Community Consultant, holder of the AEM Coach badge (out of 55 worldwide) and holder of the Lead AEM Developer certificate. I hope to give back to the AEM full stack development community by sharing my knowledge with the world.

Configure A Gmail Account As Smtp Server To Send Emails

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you will need to enable or disable cookies again each time you visit this website. In Gmail, you can send not only from your or G Suite email address, but also from any “alias” addresses you configure in Gmail settings, as well as “Send Email” . If you send a direct mail campaign “from” one of these alias addresses, it may affect the delivery of your email because your emails will not be sent by most of Gmail’s delivery email servers.

You can set any additional addresses you own to use as sender addresses in your Gmail account and send those emails through Gmail’s servers. A few years ago, Gmail changed that policy and now forces you to enter SMTP server credentials from any new address you don’t host in Gmail or G Suite.

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For example, I have a domain and one of my old email addresses [email protected] is not a G Suite domain. I actually run my own email server for My personal email account is [email protected], so if I want to send “from” [email protected] within my [email protected] account, I am forced to enter settings from the SMTP server to send emails from [email protected]. ]

Gmail made this change around August 2014. With the increasing use of SPF and DKIM, it no longer makes sense for Gmail to allow emails from domains over which Gmail has no control to be sent through Gmail’s servers. Gmail is open to abuse by allowing people to send any email from any domain they want through its email system.

Google has made this change. I have a Gmail account, [email protected] and I set the address as an alias [email protected] in 2012, so I was able to do that and still use the Gmail servers. I haven’t touched the settings since then… If I want to make any changes, I’m forced to the SMTP server.

Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

If you encounter a “permissions” error when trying to add a sender address to your G Suite account, your G Suite administrator needs to change your permissions to allow this. By default, this permission is turned off.

Cannot Send Message: This Message Could Not Be Sent Because Your Account Does Not Have A Preferred Outgoing Mail Server, Fix • Macreports

To configure additional non-G Suite addresses in a G Suite account, your G Suite administrator must set permissions for this.

Whether or not Gmail prompts you to enter an SMTP server when adding a new “Send Mail As” address depends on the type of Gmail account you’re signed in to and the type of address you’re adding.

If you’re signed in to a G Suite account, your account ends in your organization’s domain and uses Gmail:

Now let’s say I’ve configured to send via [email protected] [email protected] The SMTP server for is, and I enter that as the credentials.

Send As With Owned Gsuite

I am setting up the [email protected] address and entering the SMTP server information for the domain.

Now, if I send a Gmail mailing campaign from [email protected], those emails are sent through and not Gmail’s high-delivery servers. My direct mail may work better, but I may lose some delivery advantage. One of the advantages of using a traditional email marketing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact is the extremely high delivery advantage that Gmail’s own servers provide over traditional ESP servers, known as outbound servers.

A third-party SMTP server cannot be configured to handle fast routing of multiple emails simultaneously. Some SMTP servers only allow a user to send a few hundred emails per day. In that case, you are limited in the number of emails you can send, not by Gmail’s own limitations, but by the limitations of a third-party SMTP server. If you start getting bounces that aren’t generated by Google, indicating a rate limit or delivery problem, it could be a third-party SMTP server throttling you.

Using Google Smtp Server To Send Mail

If you want to route your emails through Gmail’s servers, even when sending “from” an external email address, you can use Gmail’s SMTP relay server, Whether you can use and what credentials you use to authenticate to depends on your configuration.

How To Send Emails With File Attachments With Python By Using Google Gmail Smtp Server

You can authenticate with any G Suite account using your G Suite email account and password as your credentials. You need to enable “Allow less secure apps” for this to work.

You must enable “Allow less secure apps” for your G Suite account to authenticate with your G Suite email account and password.

If you don’t want to allow “less secure apps”, you can turn on 2-step verification and create a separate app password for Gmail as described in the instructions below. This also works for G Suite account.

As a G Suite user, you can also choose to authenticate to, which is a special SMTP relay only for G Suite users and not regular Gmail users.

Use Your Own Smtp Server

Unlike G Suite which authenticates to regular account email and password if you enable “Allow less secure apps”, for regular Gmail accounts you need to set an app specific password to authenticate on smtp. gmail. In addition. I consider this a loophole in Gmail policies, as I don’t believe it was Google’s intention, but it is still possible to use as SMTP.

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