Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download

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Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download – Presentation on “Symantec’s Multi-layered Mail Security Needing Defense in Depth Chris Miller Director of Product Management.” – Presentation transcript:

Security and Availability The Importance of Deep Protection Symantec Security Portfolio Mail Security Symantec Problem with Symantec Mail Security Technologies and Responses 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 Required Confidentiality – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download

25 – 30 – % of annual business growth by 2009 * More than 60 – % of what is perceived as spam today ** 80 – % of viruses entering the portal *** 75 – % of corporate intellectual property in **** 79 – % of companies that receive written confirmation of approvals, orders and other transactions ***** * Gartner (no spam) ** Symantec ISTR, March 2005 *** IDC **** Enterprise Strategy Group ***** Osterman Required Research NDA – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

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Manage lifecycle security and protection with fine-grained controls Risk containment Secure boot and limit data record retention Decrease protection of internal records SMS discovery and retrieval > Lotus Domino Enterprise Vault > Microsoft Exchange > Lotus Domino VERITAS EV Compliance Accelerator and Internet Accelerator Discovery Microsoft Exchange IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Vault Server MTA These are the Symantec products included in the solution. The patent-pending traffic shaping technology in the Symantec Mail Security 8100 Series reduces total volume by up to 50% before it hits the network, giving spam a narrow bandwidth for traffic. We don’t block messages, but we make sure that spam enters the network slowly, while ensuring that legitimate messages are sent faster. The Symantec Mail Security product line offers an integrated security solution that combines true anti-spam (formerly Brightmail) and industry-leading anti-virus technologies to effectively and thoroughly prevent spam and viruses. Symantec delivers the solution in three forms: in device, in software and in hosted services. Symantec Mail Security’s content filtering for SMTP layer and groupware also prevents unauthorized or inappropriate sending or receiving by scanning message content for keywords and phrases using flexible and customizable filtering rules. VERITAS Enterprise Vault is a market-leading archiving solution that reduces the amount of data in primary storage by compressing data and automatically moving, based on policies, to less expensive secondary storage. VERITAS Enterprise Vault also helps customers meet their compliance needs with a policy-based solution to store and manage data throughout its lifecycle without impacting how users interact with the platform. The leading backup product, VERITAS NetBackup, simplifies backup and recovery without shutting down the message server and ensures continuous service availability. Storage Foundation for Windows simplifies online data migration to a new storage platform. Storage Foundation HA for Windows clusters server capacity, provides high availability for applications, data, and servers, and scales from local to extensive disaster recovery. Spam Vault Keep SMTP Traffic (Regulation Required) Spam Quarantine Remains Available to End Users SMS = Symantec Mail Security NDA Required – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Spam accounts for 60 to 70% of incoming initiatives Massive worms – ever-increasing frequency and severity (typically 1-5% of mail flow) Unnecessary content and oversized crosses inside and outside the organization Confidentiality required – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Customers need multiple layers of protection against viruses, spam and unwanted content (inbound or leaked) SMTP Gateway Eliminate spam from the mail stream (and message store) Prevent viruses (especially bulk email worms) as early as possible Prevent unauthorized or unwanted content from entering or e-mail server exit (Exchange/Domino) org Whip real-time, scheduled and on-demand message repositories Prevent leaks to unauthorized internal and/or external users Prevent unwanted content from spreading internally and externally NDA required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Symantec, the world leader in information security, is the only vendor to offer best-in-class security for networks, gateways, and servers, with multiple deployment options for all organizations.

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What he is doing? Virus scanning of inbound/outbound web traffic Spam detection and quarantine with centralized user web control Content Compliance Technologies to filter inappropriate content for inbound and outbound traffic Security Benefits Over 97% Residual Spam Reduction (InfoWorld Product Review 2004) with % accuracy (Yankee Group Report 2004) Removes worms and viruses at earliest point of entry Removes mail opener content before it reaches the mail store/database Prevents content from leaking internally or infiltrating inappropriate content Required Confidentiality – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

