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Transfer Domain From Hostgator To Namecheap – I have registered hundreds of domains on Namecheap for 14 years and also hosted them (paid dedicated server) for over a year. I have had dozens of interactions with their support staff and have spent thousands of dollars on them over the years. Here is a screenshot showing the age of my account with them:

The following is my comprehensive Namecheap 2021 review based on my years of experience with these products. Namecheap was the first domain registrar I’ve ever used, and I’ve continued to use them for a good reason: In my opinion, Namecheap is the best domain registrar online. In fact, they blow many other registrars like GoDaddy out of the water. There are several reasons for this: First, their prices are great, with .com registrations as good as you’ll find anywhere, and many of their registrations for lesser-used domain extensions like .xyz, .info, .mobi, etc. These are absolute prices. If you search for a domain on Namecheap, they will tell you that many of their prices are way below retail, and they don’t lie – if you go to other registrars, the prices are usually well above Namecheap. Here’s an example of how cheap their prices compare to what you would pay elsewhere (yes, it’s from Namecheap, but it’s true):

Transfer Domain From Hostgator To Namecheap

Transfer Domain From Hostgator To Namecheap

These low prices add up when you register a lot of domains, and even if you only need to register one domain, the great prices at Namecheap are worth it.

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Price aside, another great thing about registering with Namecheap is that it comes with a free whoisguard. This protects your personal information when people look up who owns your domain, and it’s not standard to offer it for free – other registrars I’ve used, like GoDaddy or Network Solutions all charge for it, usually around $10 each year – same as .com costs registration! It’s cheating in my opinion.

Once you’ve registered a domain with Namecheap, it’s super easy to manage it, change nameservers, transfer it, or do whatever you want with it – I’ve never had a problem with their interface. Support (live chat) is also available if you have any problems and they are knowledgeable when it comes to domain registration and domain management.

If you’re not sure about registering a domain with Namecheap, I’d recommend just doing it – I wouldn’t recommend them for domain registration if I haven’t used them in years and wasn’t sure if they are were the best out there.

I’ve been using a Namecheap dedicated server for a while. Here is the welcome email (this started in October 2019, but I used another of their servers before starting in mid-2019):

Setting Up Your Cname With Namecheap

My verdict on Namecheap as a hosting company is a little less positive. First, their hosting prices are great – way better than many other hosting companies, whether you get a VPS, dedicated server, shared hosting, or any other plan. And if you get a dedicated server from them, for example, like I did, you get exactly the service they describe – a working server with everything you pay for, great uptime and no hassles.

The only criticism I have of Namecheap hosting is that in my experience they are clueless when you need experienced assistance to investigate non-trivial server issues. I previously had an issue with my WordPress sites running very slowly due to a certain running process (this wasn’t Namecheap’s fault to be clear, it was an issue with what I was running on it). The problem required someone experienced in Linux and WordPress. It took someone with experience about a day to sort it out. But when I paid for Namecheap support (my dedicated server is a “responsible user” which means you have to pay for any support you want), they were utterly useless – their techs had no idea. They said my website might be under a DDOS attack, which was utter nonsense (the website had almost no traffic), and they couldn’t find the source of the problem. After hiring someone who really knew what they were doing and doing more research myself, I was able to solve the problem. Namecheap support was more than unhelpful in this case, suggesting that doing something was a complete waste of time.

Because of their low prices and transparency (you get exactly what is advertised with Namecheap hosting), I can recommend them for hosting, but if you need professional support that can solve relatively difficult website problems, you should avoid them or at least don’t use their support. I’ll continue to host at Namecheap, but if I have any other non-trivial issues I won’t contact their support as they just aren’t knowledgeable enough about anything beyond the basics.

Transfer Domain From Hostgator To Namecheap

EDITOR’S NOTE (2021): I should note that while Namecheap’s support isn’t great if you’re having issues that require significant technical expertise with things like Linux or WordPress to resolve (i.e., a true domain expert), they do their support is fantastic if you ask for something relatively simple (which I assume the vast majority of tech support requests would fall under). In the many years that I’ve been using Namecheap, I’ve contacted their support many times through their live chat feature, and when I’ve had a relatively simple issue that I needed to ask about, their support has been extremely knowledgeable. I recently had an issue with DNS records not showing up for a specific domain (my fault) and the live chat support rep was fantastic.

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Overall, 4 stars seems fair for Namecheap as a whole (and definitely 5 stars for them as a domain registrar).

While I’ve used Namecheap extensively and feel like I know it inside out, it’s still just an experience and I always want to add user reviews to our own. We therefore make the following request:

Want to hear from webmasters who have used Namecheap for either hosting or domain registration or both – do you like them and would you recommend them? All comments are welcome.

Here is the answer I got to that. Many of them repeat what I wrote about here, that Namecheap is great for domains and good for hosting in general. If you have also used Namecheap, please submit your review or comment.

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Namecheap is my domain registrar for affordable domains. The dashboard is easy to use, even for beginners – you can track your expiring domains, manage features like WhoisGuard, and automate tasks like domain renewals. They also offer regular promo codes that you can easily find with a Google search, making domain registration even cheaper.

I personally like Namecheap and they are my favorite option when buying domain names because of their simple interface and good prices. I have also used them for hosting and I love that they have 24/7 live chat available which is very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. I’ve never had an issue where they couldn’t chat me through it in a few minutes, and I’ve had some pretty serious SSL and other website issues that they taught me how to fix in a few minutes .

I mainly use Namecheap for domain registration and appreciate that they include free Whoisguard protection that many other companies charge for. Their online control panel is quite simple and easy to use, so you can easily manage your domains without wasting time figuring things out.

Transfer Domain From Hostgator To Namecheap

Namecheap has a comprehensive knowledge base that includes detailed step-by-step answers to many technical questions customers have, such as: B. how to connect your domain to a hosting server. An extensive knowledge base means you rarely need to contact support to get the time-saving technical help you need.

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One thing I really like about Namecheap is their helpful and very friendly customer service that is available 24/7. You can easily reach their support via email and get a response within hours or via chat where there is usually no waiting time to get in touch with anyone.

I’m a Namecheap customer and have been for 5 or 6 years. I use them for all my domains as well as my author clients’ domains when I build websites. Ninety-nine percent of the time I love Namecheap. The only time I’ve ever felt frustrated was when I had a technical issue and needed help. It took a while for the agent to get to the same page. We eventually got it sorted, but it took longer than we expected.

I’ve been using Namecheap for a long time (about 7 years) and have only had positive feedback about it. We host around four websites with them – their support with the chat option has always been amazing. I recently upgraded my account because my file limit has increased. The upgrade process was easy and they asked when I wanted to do it in the middle

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