Shell Script Send Email Smtp

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Shell Script Send Email Smtp – In this article, I’ll show you how to verify the existence of an email using the command line. I think you can do it manually without sending an email just to verify its presence.

1. Search or find the email server on the target domain. This is the domain part of the email address you want to check.

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

In other words, looking up a domain’s MX records in the DNS zone file if the target domain serves that email address. It must be provided by the exchange mail server. MX records should also be configured to determine how emails are handled/disposed.

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It will show one or more email servers. We will access one of those email servers for verification.

Your results may differ from mine. But we can access one of Google’s email servers to get the job done.

I wrote a detailed tutorial on finding MX using the command line. Take a look if you want to know more about it.

Tools. You may want to install it if you don’t have it on your computer. then execute the order

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If it works, you should be within that server’s telnet shell, from here you can send commands requesting action.

At this point you should be in a telnet prompt with access to the MX server, if not try step 2 again.

Command. This is to initiate communication between telnet and the mail server. It is actually a communication with SMTP to send mail. It will respond with a list of available commands for SMTP communication.

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

This is the recipient’s email address assignment. And we need to write the email that we want to verify on these mail servers. In the example above, I wrote

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Look at the description It’s a very descriptive response from the Gmail server, however, for other mail servers, it might not be as obvious. But you’ll know if the email exists by looking at the 550 response code.

As i said Verifying the existence of an email is very easy, anyone can do it using the command line. By following the correct steps in this guide. you will succeed

If you think it’s too complicated You can verify the existence of an email by sending a test email to the target email address. You will receive an email notification if it is not available.

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All you need is to enter the email address of the sender and receiver. Also specify the SMTP server to use, then copy-paste this script into your PowerShell and press Enter.

To check if the code is working correctly You can send a test email to a virtual mailbox. for this You need a proper email testing solution, such as the Email Sandbox that belongs to the email sending platform.

The email sandbox gives you a virtual mailbox. (or up to 300 virtual mailboxes with the highest plan) where you can send test messages. It then reviews and debugs it. In this way, the solution creates a safe environment to look for any issues. related to your email without the risk of spamming real recipients or damaging your domain reputation. Because you don’t have to use your private mailbox for testing anymore.

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

Email Sandbox features include HTML/CSS analysis, spam email content checking, and results checking. Insights into valuable technology data This means that this testing solution will help you whether you are working with plain text or HTML emails, whether you include images/attachments etc.

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Here, we just specified the SMTP host, recipient and sender addresses, not the actual address. as you might have guessed And that’s one of the benefits of using an email testing solution. You don’t need to deal with real emails to test your email workflow.

After you copy and paste this PowerShell script and press Enter, a window will appear asking for your virtual mailbox’s SMTP credentials (username and password). You can find these credentials in your account under Email Sandbox – > Inboxes – > SMTP Settings.

Enter credentials using the pop-up window and proceed. shortly thereafter The test email should appear in your virtual inbox.

Or you can use a fake email. But that might be bad testing practice. Find out why in our blog post. Why using a fake test email doesn’t work?

Configure The Email Media Type

If you can! Send-MailMessage It allows you to fill in your email with various parameters. including content, HTML, priority, etc. You can also send emails to multiple recipients by specifying appropriate parameters. Here’s what you can use:

The sender specified in the Form parameter will be notified about sending the email. Here are the options:

So let’s create a script that will send an email containing HTML text and attachments. This time, we’ll predefine the parameters and call them in

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

You can now preview what this email looks like and perform HTML/CSS analysis using the Email Sandbox’s HTML inspector feature. This feature provides insight into the support that leading email clients have for HTML elements and CSS Rules to Use in Your Emails

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For elements/rules that are not supported or partially supported. There will be a list of email clients that are experiencing problems. including links to lines of code containing elements/rules

The email sending platform also comes with an email sending solution called the Email API that you can use to send your emails to the right recipients from PowerShell or other applications.

The email API provides a flow of ~10,000 emails per second. But also have more control over email delivery with active analytics features.

With actionable analytics features including delivery notifications, 60-day email logs, a dashboard with key metrics, and webhooks, you can find and fix delivery issues early.

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Moreover If you really want to dig deeper into your email performance. You can filter the performance statistics that the Email API shows you by email category. Mailbox provider and/or domain

Other features of the Email API include dedicated IP addresses, automatic IP warming and suppression lists, among others.

First, add and verify domains under Email API -> Sending Domains in your account as described in the video below.

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

Then, to send with the Email API in Windows PowerShell, insert the SMTP credentials provided by the sending solution in the script we used earlier.

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Finally, run the script. Enter your preferred username and password. And your email should be sent successfully.

In case you want to send emails through Gmail’s SMTP servers, just add as the SMTP host.

We tried and entered the credentials in the pop-up window. But the server responded with an error – 551 Authentication Required to solve this problem. You need to turn on access to less secure apps in the security tab of your Google account. We did that and PowerShell successfully sent our message to the destination. Find out more about SMTP response codes and commands in our dedicated blog post.

Not everyone is a Gmail user, so the following might be relevant if you’re using a different SMTP host.

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EASendMail is an SMTP component that supports protocols such as SMTP, ESMTP (Extended SMTP), EWS (Exchange Web Service), and WebDAV (Web Distributed Authorization and Versioning). The component is commonly used to send email in application environments. COM/.NET/.NET Core and applications built with:

You can also use EASendMail to send emails from PowerShell, here’s a guide in case you don’t want to:

In the above code We use Email Sandbox’s SMTP credentials and that’s why emails end up there. Of course, you can change this according to your needs.

Shell Script Send Email Smtp

The EASendMail SMTP component is useful for sending bulk messages. for this You don’t need to write multiple threads of code. All you need is an EASendMail service that can automate multithreaded messages to the background queue. See the following script for sending bulk messages with HTML templates:

Verify Email Existence Via Command Line

Cmdlet-Send-MailMessage It’s a common option for sending emails from PowerShell, but that’s not always the case. Available as of PowerShell 3.0 and based on the System.Net.Mail API, it is a namespace that contains a class for sending email messages to an SMTP server.

System.Net.Mail namespace It’s also used to create and send messages in ASP.NET C#, which we’ve blogged about. and for today We hope this blog post enhances your skills in using PowerShell. Follow our blog and discover useful expertise for your projects.

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