Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

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Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp – For example, if you need to send a million emails per hour this is not the right software for you. However, if the speed can stand in the background for better delivery then it’s probably a winner for you.

There are two ways to send with this – locally through your Gmail account or through a third-party SMTP service like Sendgrid. Either way, it “acts” as if you were sending the email directly from your Gmail account. All e-mails will appear in the “Sent E-mail” folder so that they can be found and you can continue to use automatic follow-ups.

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

We have introduced a way to send faster when using the SMTP option. You can choose to skip logging emails to your “Sent Email” folder, which more than doubles the sending speed.

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There are several factors that will give you average speed because the rate at which a 5 KiloByte email is sent via SMTP is much faster than a 5 MegaByte (MB) email sent via SMTP. However, if you are confused by how slow sending over SMTP is, this new option is sure to get you excited. When you choose to send via SMTP, simply check the “Send quickly” option.

Check the “Send Fast” box to skip access to the “Sent Email” folder and send emails quickly via SMTP.

Finally, use the “Fast SmTP” option only if you are sending a regular email marketing campaign that does not require automatic tracking and no bounce reporting.

It collects all email applications in one tool and brings them all to Gmail for you. Better emails. Tons of power. Easy to use.

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Try it for free Then check out the quick start guide to send your first mail merge email in minutes! You also configure it under “Send mail as” in your Gmail Settings. If you send a “mail merge” campaign from one of these aliases, your email delivery may be affected because your emails may not be delivered through Gmail’s high delivery email servers.

Previously, you could configure any additional addresses you have to use as the From Address in your Gmail account and have those emails sent through Gmail servers. A few years ago, Gmail changed this policy and now forces you to enter SMTP server credentials for any new Sender address you want to set up that isn’t hosted in Gmail or G Suite.

For example, I have a domain and one of my old email addresses [email protected] is not a G Suite domain. I run my own mail server for Since my personal email account is [email protected], if I want to be able to add “from” [email protected] to my [email] account, I will have to go into the SMTP server settings to send mail from my [email protected] account. email protected]

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

Gmail made this change in August 2014. With the increase in the use of SPF and DKIM, it no longer makes sense for Gmail to let you send email through Gmail servers from an area that Gmail itself does not control. Gmail makes it vulnerable to abuse by allowing people to send email from any domain they want through their email system.

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Google made this change. I have a [email protected] Gmail account and I set [email protected] as an Alias ​​in 2012 so I can do that and continue to use the Gmail servers. I haven’t touched the settings since… if I want to make any changes, I’ll have to log into an SMTP server.

If you encounter a “permissions” error when trying to add a From Address to your G Suite account, you’ll need to have your G Suite Administrator make changes to your permissions before you can do so. By default, this permission is OFF.

To set up a non-G Suite From Addresses add-on in a G Suite account, your G Suite administrator must set permissions.

Whether or not Gmail prompts you to enter an SMTP server when you add a “Send mail as” From Address depends on the type of Gmail account you’re signed in to and the type of From Address you add.

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If you’re signed in to a G Suite account, that is, your account is limited to your organization’s local site and uses Gmail:

Let’s say I set [email protected] to be sent by [email protected]. The SMTP server for is and I entered that as the credentials.

[email protected] To I set the address and enter the SMTP server information for the site.

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

Now if I send a Gmail mail merge campaign from [email protected], those emails are routed through instead of Gmail’s advanced delivery servers. My mail integration may work fine, but I may lose some delivery benefits. One of the advantages of using it over a traditional email marketing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact is the higher delivery advantage Gmail’s own servers provide over traditional ESP servers known as multiple mail servers.

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A third-party SMTP server may not be configured to handle simultaneous forwarding of multiple emails. Some SMTP servers only allow a user to send a few hundred emails per day. In this case, the number of emails you can send is limited not by your own Gmail limits, but by the limits of a third-party SMTP server. If you start receiving responses not generated by Google that indicate a speed limit or delivery issue, then a third-party SMTP server is causing you.

If you want to route your emails through Gmail’s servers, even when “sending” from an external email address, you can use Gmail’s SMTP server, Whether you can use and what credentials you use to authenticate to depends on your configuration.

You can authenticate to with any G Suite account using only your G Suite email account and password as credentials. You need to turn on “Allow some secure applications” for this to work.

To authenticate to with your G Suite email account and password, you must turn on “Allow some secure applications” for your G Suite account.

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If you don’t want to receive “unsecured apps”, you can enable Two-Step Verification and create a separate App password as described in the Gmail instructions below. This also works for a G Suite account.

As a G Suite user, you can also choose to authenticate at, which is an SMTP relay specifically for G Suite users only, not regular Gmail users.

If you take the option “Allow some secure applications”, you must create an app-only password to authenticate to smtp in normal Gmail accounts, unlike G Suite where email and normal password will authenticate to I see this as a loophole in Gmail’s instructions because I don’t believe that’s what Google intended, but it is still possible to use as an SMTP server for an external address within a Gmail account. Someone smarter than me discovered this technique and wrote about it.

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

Now that you can authenticate to using your Gmail or G Suite account, you can now forward your email across multiple accounts. For example, [email protected] is in my G Suite account, my normal Gmail account is [email protected] Confused yet?

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Note that I added [protected email] from my G Suite account as [protected email] From Address. However, instead of using my [email protected] login for, I will use my personal [email protected] account.

I authenticated at with my [email protected] account. But the password is not the password for ajaygoel999 but a separate App password that I created using this process.

After Gmail tests the SMTP connection and sends me a verification code, I’m ready to send an email from my [email protected] account to my [email protected] account.

When [email protected] is set to authenticate to an SMTP server with the [email protected] account, which Gmail accounts will email be sent from? I set this to [email protected] or [email protected], which account will the SMTP server use?

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It turns out that emails will show up in Send Mail for BOTH [email protected] and [email protected].

Which account sent the three emails anyway? As expected, the [email protected] account sends “To” [email protected] emails, since the ajaygoel999 account is authenticated on the SMTP server. How can we know? Looking at the subject line of one of the emails you receive will give us a clue.

These are the email headers received by [email protected] and indicate that the email was “sent” by [email protected] through the [email protected] account.

Use Gmail To Send Email Smtp

If you’re sending via a third-party SMTP server, do you need to comply with G Suite/Gmail’s sending limits?

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If you have configured a third-party SMTP server (not to handle email

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