What he is doing? Real-time, scheduled and on-demand vault/database scanning Inbound, outbound and internal traffic scanning for viruses Content compliance technologies to filter out inappropriate content Security benefits Preventing spread of viruses to internal users Ability to retroactively clean message stores after an attack early Prevention of internal and external leaks Required confidentiality – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Over 97% correct – Less than 1 in a million false positives Updates every 10 minutes: automatic, timely and secure No administration burden No tuning/training required Spam/Phishing protection 24/7, 365 days Weekly New NDA – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download

SUCCESS 22 Symantec Number Data Symantec Trend Sophos McAfee Kaspersky GeDAD RAV CA Vet CA eTrust F-secure Symantec: Submit all supported environments for analysis from November 99 ONLY vendor who has received 22 VB100 awards in a row to their recent virus definition issues. Emphasize that Symantec has not failed for more than 6 years in delivering all tests on supported platforms every time (we don’t send 100% VB tests on Linux because we don’t have an offer). The VB 100% logo is awarded to antivirus products that: Detect all viruses in the wild during on-demand scanning and on-access Virus Bulletin benchmarks. Don’t generate any false positives when scanning a set of clean files. Virus Bulletin aims to offer subscribers the best impartial advice on antivirus security and available products. Since the virus threat is constantly evolving, you should look for products that have won a series of 100% VB awards, not just one or two. Developers who are the best at updating their products are more likely to receive 100% of VB rewards. Virus Bulletin tests are widely recognized in the industry. Benchmarks usually focus on virus detection rates and scan speeds, as well as seeing how each product fares when scanning known clean install files. Pass: All ‘wild viruses’ detected in benchmarks (no false positives) Failed: Not detected after three attempts -: Selected not to submit for testing NDA Required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection: Mac

Calgary Dublin San Francisco Redwood City Tokyo Santa Monica Taipei Virus Labs Spam Labs Sydney Virus Protection Spam Protection 4 Action Centers Over 2 million decoy accounts Tens of millions of spam processed daily in over 20 countries 24 x 365 responses 6 Security Response Centers Immune System Infrastructure Digital 120 million systems worldwide 45+ countries 24 x 356 NDA response required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

* SMS SMTP, Domino and Exchange include “Premium Antispam” NDA required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Software tools Hosted service Description On-site license, operating system and updated vendor hardware Off-site scanning Note: not a “managed service” License Upfront costs, OS and hardware License and hardware (tools) License only Running costs Maintenance of hardware, OS and application updates/patches Hardware updates (new or additional) No hardware, OS, maintenance applications Customer managed security policy settings Customer managed Vendor hardened/secured Preferred proxy (versus storage and forwarding) Vendor reputation Relative cost Possession High Moderate Low Required NDA – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Source: Magic Quadrant for Border Security, 1H05 Arabella Hallawell, June 2005 NDA Required – Symantec Confidential Information – © 2005

Mail Sender (new)

Single license, activation key and price for a full level of protection Integrated anti-spam, premium anti-spam and CF anti-spam at all levels* Housing flexibility Wide range of platforms and operating systems Scheduled 10-minute virus updates on demand, daily and hourly for anti-spam for 97 % Accuracy % Robust content filtering tools for compliance * SMS SMTP, Domino and Exchange includes “Premium Antispam” Confidential Data Required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Mail Security 8200 (Utilities) Hosted Mail Security (Presidential) SMS SMTP/SBAS (Software) SMS Exchange (Mail Server) Domino SMS (Mail Server) NAVEX Engine Antivirus  Bulk Removal of Attachments Spam Blocking Brightmail AntiSpam Engine Online Spam Quarantine – Compatibility Content/Message Filtering Compliance Checking User/Group Policies Central Management Policy Reporting Confidential Required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Total Users X Price Per User Includes Gold Support 1, 2 and 3 year software and content updates Subscriptions NDA required – Symantec Confidential – © 2005

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange Download

Simplify acquisition of multi-layered security Simplify and lower cost of ownership with power-of-one All-in-one package Single SKU, contract, price, support contact Leading anti-spam and anti-virus technologies and solutions powered by Internet security leader InfoWorld Receiver” Technology of the Year” in the 2004 Gartner Magic Quadrant for maximum security

Symantec Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange 7

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