Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

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Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify – Two of the most popular domain registrars are GoDaddy and Namecheap. If you have a GoDaddy domain and adding it to Shopify is as easy as adding your domain name, they’ll automatically connect for you. GoDaddy is the easiest to set up.

Between the two, we recommend Namecheap because in our experience it is more reliable, has better tools and better support.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

However, if you found this video, we suspect you chose a registrar other than GoDaddy to set up a domain. We’ll walk you through the configuration process and get you up and running in no time.

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When this is done we need to set up the basic DNS. A domain name server (DNS) is essentially the Internet’s phone book. It looks up your website by name and tells your internet browser which IP address to visit to get there. It uses two functions A-Record and C-Name.

When your computer looks at this record, it redirects your browser to the correct server where the files are located. We need to establish this connection between the domain name we just purchased and our Shopify store. I set my domain registrar as the basic DNS, and then I add DNS records to my domain name so it points to the right place – my Shopify store.

Note: When you make changes to DNS, there is something called propagation. Proliferation allows the servers to be updated at a fixed time interval so that the servers are not overwhelmed with constant updates and information. DNS servers use a technique called TTL, which stands for Time to Live. If you have a record with a TTL of 60 minutes, the server will check for updates every 60 minutes. If you are making changes to an A record or C name and want to speed up the update, reduce the TTL to a shorter time interval.

Now the domain name we bought says Shopify. In the left navigation bar, select Online Store > Domains > Connect Existing Domain.

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Shopify detects which registrar is being used and provides you with a link with easy-to-follow instructions to complete the configuration.

The registrar needs to attach two documents. The first is the A record, which points to Shopify’s IP address:

Next we set up the WWW. Since we want to take us to the same website, we need to configure the CNAME record.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

We do this to give Shopify control over DNS management. Since they manage a large network infrastructure, providing updates to them will not affect our website. Again, we set the TTL to 5 minutes.

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Now that the A record points to and the CNAME points to, it’s time to go back to Shopify to confirm the connection.

There are a few things I want to point out when adding a new domain name to your website.

You will get a notification saying “SSL Pending”. There is a short wait (usually 24 hours) while Shopify verifies your domain name. After the waiting time, this notification will say “SSL Accepted” which means you are fully protected with HTTPS. Adding a domain name to a Shopify store that relates to the products or services it sells also increases the value of email. Business website. In addition to associating your brand with a website, a domain name helps instill confidence in visitors who will more easily place orders in your Shopify store. If the domain name you chose when you created your Shopify site isn’t the right one, you may need to change it.

To change the domain name of a Shopify store, there are several steps to follow. You must first have a domain name, which you can purchase from Shopify or a third-party registrar that sells domain names, such as GoDaddy or OVH, for a specified period of time.

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Without further ado, find out how to change Shopify store domain name in the rest of this article.

A domain name is similar to a URL; It is your website address and identity. Your URL has different types of extensions: .fr, .com, .org… Once a Shopify domain name is given to you for free and ends with “”, you can keep it. As long as you keep your subscription. On the other hand, this domain name is not very customizable.

To change the domain of a Shopify store, you must have an account with access to the store’s admin panel and specifically to the “Domains” section.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

The first step to configure is to login to the Shopify store admin account and then go to the store settings accessible from the settings button at the bottom left of the store admin panel.

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In the store settings, click (1) in the “Domains” section to enter the page in the domain management interface of the store.

The final step is to choose between buying the domain name directly from Shopify (2) or linking a domain name (3) you’ve already purchased from a third-party domain name registrar that you can transfer directly to.

If you need a new domain name for your Shopify store, you can purchase it directly from your store’s interface. The selling price varies between 15 and 20€ per year. In comparison, prices for buying a domain name outside of Shopify range from €10 to €100 depending on the extension you choose.

After you click on the “Buy a new domain” button in the domain settings, you must enter the desired domain name (1) with or without the ending for your domain (.fr, .com, .net, …). URL. The price always varies depending on the extension chosen. Depending on the extension, there may or may not be a WHOIS data protection service that allows your personal information not to be entered into public registration registries.

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If your domain name is unavailable, Shopify will offer to purchase it, as is the case with some domain names that have already been purchased.

In addition to the domain name you provide, Shopify provides a list of variants of your domain name with different suffixes (2).

Click the “Buy” button next to purchasing a domain name, then connect and configure it to your Shopify store.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

Choosing your domain name is critical. Ideally, it should contain your brand or company name and nothing more. However, if it is already in use, you need to find another extension or try to play with words. For example, you can add your business unit. If you have trouble finding it, you can use the Shopify generator. It should be easy for your customers to remember and write so that they always land on your website. The recommendations are as follows:

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Having your own domain name has many benefits and keeping the URL is not recommended. This makes the website less professional, less credible, and not what you want in the long run. Shopify is your CMS, but it should stay that way; You need to break away from it so that there is no confusion in the customer’s mind.

Your name gives the customer information about your identity. Also, with a branded domain name, you can stick in the customer’s mind and show that you are there for the long term. The important thing is that customers can remember you and your name. It will be the basis for customer recognition and loyalty.

A custom domain name is required to access your DNS settings. You may need to access your DNS settings to perform some operations:

You can also make changes to your DNS servers if needed. Your changes to DNS settings will take effect after 24 hours.

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Another important benefit of your domain name is its impact on your natural referencing (SEO). The sooner you think about it, the better your SEO will be. In fact, search engines appreciate a unique URL and domain name related to your industry. You can play with your keywords there too. Your SEO is quickly becoming an important aspect of your website’s recognition and visibility.

Let’s say you already have a domain name purchased from somewhere other than Shopify’s domain name registration system. If so, you can still transfer that domain name to your Shopify store by following some specific steps.

The method is simple. Go to your Shopify store’s domain settings page and click the “Connect an existing domain” button.

Transfer Domain From Namecheap To Shopify

Fill in the corresponding field of the domain name you own at another domain name registrar that you want to connect to your Shopify store (1), then click Next (2) to confirm the connection.

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To confirm your domain’s connection to Shopify and complete the transfer, you must

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