Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

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Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace – Squarespace released a major update to their popular website design platform in 2020 called “Squarespace 7.1”. Since then, all new Squarespace trials have started on the 7.1 platform by default, but many owners of pre-release Squarespace sites are still stuck. The previous version was called “Squarespace 7.0”.

To the disappointment of many users, there is no simple option to “upgrade” Squarespace 7.0 to 7.1. Moving from Squarespace 7.0 to 7.1 requires completely rebuilding your site with a new 7.1 account, then moving your subscriptions and web traffic to the new site.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

This is a daunting task for many Squarespace users, and for good reason. There are many challenges to navigate, including:

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We have managed this transition for many clients. This guide includes our complete checklist for planning and executing the Squarespace 7.0 to 7.1 migration. We hope you find it useful and feel free to reach out for support using the linked resources below.

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Squarespace has announced that it will continue to support version 7.0 indefinitely. However the latest feature development is in version 7.1 and more site owners will need to upgrade to take advantage of the new functionality.

In the left dashboard menu. The version number appears at the bottom of the left column. If you are using 7.0, your template name will also be displayed here.

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As it is a complex process, we recommend that you take your time planning your upgrade to Squarespace 7.1. Some of the factors you should consider for your website are:

The easiest option with the least risk of negative SEO impact is when you rebuild the same site (or as close as possible) in Squarespace 7.1. This means the same menu structure, same pages, same blog posts, etc.

However, since content migration is often done manually (see more below), many people take advantage of the upgrade process to revisit and refresh their website content. That’s a good idea – we never discourage them from refreshing their site and replacing an outdated copy with a new one.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

But remember, any time you introduce significant structural changes to your website, organic search visibility and rankings will be affected. If you make significant changes, such as adding or deleting pages or adjusting the navigation structure, pay extra attention to the tips below to track URL changes and create redirect rules.

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You should plan to move all the content on your Squarespace 7.0 website. This content includes:

Squarespace doesn’t provide a way to automatically transfer content from version 7.0 to 7.1, so most migrations involve copying and pasting page and blog post content. Products are an exception to this rule: products can be exported to a .csv file and imported into a new site. More on this below, along with some unconventional options for automating parts of the migration using third-party tools.

If you’ve been running a Squarespace 7.0 website for a while, you’ve accumulated a lot of data, much of which can’t be transferred. Here are some data types to consider:

It’s easy if you register your custom domain with Squarespace – Squarespace hosts your DNS and you can move the domain from the Squarespace domains panel.

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If your custom domain is registered with a third-party registrar (like GoDaddy or Namecheap), you’ll be able to log into that provider’s dashboard to change the DNS records for your domain. More on this below.

This is an extra step that many other guides skip, but we highly recommend doing it. Choose a tool that provides a detailed website audit and use it to audit your website before the transfer and after the transfer is complete. No matter how careful you are, you’ll miss some links and resources that need to be updated.

Although these tools are paid, most offer monthly plans, and if you hurry, you may even be able to complete the migration in a free trial window!

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

If you have better things to do than carefully migrate your site, let us do it for you.

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You don’t need a credit card to start the trial and if two weeks isn’t enough you can contact Squarespace support and they’re usually willing to grant an extension.

You need to select a template, which will contain the basic settings and demo content you want to set or delete.

Before starting the migration, perform a site health audit using one of the tools we recommended above, such as SemRush or SE Rating.

You’ll use the results of this audit to compare with the updated audit you run shortly after you launch the new site. This will help you identify broken links or other opportunities to improve performance that you may have missed as you go through the migration.

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Before you start repurposing your content, we highly recommend setting up a URL tracking spreadsheet. You can create this yourself – a column containing all existing URLs on the base standard 7.0 site and a column for the corresponding URLs on the new 7.1 site.

This allows you to track your progress as you move content and then simplify the process of creating URL redirect rules for any URL slugs that have changed.

Make sure this spreadsheet includes the URLs of all files uploaded to Squarespace linked from your pages.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

It’s time to start redesigning your website content on your new Squarespace 7.1 site. There are 3 options for doing this:

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Depending on the Squarespace features you use, you may have data or content that you can export from 7.0 and import into 7.1. This includes:

You must create a 301 URL redirect rule for each URL slug in 7.0 that you want to point to other slugs in the 7.1 site. We have detailed notes on how to create redirect rules in this article.

Time to upgrade your new Squarespace 7.1 site to a paid plan. Remember that if you use any custom code on your site, you must be a Business Plan or above.

Enter your billing details and activate your subscription to publish your website. At this point, it’s only publicly accessible on a simple built-in domain provided by Squarespace – something like

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This is the moment of truth! You are ready to redirect real-time web traffic from the old 7.0 site to the new 7.1 site on your custom domain. The steps here depend on where your custom domain is registered (more specifically, where its DNS is hosted).

Now that the transition is complete, there are a few cleanup steps to take care of on your Squarespace 7.0 website.

Finally, run your chosen site audit tool one more time. Carefully check the reports for errors or warnings that were not present in the previous 7.0 site. This guide explains how to transfer a domain registered outside of another provider (called a registrar).

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

Note that your domain must be at least 60 days old before it can be transferred. If it’s a new domain, you can change the nameservers instead.

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Domain transfers take approximately 5 – 7 days to complete. If you want your domain to work quickly with your new provider, you can first move the nameservers to the new host before starting the transfer. Once the transfer has started, name servers, DNS records, and domain contact information can only be changed after the transfer is complete.

You can request a domain transfer code while the domain is locked, but the domain must be unlocked to complete the transfer.

If you do not receive the email, make sure the email address on file for your domain is correct. Your account email may differ from the email address associated with your domain. You can request a different code by clicking the Get Authorization Code button on the previous screen.

Once you receive the authorization code, go to your new registrar’s site and start the transfer. This process involves giving them the authorization code which you should receive by email.

Getting Started With Squarespace

After you confirm the transfer, there is a five-day waiting period. During this period, you will receive an email to confirm or cancel the transfer. Once you confirm, the domain will be transferred within five days.

Do not cancel your domain at any time during this process. If you cancel the domain, you immediately cease to be the owner and the transfer will fail. Once the transfer is complete, we will automatically remove the upgrade from your account.

If you want to stop the domain transfer,

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Squarespace

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