Smtp Commands To Send Email

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This article was co-written by MFA’s Nicole Levin. Nicole Levin is a technology writer and editor. He has over 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction writing, and journaling at various institutions.

Smtp Commands To Send Email

Smtp Commands To Send Email

Software like Thunderbird and Outlook make sending email seem like magic. Until your email never reaches its destination. “Send?” How to find out what happened when you clicked the button. One option is to send a test message from your email provider’s outgoing server using telnet, a small application that comes with your computer. You may encounter an error message that your email software could not find.

What Is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (smtp)?

This article was co-written by MFA’s Nicole Levin. Nicole Levin is a technology writer and editor. He has over 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction writing, and journaling at various institutions. This article has been viewed 1,367,447 times.

You can test the server’s responsiveness and send e-mail to recipients through your computer’s Telnet network, a special command-line feature. Open a command prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac), and then type

And press ↵ Enter. Then you can enter the command to open a Telnet connection; if the connection is responsive, you can send e-mail via Telnet by entering the necessary commands one at a time. When the transaction email is not sent, you may encounter an SMTP error that needs to be resolved. But some codes are very confusing! Read on to learn about common SMTP response codes and how to troubleshoot delivery problems.

Getting started with SMTP for your transactional email is quick and easy. You simply provide the server name, port, username and password. The SMTP server then sends the email on your behalf and manages the delivery of the email.

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However, if an SMTP error is preventing your email from being delivered, the cryptic error code in the delivery report can be difficult to understand. Read on to learn how to read common SMTP response codes and how to troubleshoot delivery errors.

The SMTP response code is an update sent by the SMTP server during the email sending process. Using a 3-character format, they are sent in response to a command issued by an SMTP client. The following diagram shows the relationship between the SMTP client and the server during the email sending process.

The SMTP specification defines a basic status code published in 1982. Since the code was originally designed to report the result of an SMTP command, its lack of detail makes it unsuitable for delivery reports.

Smtp Commands To Send Email

To add to the problem, multiple servers assign the same error code to different delivery failures. Others define a code in the textual description that simply explains its meaning. Incompatible code entry means email delivery issues are difficult to resolve!

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Enter an improved status code. They extend the basic status code by providing additional details about the reason for the email delivery failure. Similarly, they also consist of 3-digit numbers separated by decimals. Now let’s see how to read it.

The first number of the base status code tells the sending server whether the response is good, bad, or incomplete:

For example, if you telnet to an SMTP server and introduce yourself with the HELO command, you’ll see the following exchange:

Response code 250 means that this is a positive response about the status of the mail system, which means that the SMTP server has confirmed your IP address and is waiting for your next command.

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For example, if you specify an email recipient with the RCPT TO command, the SMTP server responds with 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK. This code means that not only was your command executed successfully, but the recipient address on the server was also received.

The current SMTP standard defines a response code, but it is implemented differently between SMTP servers. Not every email server is configured the same, so that’s it

Remember: Since no two SMTP servers are the same, a “mailbox not available” response on one server may be a “message rejected” error on another!

Smtp Commands To Send Email

SMTP codes starting with 2 and 3 are general status messages sent in response to a request from the sending server. They do not indicate mail delivery errors, but are used as indicators for exchanges between mail servers.

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A 400 SMTP error is a temporary error and is usually related to a problem with the recipient’s email server. The message is bounced back as a soft bounce, and the sender can try again after reducing the size of an email attachment, for example.

A 500 SMTP response code is usually a regular mail delivery error caused by the sender. The receiving server returns the message as a hard bounce and wants the sender not to try again until the problem is resolved.

Then SMTP error codes become more important, such as being suspected of spamming or appearing on a block list. As an email sender, you should pay attention to the following codes because they can affect the reputation of sending and delivering your email.

Error code 550 is sometimes used as a general error code and may also appear as 550 Blocked Error or 550 Invalid Recipient depending on server configuration. If you get a blocked error message, check if your IP address is on the blocked list.

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SMTP plays an important role in the e-mail infrastructure of the Internet. Easy to implement in the technology stack, but difficult to decipher what the SMTP code means when something goes wrong. Here’s a tip: bookmark this page and come back to it anytime! Let’s take a closer look at what happens “under the hood” when you send an email. This article covers a local implementation of the SMTP protocol based on available research and documentation. Of course, SMTP has evolved over time, but this article covers the main elements of this communication protocol.

We’ll describe the responsibility of SMTP, consider the relationship between an SMTP client and a receiving SMTP server, and finally use Terminal to send email by issuing SMTP commands directly to the SMTP server.

If you’ve configured email clients before, you’ve probably seen terms like IMAP, POP, and SMTP. While IMAP and POP are the protocols used to retrieve email from a mailbox, SMTP is the only delivery protocol. We will cover IMAP and POP in detail in separate articles.

Smtp Commands To Send Email

SMTP is part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite and traditionally operates on port 25. SMTP uses a process called “store and forward” that is used to manage the delivery of e-mail over different networks. The SMTP protocol includes smaller software services called Mail Transfer Agents that help manage the transfer of e-mail and their eventual delivery to recipient mailboxes. Not only does SMTP handle this entire communication flow, it can also support delayed delivery of emails at the sending site, the receiving site, or any intermediate server.

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TLDR: SMTP defines a communication protocol that determines how e-mail gets from a computer’s e-mail transfer agent, possibly over some network, to an e-mail transfer agent on a destination SMTP server.

User Agent (UA): An application used to send and receive e-mail (Outlook, Mozilla, etc.) Mail Transfer Agent/Message Transfer Agent (MTA): A process running on an SMTP server that helps route and manage e-mail to the correct recipients. delivery of e-mails to users’ mailboxes. Often the MTA helps maintain a mail queue to schedule redelivery attempts if the remote server is unavailable. An MTA often includes a special piece of software called a mail agent or messaging agent (MDA) that is responsible for delivering e-mail messages to local recipient mailboxes, while an MTA focuses more on redirecting e-mail from SMTP server to SMTP server.

When a user sends email through a user agent, such as Apple’s email application, the client’s SMTP process opens a TCP connection to the SMTP process running on port 25 on the server (ie In the initial handshake, the SMTP process involves the client and server engaging in a brief request-response dialogue to send email. We will cover this thread in more detail soon.

Consider this basic use case for SMTP (this case might be when email is sent within an organization):

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But in reality, an email message may pass through multiple MTAs (a.k.a. mail gateways) in the process of being sent.

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