Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

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Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail – We all know that Gmail has set some restrictions for sending bulk emails. They limit such actions because they do not want to hinder users’ experience on their platform. Also, sending 10,000 emails at once will compromise your email delivery rate.

That doesn’t mean you can’t send mass emails. You can, and that’s what you’ll learn in this blog – a step-by-step way to send 10,000 emails without getting spammed or blacklisted.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

Is an email communication tool that helps you scale your email efforts and become more efficient. Its powerful features increase your engagement and deliver your email straight to your primary inbox.

Bulk Email Sending Through Gmail

Using basic features like sequence, you can create and send spam-free emails. You can write the email exactly how you want, upload your sales lead list and even schedule it to be sent on a specific date/time.

We have mentioned that we allow you to schedule the sending of all these emails at once, but the sending will be scheduled according to the daily email sending limit of your email service provider.

Sending multiple emails at the same time is not recommended as it can damage the reputation of your email account and cause your emails to end up in the recipient’s spam box.

Using , one can send campaigns (sequences) from Gmail, Outlook or any other email provider without reducing the reputation of their email domain.

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Additionally, by using , you can add follow-ups (steps) to the bulk email campaign (sequence) you send, freeing you from doing the work manually and increasing response rates.

It may take a day or two to send all of these scheduled emails, depending on your email service provider’s daily email sending limit.

This and the drip frequency optimization technology (automatic placement of short random time intervals between sending two consecutive emails) that we use when sending the campaign (sequence) ensures that your emails avoid the recipient’s and your spam filters offer higher email deliverability even if you send more than 10,000 emails from your email account.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

You might be thinking how to send bulk emails from Gmail using , relax. All you need to do is get started with the simple steps below.

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Before sending the mass email campaign (sequence), you need to connect your Gmail account. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up your account. You can enter your email id or just continue with Google.

After the first step, you need to create a list of recipients to whom you want to send a bulk email from Gmail. Always make sure you have a clean list of recipient names and email addresses.

Having a name will make your mass mailing seem more personal and help you avoid spam filters.

After preparing the list of potential customers in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet, proceed to create a sequence in .

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Here you can add personalization to make the email campaigns (sequences) more effective. Plus, you can use pre-saved templates to get you started.

Create a complete email by personalizing it with custom fields. Cut to the chase, provide some value for potential customers and finish your message with a clear call to action

After creating the sequence, you can add steps. You can add 49 steps to your bulk email campaign (sequence). Don’t forget to add a continuation (step).

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

Helpful tip: To increase the open rate when sending mass emails, always make sure you don’t use junk words and too many links in the email. If the Gmail algorithm detects that you are sending spam, it will affect the deliverability of your emails.

How To Send Bulk Emails In Gmail (yes, It’s Possible)

So if you want to send 10,000 emails at once, you need to create 5 different email lists to optimize the process – each list has no more than 2,000 emails.

Go to the leads in order, click add lead and upload your CSV file. When you upload the list, you have the option to clean and verify the email list.

This will remove spam and invalid emails. Email verification and cleaning reduces email bounces and improves your credibility to send mass emails more efficiently.

This concludes the process where we show you how to send mass emails. You should activate your email sequence and your sequence will be sent according to the time you specify. You can change your email time by going to the settings tab.

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We will keep a short time interval of a few seconds between your emails. This will help avoid the spam folder and make the process seem more human.

You must be thinking that this is the best way to send 10000 emails at once and it’s not really possible to do it in a day?

The reality is that it is impossible to send 10,000 or more emails from a single email address in a day without enabling spam filters.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

Helpful tip: It also gives you the option to add the Unsubscribe link to your email. You can add the Unsubscribe tag to each step of the email campaign (sequence) so that the recipient can opt out of your email list if they feel the email is not relevant to them or think you are spamming.

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Remember that it will take half an hour to get used to it, and the benefit will last a lifetime.

It’s one more step in the process that allows you to optimize your emails against spam filtering and help you get the most out of your campaigns (follow-ups).

Optimizing your campaigns (sequences) will help you deliver your emails directly to your prospects’ primary inboxes, where they are more likely to be opened and responded to.

Although it is very easy to schedule and send emails to potential customers at the same time – it is not guaranteed to land in their primary inbox. Billions of emails are sent every day and not all emails are treated equally by the recipient.

Gmail Auto Follow Up: Faq (frequently Asked Questions)

You may have seen it in your inbox too – where a large portion of the emails are either in offers, updates or spam folders.

Most likely if you send mass email campaigns (sequences) without optimizing for delivery, your emails will end up as spam.

So to ensure that bulk promotional emails don’t get buried under other promotional emails, let’s first understand why they end up in spam and how to fix them.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

Both you and your potential email service providers run a series of checks on each email before filtering it into relevant inboxes.

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This helps them get rid of spam and promotional messages in their inbox that may not necessarily need immediate attention from potential customers.

If these checks are not carried out, your email service and its content will be promotional and will be filtered into relevant folders.

Let’s take a look at these controls so you can optimize your mass email campaigns (sequences) for reach and conversions.

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records are used to verify the authenticity of the source of an email sender, that is, if the email was sent by the person they claim to be from.

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These records are added at the domain level, so once authenticated, they will automatically apply to all emails sent. Each email has the results of these checks in the HTML code, as shown below.

When potential customers open an email and find it irrelevant, they usually try to unsubscribe from such emails. However, many promotional emails do not contain links to unsubscribe from future communications, leaving recipients with only one option – to report as spam.

If you’ve been sending mass communications for a while now, chances are that some of your emails have been reported as spam by potential customers.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

This is a bad sign and a few frequent occurrences of such reports can land your domain on spam blacklists.

How To Send Bulk Emails From Gmail?

Every time you send an email, the prospect’s email service checks your domain against domain blacklists. And if you are registered on one of these domain blacklists, there is a high probability that your emails will be delivered to spam folders.

If your previous email campaigns (sequence) had low engagement rates in terms of opens, clicks and responses, that’s another sign of the promotional nature of your messages. Email services use algorithmic systems to distinguish important emails from commercial ones.

So when your previous emails haven’t been opened, it signals to the email service that your content is irrelevant to the recipients, triggering spam filters.

Low engagement is often due to content of a high standard – without any form of personalization that can appeal to potential customers.

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Personalizing mass communication messages can often be time-consuming, which is why the majority of advertising messages are rarely, if ever, personalized.

Likewise, when you use bulk email marketing services similar to Sendgrid, Mailchimp, etc., your emails are sent from public servers at the same time.

When many of your emails with similar content are received in your prospect’s email service (eg Gmail), it can identify the source and flag those emails as advertising.

Sending Bulk Emails Through Gmail

When you’re reaching out to potential customers en masse, be sure to customize your emails so they’re more engaging and more likely to get a response.

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Using email merge in sales engagement platforms like , you can customize email templates and content

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