Sending An Email Using Php

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Sending An Email Using Php – Hello everyone, Today in this blog we will learn how to send email using PHP. Keep in mind that it’s a relatively simple task when sending emails via PHP, but setting up all the configuration and authentication and making sure you’re sending it correctly is where it gets tricky.

To actually send emails (relatively easy) is that you use the SMTP server where you might want to focus on the important part of the code, for a quick setup you can easily use and use gmail’s SMTP with your Gmail account details . Mail library like PHPMailer.

Sending An Email Using Php

Sending An Email Using Php

Let’s start by creating a form page, and when you submit your page, in the backend, write code to submit your email. Here, replace some of the steps where editing is required with your own post input value.

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Sending email using PHP is a very important part of a web application to do this in PHP we need to do the three step things right which I will discuss here. We are using phpmailer library and SMTP server at Gmail to send an email in PHP, believe all these steps are very easy to follow

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