Smtp Send Email From Command Line

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This article was co-authored by MFA staff writer Nicole Levine. It’s Nicole Levine. He has over 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and has taught writing, fiction, and magazine production at various institutions.

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

Software like Thunderbird and Outlook make emailing magic. Well, until your email never reaches its destination. How do you know exactly what happened when you hit send? One option is to send a test message from your email provider’s outgoing server using telnet, a small application that comes with your computer. You may receive an error message that your email software did not receive it.

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This article was co-authored by MFA staff writer Nicole Levine. It’s Nicole Levine. He has over 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and has taught writing, fiction, and magazine production at various institutions. This article has been viewed 1,367,181 times.

You can check the server’s responsiveness or send an email to a recipient through your computer’s Telnet, which is a command-line only feature. First, open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and type

Then press ↵ ​​Enter. You can then enter commands to open a Telnet connection; if the connection responds, you will be able to send email via Telnet by entering the necessary commands one by one. In this article, I will show you how to check email existence via command line. I think you can do it manually without actually sending the email to verify its existence.

1. Find or find the mail server for the domain you are interested in, which is the domain part of the email address you want to verify.

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That is, it is looking up the domain’s MX record in the DNS zone file. If the destination domain serves such email addresses, it must be from an exchange server, and the MX records must be configured to specify how incoming/outgoing email is handled.

It will display one or more mail servers. We will access one of the mail servers for verification.

Your results may differ from mine, but we have access to one of Google’s mail servers to make this work.

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

I’ve written a detailed tutorial on finding MX using the command line. Check it out to know more.

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For this we will use the telnet utility. If you don’t have it on your computer, you may want to install it before proceeding with the command.

If it works, you should be in a telnet shell to that server from where you can send commands to request actions.

You should now be at a telnet prompt with access to the MX server. If not, try step 2 again.

Order This is to initiate communication between telnet and the mail server. It actually communicates with SMTP to send email. It will respond with a list of commands available for SMTP communication.

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, which is the email address of the specific recipient, we should enter the email that we want to check on this mail server. In the example above, I entered

See description, this is a very descriptive response from the Gmail server. However, it may not be so clear for other mail servers. But you can tell if the email is there by looking at the 550 response code.

As I said, checking if an email exists is so simple that anyone can do it using the command line. Follow the exact steps in this tutorial and you will succeed.

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

If you think this is too complicated, you can check if the email exists by sending a test email to the destination email address. If it is not present, you will be notified by email. Sometimes you may need or want to send an email from the command line. You can generate reports from a database or your application and want to send the generated reports via email. Assume the report is generated manually via scipt and invoked using crontab.

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In this tutorial we will learn how to install MSMTP and Mutt. We will use MSMTP to forward email to Gmail. If you want to follow this tutorial with a Gmail email account, please create a new email address to use on your server and do not use your current Gmail account. One reason is that the Gmail account password will be stored in Think plain text by default. You can use pgp to store passwords securely. Another reason is that the account you will be using to send email from the server may be locked due to a different location between you and the server.

If you’re having trouble signing in to Gmail from the server, you may need to follow the steps on Google’s support site.

We can send emails using MSMTP, but unfortunately we can’t include attachments, so we’ll use Mutt to help us send emails with attachments from the command line. We will be using Ubuntu 14.04 in this tutorial, but any release of Ubuntu or even Debian should follow this tutorial.

Before we install MSMTP and Mutt, we will update our servers to the latest updates. If you are installing MSMTP and Mutt on an existing server, make sure you can update your server to the latest version.

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We need a file containing a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate in order to connect to the email server using SSL/TLS. If your server has the ca-certificates package installed, you can check with the following command:

If you have installed the ca-certificates package, you will get an output similar to the one above. If you get a blank output, that means

The package is not installed, you need to install it. You can install this package by running:

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

Create an MSMTP configuration at /etc/msmtprc with the following content. You need to enter your Gmail username and password in this file.

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.If you use a different name, make sure the account you want to use is set as the default.

Mutt installs Postfix as one of its dependencies. You will need to select the package configuration manually. You cannot select any configuration.

Now comes the fun part. Sending email using msmtp is very easy. The simplest syntax you can use is:

The above command will send an email with no subject and a body/content of “Hello, this is sending email via msmtp”. To send an email with a subject, you can use this command:

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The above command will send an email with a subject but no email body or body. What about the entire email? You can use the following command:

Of course, you don’t need to put email directly in the command line. Another way to create an entire email, as we did before, is to create a file with the following content. Name the file email.txt

So far you have seen how to send email using msmtp, now we will use mutt to send email with attachments. You may wonder why we need both msmtp and mutt? The answer is that msmtp is a mail transfer agent (MTA) that only knows how to send email, but not how to create attachments. Creating MIME emails is more of a mail user agent (MUA) function, so we use Mutt in this tutorial.

Smtp Send Email From Command Line

We will install logwatch to generate reports to attach to the case. In fact, logwatch has the ability to send reports directly to email. In this tutorial, we only use audit log reports as examples.

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Files can be owned by root. We are changing ownership, so he is our current user

The command above will send an email with an attachment but an empty body because we changed the content from

.To send a complete email with subject, recipients and body, create a file containing the message and place it in the body of the email. Then you can change

With the file name. For example, if you insert the email body into the email message.txt file, you can use the following command:

Smtp — It’s History, Use And Meaning For Emails

In this tutorial, we learned how to send email from the command line using MSMTP and Mutt. We learned how to send emails with and without attachments. The method we have already learned can be used for scripts that require email sending functionality. activation attack backup centOS CWP ddos ​​diskpart exchange server extend partition fivem flood FXServer g suite gmail gnome google workspace gta gui java kde plasma layer7 license linux lubuntu mate mate core server mx record nodejs office 365 exchange panel rdp parsing springme springgraot work spring f springboot framework ubuntu vps war

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