Text Messaging Apps For Android

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Text Messaging Apps For Android – We have a long list of articles with a collection of the best apps for each specific purpose. The best apps series from helps you Nokia fans in your daily tasks.

Today we will cover some of the best texting or SMS apps on the Android platform. You can read this article to know about the best text message and SMS apps.

Text Messaging Apps For Android

Text Messaging Apps For Android

Android Messages is an app that comes to our mind as one of the best apps for your texting and SMS messaging needs. It has an easy to use UI and a very simple navigation. Another reason to recommend it is its availability. Android Message Apo may already be available on your Android smartphone. Some of the attractive features of Android Messages are a clean design, easy sharing, RCS conversation support and powerful search with deep integration.

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Textra is famous for its clean and easy to understand UI. It has been a long time favorite among users worldwide. It allows you to customize the UI to your liking. The app lets you customize the look and design to make it look like iMessage from iPhone.

I know this is an odd choice here. Many of you will be surprised to see Truecaller in the best messaging app category. But hold on and see some interesting features of the app and how it is an SMS app for your Android smartphone.

What Truecaller SMS does is easily identify the sender, even if it’s spam. It also gets a feature that automatically blocks spam and telemarketing messages for you.

Facebook Messenger is not a very good app because it is resource hungry. Along with Facebook, Facebook’s Messenger app consumes a lot of RAM and storage on your smartphone.

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But why we recommend it to you is because you already need to use it on your smartphone for your Facebook chat But apart from Facebook messaging, it can also handle your regular texts like other texting apps.

The reason to recommend Mood Messenger is its light and easy-to-use navigation and UI. It comes with a feature called Themes where you can change the overall theme of your messaging app. Some interesting features include watching and sharing any YouTube video directly from the app, sharing animated GIFs, location and more.

How to Enable and Disable Safe Mode on Android [Video] and What You Can Do in Safe Mode Not everyone uses WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and there are cases where a good old SMS message is still preferred. SMS has long been the gold standard for SMS. It’s quick, easy to do, and doesn’t require you to stop what you’re doing like making a phone call Most cell phone plans these days offer unlimited capacity and are easy to use. As such, there are many apps that send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

Text Messaging Apps For Android

However, the native text messaging app that comes with Android is poorly designed. Fortunately, we have the option of using one of many, many third-party SMS clients – some of which are minimal messaging apps, and others that offer features above and beyond the rest. To help you choose the best texting app, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best texting or texting apps for Android.

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Chump SMS is among the most popular text messaging apps available on the Play Store and excels in customization options. Currently, it has more than 10 million active users which determines its potential. From varied emojis to UI customization, everything is packed with chumps. Compatibility with services like Mighty Text, Pushbullet helps you print content on your desktop or laptop.

You can choose from hundreds of free themes to customize your messaging experience, and some of the features include scheduled SMS sending, group MMS, delayed messages, setting favorite conversations to the top, blocking specific numbers, and sending quick replies.

If you are ready to send good morning text messages or good night messages, you can also schedule the messages. Huge number of features involved, built-in app locker, SMS request, backup and restore, cancellation of sent messages, contact blacklist, digital signature, favorites and much more.

You can customize your SMS notifications according to your contacts by setting up vibration patterns and LED colors for alerts. Chomp SMS also works with Android Wear, comes with over 1,600 emojis and is free to download. Needless to say, Chomp takes over messaging apps to reintegrate texting into your life.

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Pulse SMS is an attractive and very, very customizable text messaging app in its own right, but that’s not the real draw for Pulse. It’s like any standard SMS app for the most part. However, there is also a back-end that allows you to send texts from your PC, tablet and other devices.

For users who are already glued to a computer all day, Pulse helps you avoid tearing your eyes away from your big, productive screen to your phone, where it’s easy to get distracted by notifications that there’s a new series on Netflix and your life will be full of games. You’re about to level up. Also, it supports dual-SIM devices, blacklisting phone numbers, message backup and more.

Its texting app portion is completely free. Those who want to text from a PC, tablet, etc. can pay a $0.99 per month or $10.99 lifetime fee. Good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Text Messaging Apps For Android

Textra SMS is a very popular and highly rated SMS app that comes with a great combination of features and performance. The SMS app looks great, thanks to some very cool Material Design implementation. In addition to beautiful transitions, the app lets you fully customize its appearance with the ability to switch between dark and light modes, theme colors, app icon colors, text styles, and more. It supports intuitive gestures to delete a conversation or call someone directly from the app.

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Textra SMS also comes with some unique notification features like floating notifications, ability to quickly reply to notifications, LED color changes, vibration patterns, etc. Other features include Quick Compose, Blacklist, Signature, Android Wear support, Emojis, Video Compression and more. To sum things up, Textra SMS is for people who are looking for a fast and smooth SMS app. The app looks beautiful and we found it very responsive in our testing. Besides the responsive performance, the gesture and notification features make it worth a try!

Handcent SMS was an excellent stock messaging replacement app with a ton of features that fans loved. Now the app has received a major update and it is even better. In addition to hundreds of skins and themes available for free, you can send free texts online to your contacts who have Handcent SMS installed.

Also, the Handcent Anywhere feature lets you save your contacts to the cloud and send text messages from your computer or tablet.

Contact based notification customizations are also available along with a full backup option for all your text messages. For those of you concerned about private texts, the app includes a private box, which is a restricted area accessible only with a password.

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Handcent Talk is another feature that lets you talk to your Handcent friends for free. Common scheduled SMS, group MMS and emoji symbols are also present and the app supports vCards in different languages

QKSMS is the beautiful and best SMS app that is powerful enough to handle your daily messaging tasks. With its fluid interface, stunning design and bright colors QKSMS will attract everyone who installs it.

The developers behind it are very dedicated and are constantly working to improve the app, which they say will never push ads, and is completely open source. Free version features include themes, night mode, quick replies and group messaging.

Text Messaging Apps For Android

If you pay $1.99, you can unlock premium access to dozens of themes and automatically switch to night mode depending on the time of day. If you’re looking for an open source text messaging app, QKSMS is the one.

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If you own an Android device, you must have come across an app or two from the GO Dev team. As well as their keyboard, launcher and browser apps, they also have a great text messaging app called GO SMS Pro.

Like its peers, the app supports many customization options with themes and stickers that are regularly updated and includes some key features such as a private box for private messages, free online SMS with GO Chat, sticky conversations and quick reply popups.

You can block unwanted numbers from texting you, and the app works well with dual-SIM phones, which are becoming more common. Delayed sending and cloud backup of all texts are also supported and like others the app is free.

Most people know about Google Hangouts which is supported

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