Symantec Mail Security Exchange 2010

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Symantec Mail Security Exchange 2010 – Enterprise Messaging Management Let’s start with a review of Symantec Mail Security – 8300 Appliance Enterprise Messaging Management.

Presentation on theme: “Enterprise Messaging Management Symantec Mail Security – 8300 Appliance Get Started with an Overview of Enterprise Messaging Management.”

Symantec Mail Security Exchange 2010

Symantec Mail Security Exchange 2010

> Enterprise Messaging Management > Symantec Mail Security > Key Features Market-leading spam and virus filters Active threat protection Next-generation content filtering Streamlined and powerful management Let’s take a quick look at your schedule. I’d like to start my introduction by talking about some of the key questions we’ve heard from our customers regarding enterprise messaging management. We’ll provide an overview of EMM, explain what the challenges are, and show our customers how Symantec is uniquely positioned to meet these new requirements. The rest of the presentation will take a closer look at the latest security software update for the Symantec Mail Security 8300 Appliance Series enterprise gateway. We’ll cover some of the great new features in this release and wrap up with some information about licensing and next steps. > Purchase and Licensing

Report Data Is Not Shown In Symantec Mail Security For Exchange (smsmse) Administration Console

It’s important to communicate… with more and more protocols, more than 75% of a typical company’s intellectual property takes it as a written confirmation of a transaction. Organizations rely on messaging apps for collaboration and communication. It should come as no surprise to anyone that it is the most important enterprise messaging app today. Businesses rely heavily on internal and external business communications. In addition to communication, it becomes an important repository and record of commercial transactions and intellectual property. Of course, with benefits comes risk. These risks come in the form of malicious code, phishing attacks, viruses, spam, and other inbound and outbound threats that affect and threaten your organization’s security. Given these threats, organizations must mitigate risk to messaging systems and data, and ensure uptime and functionality for systems and users while meeting regulatory and corporate policy requirements. But enterprise messaging apps don’t end there. The world of communication is expanding as it embraces many forms of collaboration and protocol. For example, consider instant messaging. The use of IM also provides companies with valuable business advantages. Therefore, IM is rapidly becoming the global communication medium for businesses and consumers, with nearly 85% of organizations reporting that they use IM. Voice over IP (VOIP) is also considered. Risk and control concerns for these new protocols. What organizations want to know: How can they protect against the growing volume and variety of threats? How can they enforce stricter corporate/regulatory policies? Cost Reduction and Enterprise Strategy Group, 2005

A policy-based platform for classifying, monitoring and capturing message traffic Classification Management Logs Store all messages in protocols based on sender reputation, content, headers, etc. rate messages Classify messages (spam, virus, hidden, etc.) Quarantine, archive, encrypt, tamper, alert, etc. Provide a sender-to-archive messaging audit trail Provide archived legal and compliance records for analysis, recovery, and backup Enables customers to classify, monitor, and capture message traffic.

SMS 8160 SMS Embedded Data Reduction 1 SMTP SMS 8300 for IM Manager Gateway Protection 2 SMS Domino for IM Manager MS Exchange for SMS 2 SMS Internal and IM Protection 3 Enterprise Vault (EV) Records Retention 4 EV Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator Discovery and research 5 2 IM and MTA gateways remain accessible to IT, legal and compliance staff 5 1 Microsoft Exchange IBM Lotus Domino 3 Enterprise Vault Server 4 Internet Vault Store Symantec is well positioned for your organization’s current and future. Enterprise messaging management needs. This slide summarizes the breadth of Symantec’s enterprise messaging management solutions. It has a unique ability to reduce risk to communications systems and data, and ensure uptime and productivity for systems and users while meeting regulatory and corporate policy requirements. First (left to right) Symantec has anti-spam capabilities at the edge of the Symantec Mail Security 8160 appliance. By dynamically and reliably identifying spammers and applying “traffic shaping” to those links, it makes it harder for spammers to send spam to protected sites. As a result, spam is reduced by 80% because spammers are no longer spamming your surroundings. Second, the SMTP or Internet gateway includes the Symantec Mail Security solution. The solution combines antivirus, antispam, and content filtering technologies to respond quickly to virus and spam detections and maintain high detection rates with extreme accuracy and reliability. This layer also helps organizations secure instant messaging gateways and manage and enforce IM policies within an organization. These capabilities are powered by the market-leading Symantec IMLogic Manager. Third, Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and Domino is tightly integrated into its environment and provides real-time, scheduled and on-demand high-performance virus scanning and content filtering to keep internal traffic free of unwanted content. to include Fourth, Enterprise Vault is an archival facility that automatically removes old material from the message store and manages data lifecycles from age to age based on corporate policy. Fifth, to help companies comply with legal or regulatory requirements, the Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator enable legal, HR and compliance personnel to work together to avoid potential negative consequences. You can check out the unavailable or problematic content. What you see here is just the beginning of your goal of comprehensive enterprise communications management. An integrated set of components from one vendor with worldwide support. Prevent spam from SMTP and IM traffic (depends on regulation) Spam Quarantine SMS = Symantec Mail Security

Security – Spam & Virus Content Filtering & Compliance Rapid Product Gateway Spam Protection Day Zero Virus & Phishing Protection Embedded Software / Software Judgment In-container Scan & Review 50 Pre-Built Policies 60 Pre-Built Vocabularies 37 Pre-Built Pre-Built Standards Symantec The Mail Security 8300 Series of Appliances not only integrates the features of existing Mail Security products, but also offers major new features. We’ll talk more about these in a minute or so, but at a high level, we’ve covered deeper threats, including zero virus protection. We’ve also developed new content filtering capabilities to simplify policy enforcement and regulatory processes, and management capabilities to give you greater visibility and control. Premium Content Management is an add-on that combines powerful data scanning capabilities with preconfigured templates that ensure processing within relevant guidelines. Key features include: 3 premium system templates with advanced lexical analysis. Performs additional checks and validations in addition to regular expression identification to reduce false positives. Available patterns include credit card numbers, social security numbers, and IP addresses. 50 pre-built premium templates allow businesses to build and add custom actions and group policies to quickly address the most common regulations and data privacy best practices. Included templates: 37 pre-built regular expressions to search for protected data like Benefit Block and neutralize the latest threats and viruses Helps meet regulatory, legal and internal content requirements Improves the efficiency of your IT staff

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Over 97% detection rate Full arsenal of over 20 different filter technologies Symantec analysis and remediation Safely removes spam without inspection No configuration or preparation required New spam/24/7 virus attack protection Updates every 5-10 minutes: Automatic, timely and reliable global server management filters are legal. The exact Symantec Mail Security 8300 Appliance Series includes award-winning Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam technology. Brightmail engine: Comprehensive anti-spam technology and infrastructure High accuracy rate against false positives Low control This anti-spam engine is automatically updated every 10 minutes with spam signatures, legal, reputation filters, detection and proprietary methods. The solution has a spam detection rate of over 97% (InfoWorld Product Review September 2004). It also has an industry-leading accuracy rate (Yankee Group Report 2004), which allows businesses to reliably remove spam without inspection and win more customers. to satisfy Unlike other solutions that rely on administrator software and periodic updates, Symantec Mail Security 8300 Appliance Series offers automatic updates every 10 minutes. low management

Collect spam, virus, sender reputation and other security data Hire technicians to analyze threats and create real-time filters 24/7 Post filters and reputation data updated every 10 minutes to client sites

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