Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

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Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account – Hello readers, today in this blog you will learn how to send emails with PHP & Gmail Send messages to Localhost using XAMPP Server. I previously wrote about How to Configure XAMPP Send Mail from Localhost in PHP? If you haven’t read that blog yet, I want to suggest that you read that blog first.

Usually, in this program, on the website, there is a form to send an email with three elements – email address, subject and message. When you click the submit button and fill out the entire page, a warning message says “All input fields are required!” is. And when you fill in all the entries and click the send button, your email will be sent to the specific email address you provided in the recipient field and there will be a successful message like “Your message has been successfully sent to someone” is displayed. email”.

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

If the email somehow fails to send, an alert that says “Sorry, failed to send email” is displayed. If you find it difficult to understand what I mean. You can view full video on this program [How to Send Emails with PHP & Gmail].

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In the video, you saw How to Send an Email with PHP & Gmail and I hope you understood the basic code behind creating this form and sending an email. I used SMTP server to send Mail/Email to Localhost using XAMPP. An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is a program whose main purpose is to send and receive e-mails/emails between senders and receivers.

To do this program [How to Send Emails with PHP & Gmail]. First, you need to create two files one is PHP File and one is CSS File. After creating the file, enter the following code in your file. You can also download the source text file using the link provided. Click here to download the source file.

Is a blog where we publish blogs about HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP and creative coding stuff. Well, you can send html format data to your email using PHP. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to send HTML Data Formats to email using the PHPmail() function.

In addition, this tour will explain how to submit an HTML form to send a message and also a confirmation email to be sent to the client upon submission of the HTML form. Simple PHP email submission form and source code.

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When a user fills out the contact form and clicks the submit button, they will send the HTML form information to an email using PHP’s mail function. Mostly, people want to receive an html form via email after submitting the form.

You can see the step by step video guide below to send an email to a customer.

Now I’ll give you the HTML, CSS, and PHP code for the form source. I created a separate mail.php file to write the PHP script. And add this PHP file to the HTML code of the interface using the PHP script.

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

Important note: First of all, host a contact page on a live server to run the PHP code. And change your file to .php to create a PHP script.

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If you don’t know how to connect VS Code editor to live server. SFTP connection used to process remote files in Visual Studio Code The following video clips will help you connect your Visual Studio Code Editor to a web hosting server.

Below is the HTML source of the contact form for sending details by email. This contact page contains the following information usage.

Below is the PHP code that receives an email from an HTML page using PHP and submits an HTML form to send the message.

The tutorial explained how I can send emails using the PHP mail function. If you find it difficult to understand this post, you can ask in the comment section below. Your suggestions and questions are always welcome. If you found it helpful, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. Here I will make the first attempt to make things simple and easy. So let’s get started:

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I will use my regular Gmail account, but if you want to create a new account, you can do so using this link.

Now we need to select Security from the left, and select “2 Step Verification”. (Doing this will require you to log in again and Gmail will further verify using OTP)

Now we set the app password that we will use in Laravel App, again click on Google Account in User Profile -> Security -> App Password. (This will again ask you to login and verify using OTP)

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

We need to select “Mail” as the program and “Other (Common Name)” as the download device.

Simple But Work

Selecting this will prompt you to add the name of the App you want to generate the password for and click GENERATE after adding it.

This will open a popup with a 16 character app password. (Please copy this and keep it safe).

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I’m a developer, I love to code, I love to learn new technologies and I want to be friends with people who are learning any website For any website, sending email with PHP script is the most requested. For example, if a website has a user registration feature, then email confirmation is required for the user to send an email for verification. You can send e-mail using the PHP() function or the PHP library. The two main PHP libraries used for sending emails are PHPMailer and Swiftmailer. How to send an email using the mail() function is discussed in another tutorial. Using the PHPMailer library to send emails in PHP is explained in this tutorial.

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

PHPMailer is a very useful library that contains a set of functions for sending emails using PHP. You can send email from a local server using this library in several ways. Use the following command to install PHPMailer in a free system:

Send An Email On Form Submission Using Php With Phpmailer

You must have a Gmail account to use PHPMailer’s email client. After installing PHPMailer, you need to enable “Allow non-secure applications” for your Gmail account.

The following article shows how to send simple emails using PHPMailer. This document covers the four basic parts of any email (from, to, subject, body). Set From and AddAddress used to set the sender and email address. The subject and body attributes are used to define the subject and body of an email. If the email is sent successfully, then a successful message will be printed, and if the email is not sent, a failed message will be printed.

You can send HTML emails using PHPMailer. You must use isHTML() with the correct property value to send an HTML email. Here, the alternative AltBody() method is used to send the email as plain text if the user cannot accept the email containing HTML.

The PHPMailer class has several options for sending embedded content via email. The AddAttachment() method is one such method that is used in the following script. This method has one set of parameters and three parameters.

What Is A Catch All Address?

When you check the recipient’s email address, then the attached file will be displayed if the file is attached to the email correctly as shown below:

If you want to attach content to a remote location, then you can use addStringAttachment() method for this purpose. This approach has two dimensions. The first element is used to retrieve the content of a specific URL, and the second is used to set the name of the attached file.

In the following text, the URL address of the image file is placed in the first element, and “myfile.jpg” is placed in the second part of the way to specify the name of the attached file.

Sending Email In Php Using Gmail Account

The SMTPDebug property of the PHPMailer class is used to enable debugging before sending an email. After creating the script, the value of this property in this script is set to 1 to display the debug message.

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