Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

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Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google – This article is a detailed step-by-step guide to transfer your domain host from GoDaddy to Google Domains. There can be several reasons for transferring domains from one registrar to another. This may include pricing, security, privacy features, flexibility, special offers, hosting options, etc.

If you have enabled the privacy protection feature with GoDaddy, you must disable it before making the transfer. You can reactivate Google Domains later.

Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

If the privacy feature is not disabled, the domain transfer will not complete and the message “Transfer Rejected” will appear. Check with your current registrar for details. The message will be displayed on the Google Domains page.

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Button to generate a temporary token that needs to be pasted into Google Domain to authorize the transfer. The token will be emailed to the email registered with GoDaddy.

It is recommended to generate this token just before the transfer, as it may expire and the transfer process may fail. Starting the transfer to Google Domains

And find the domain you want to transfer (the one you unlocked in the previous step).

Press enter in the search bar and follow the wizard to make the transfer. Make sure that the

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Specify the options you want to carry over from the previous configuration (such as DNS records). You may want to use the default selections.

Please note that you must pay for one year of domain maintenance in advance to perform the transfer. However, the existing registration deadline will be maintained. For example, if the domain expires in 1 year (eg January 2020), transferring it to Google Domains will extend it by another year (eg January 2021).

You will receive the email from GoDaddy regarding the transfer which will be completed automatically within several business days. However, it is possible to speed up the process and complete the transfer immediately.

Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

The transfer will be completed in several minutes. Once this is done, the domain will be removed from the GoDaddy console and will show up in the Google Domains console. Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found. Try searching for the best match or browse the links below:

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Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

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Godaddy Vs. Google Domains Vs. Namecheap Vs. Cloudflare: Which Domain Name Registrar To Choose?

This website uses cookies. If you continue to use this website, you are giving your consent for cookies to be used. Visit our Privacy and Cookies Policy. I have been thinking about transferring my domains off of GoDaddy. I have used GoDaddy services for many years (including GoDaddy Pro). Two of my domains are due for renewal this month. I thought it was a great opportunity to go through the process. In this post, I explain how I moved the domain of my personal website (this site) to Google Domains.

I’ve seen 3 or 4 different versions of the UI and menus over the years. It’s too complicated/wordy/crowded. To make things simpler and more frequent, you need to follow several steps. And, in general, important features (like DNS management) are hidden deep in the menus.

Another problem is that GoDaddy is too attractive even for an old customer. I get it, upsells and promotion are normal. But I’m not here to buy something new every time I log into my account and browse to “do things”.

Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

Finally, the GoDaddy Pro. Without going into details, quite a frustrating experience. Very slow, too many UI changes and frequent switching between own account and Customer account. Plus, it’s nice to earn points when you buy products for your customers. But I never got any of those points (not that I minded, but it’s crazy to get a reward and still have your account show 0 points)!

Google Vs Godaddy Domain Registration

Now, to give them some credit on their UI, they’ve been improving it a lot. But still, it’s not for me.

I have seen and heard of a few other domain registries over the years. But none were attractive enough for me to bother switching.

Being a Microsoft Azure customer, they now have very easy domain registration services in the Azure Portal. But it is not a dedicated domain registration service. It’s buried under the app services menus (makes sense). And I believe they partner with GoDaddy for this service (nothing wrong with that. I know their SSL certificates come from GoDaddy).

However, when I saw Google Domains, it was love at first sight! Here are Google’s reasons why they are good. For me, [built-in] privacy protection, [free] email forwarding, and [nice-to-have] plugins (like a free site with Google Sites or Blogger) are the highlights of the offering. Also, what might not be so obvious is that I use a lot of other Google services (email, drive, you name it!). How awesome is it to be able to use the same account and manage my domains too?!

Google Domains Vs Godaddy For Domains

To transfer your domains to Google, go to Google Domains. On the right you can see an option to “Transfer”.

Enter the domain you want to transfer and you will immediately see instructions on how to transfer the domain. The instructions are pretty clear. In my case, I had to unlock my domain first and then enter the authorization code.

To get the GoDaddy authorization key, you need to go to your domain settings page and the link can be found at the bottom of the page:

Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

After re-entering the authorization code in the Google Domain Transfer section, you may see that you will be presented with the current settings for your GoDaddy domain. In my case, I use a custom DNS configuration for this domain (second option). But as you can see in the image below, you can copy your DNS records (even edit them) during the transfer (kudos to the PM/person who suggested this feature. Really convenient)

How To Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Godaddy Account In Hindi ?

And finally, don’t forget to select your privacy and protection and auto-renew options! But you’re not done yet. Check your email that you have registered with GoDaddy. There is an email with instructions on what to do to expedite the domain transfer:

And that is. you are ready The whole process for me took 5 minutes. I expected some resistance from GoDaddy. But it was pretty smooth (thanks GoDaddy).

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