Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

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Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending – Gmail and the My Gmail extension make it easy to send general, personalized emails to all the email addresses in your Gmail account. All you have to do is enter all the email addresses in the Get field, create your subject and message, and click the button (instead of the Gmail Send button). In this article, we will show you three ways to open a compose window with any email address.

In Gmail, you can search for conversations using the search bar at the top. Once you have a list of matching conversations, you can use the Create Mailing List button (magnifying glass) to remove all the email addresses within the matching conversation. Finds all email addresses in the From and To lines of matching email messages.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

For example, if you want to send a mass message to everyone you’ve talked to about “iPhone,” you can search for “iPhone” in your Gmail account, then click the Create Mailing List button to Create an email list instantly. List of all email addresses.

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So, to match almost every email message in your account, you just need to search for a short word like “the”. Assuming that almost every email contains the word “The”, the Create Email List button will now create an email list for almost every email address in your account. This method retrieves all the addresses in each matching message string.

If it’s part of a group email of say 20 people, you’ll also get 19 other addresses that may be related people.

When the email list is created, the Gmail creation window will open with all the addresses in the To line. Then enter the subject, message, personalize if necessary and click the button to send an individual email to each address.

Cons: You won’t be able to find every email address in your account, and you’ll find addresses of people you haven’t contacted directly. You are limited to searching a maximum of 5,000 posts.

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If you use Google Contacts to track your contacts, you can use the Google Contacts interface to select all or some of your contacts, then click the Email button to open a Gmail creation window with all those addresses in the To line. open

Then go to your contact list, select everyone with the checkbox tool and click the email button. Only the contacts on the current page will be selected, and you will have to go to the next page of contacts to select them individually.

So this method is inherently limited as you can only select 250 contacts at a time.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

After writing your email message, click the Send button instead of the Send button to send individual, personalized messages to each recipient.

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Going to directly in the browser instead of accessing contacts within Gmail as described above will cause the email button to fail if too many contacts are selected.

Pros: It’s easy to use, and Google Contacts are often divided into logical groups of people, so you can only email specific groups of people.

Cons: If you select too many contacts at once, you may see a “Bad Request” error instead of opening the Gmail compose window. Also, you cannot select contacts from multiple pages and only 250 contacts are displayed per page.

Finally, you can easily export all your Google contacts to a CSV file, then upload the CSV file to Google Sheets, and then connect to Google Sheets to extract email addresses. Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.

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Select Export, and then select the contacts you want to export. In my case, I export all 25,005 contacts.

After creating the table, you need to clean it by deleting unnecessary columns. Otherwise, your spreadsheet may have more data than it can handle. Then delete all the empty columns.

Then use it to connect to your spreadsheet. If you haven’t used it before, here are detailed instructions for connecting to Google Sheets.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

Finally, a create window will appear with all email addresses in the To line. If you have more than 1000 addresses, combine them into “alias” addresses as shown in the image below. This alias address is the one that represents all 24,997 addresses.

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In some cases, like the screenshot above, you can also hide the Gmail Send button to avoid accidentally clicking it and making a huge error. Clicking the button sends a tracked and personalized email to each contact, while Gmail’s send button sends a single email to all recipients, exposing everyone in the recipient’s line to each other.

Disadvantages: Not everyone you send to and from email may be Google Contacts. It’s still pretty easy, but takes more effort.

3. There is no email icon to launch the compose window with contacts already selected in the To field.

Many people agree that this is bad. The “preview” version of Google Contacts is an ugly and seemingly forgotten child of the classic Google Contacts. away!

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The only tool for email marketing, cold letters and mail merge. It’s all within Gmail. It offers powerful features but is easy to learn and use.

Try it for free. Then check out our quick start guide to send your first email merge in minutes! Sometimes you need to send an email to several people. This is where this Gmail mail merge tutorial begins.

Today you will learn how to send mass emails from Gmail using Google Sheets. You will learn 3 very simple tools to do this and the exact process of using both.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

Two methods use a Chrome extension and one uses a script. All are free to use, but extensions are limited in capacity. All work with applications.

Gmail Mail Merge

If you want to see this and spam people. However, there are many other situations where this is perfectly legal.

I’ve used this when working with a few of my business partners and I don’t want to add them to my email list to send them a message. This is from my email list and with the unsubscribe etc at the bottom it definitely looks like I added it to your email list. That’s not what I want them to think.

I’ve also used this in my personal life to send out wedding invitations. Because he still uses paper and cardboard?

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One caveat is that if you do this too much, your email will be classified as spam. There are no hard and fast rules for when this happens. It depends on the emails you send, your previous reputation and the number of people you send.

Gmass is a paid tool, but you can send up to 50 emails per day. Of all the tools in this article, this is the easiest.

It is recommended that we have a special contract with the founder if you send more than 50 per day.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

If you are not automatically prompted to create an account, click the Gmass button that appears next to the search bar.

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Create a column for email addresses, then create a column for mail merges.

Go back to Gmail and click the tab icon next to the search bar. Select the spreadsheet from the list and click “Connect”.

Whenever you want to import a column from your spreadsheet, click the arrow next to the “Gmass” button, click the “Personalize” dropdown, and select the column.

This is what makes Gmass so simple. Another way is to make sure the column matches the email placeholder. Gmass confirms that you are correct.

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And if you need to exceed the 50 per day limit, get a premium account at a discount here.

Get a great Gmass account at a discount! I made a deal with the founders to let me send out tracking, email schedules, etc. for a very low price. Click here to get it.

This is also a very easy way to merge mail in Gmail. It is also a paid tool and the free level allows up to 50 per day. If you send less than 50, this is the best option. This is a little easier than the script below.

Using Gmail For Bulk Email Sending

Go to Gmail and start creating a new email. This design is copied by the tool.

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