Sendgrid Send Email With Template

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Sendgrid Send Email With Template – This page represents the product of new marketing campaigns. If you’re using traditional marketing campaigns, your workflow will look a little different and your screen won’t look like screenshots.

Twilio SendGrid offers a complete suite of marketing campaign design tools that you can use to deliver professional-looking templates that deliver beautifully in email clients.

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

We offer a collection of pre-made, responsive designs that you can start using and customizing right away, or create your own templates from scratch. Each design is stored in a marketing campaign design library and can be used to deliver a single sand or automation.

How To Send Mail Using Sendgrid Dynamic Templates

You can manage the designs of all your marketing campaigns in the Design Library. In addition to saving your existing designs, you can browse and copy SendGrid email designs you’ve already created and manage your images from the Design Library.

To create a new design, you can create one from a blank template or copy existing templates.

The design editor makes it possible to create and edit email templates with drag-and-drop modules that don’t require any coding. The code editor is suitable for users who want to create and edit templates directly by adding HTML code. Once a design is created, the editor used for that design cannot be changed. However, if you choose the Design Editor, you’ll still have HTML editing options, and with the Code Editor you’ll enjoy visual tools like sidebar code and preview boards.

For complete documentation on working with editors, see our Design and Code Editor documentation. For best practices in HTML email formatting, see our cross-platform email formatting documentation.

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You can create a new template by copying one of the existing templates or by copying one of Twilio SendGrid’s pre-built designs.

The copy format defaults to “copy:” as the name of the email format. The purpose of this text is to help distinguish the copy from the original design unless you change the name yourself.

Developers can programmatically replicate one of their own designs using the POST /designs/ API endpoint and replicate one of the Twilio SendGrid designs with the POST /designs/pre-builts/ API endpoint.

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

You can edit any format in your Email Formats tab. You cannot directly edit one of the pre-made designs. You must first copy the template and make changes to your copy.

Set Up Email Using Sendgrid

After creating a design, you cannot switch between the design and code editor to edit a specific template. If you want to change editors, you can copy the format and select a different editor during the copy process.

You can use any of your designs to send singles. One method commonly used to deliver newsletters, promotions, policy updates, and more is non-automated email messages in a single send. You can create a sand from a design or add a design to your design library from a sand.

If your design library contains a singlesand that uses a design you want to manage, you can add a design from the singlesand.

Automations allow you to automatically send a series of emails at a cadence you define or drop a series. You can use any of the designs in your Email Designs or SendGrid Email Designs tab to deliver one of the messages in your automation series. You can also save a design from an automation email to your design library.

How To Use Sendgrid’s Dynamic Templates For Your Transactional Emails

For more information about creating automations and assigning formats to emails, see Getting started with automations.

Both the design and code editors are feature-rich applications that include live previews, the ability to add test data, and more. For detailed documentation on working with each editor, see our Design and Code Editor documentation.

Hitting a code block? Trust the wisdom of the crowd by browsing the SendGrid tag on Stack Overflow or visiting Twilio’s Stack Overflow Collective. The Twilio SendGrid email design experience is all about supporting your unique workflow so you can get things done more efficiently. Thanks to our two separate editing experiences, you have complete control over how you create and edit each new email.

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

Both editors provide access to the same features, and you can achieve similar results using either editor. Which editor you choose will largely depend on how you work. Below is a brief description of compilers and their general functions. The user interfaces are similar but there are some differences. How to work with editors is described in the editor-specific sections below.

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The code editor is perfect for users who import, create or edit custom HTML. It provides a robust environment for uploading images, backed by a feature-rich editor – complete with split-screen preview, error flagging, scroll synchronization, syntax highlighting and more. . While other email editors are notorious for adding extra code to your project, rest assured that our editor won’t modify your carefully crafted HTML.

(WYSIWYG) Vol. It has a diverse library of content modules that allow you to create beautiful emails quickly and intuitively. Once inserted into your email, each module provides robust access and settings for editing HTML – perfect for tailoring content to your needs.

The design editor offers many easy ways to edit the HTML content of your email, including the ability to edit the HTML of each drag-and-drop module, editing HTML.

Twilio SendGrid recommends that only one instance of a template or marketing campaign email be open in one instance of the editor. Many instances across different browsers or computers will cause autosave to undo changes, and there is no recovery option.

Customize Email Templates

Both editors support dynamic data using the Handlebar syntax. Dynamic data includes information you use to customize the design, such as the customer’s name or order confirmation number. You can use test data in the editor preview to make sure your dynamic values ​​behave as you expect before you send the message.

In addition to changing values, you can use handlebars in your design to format dates, iterate through lists, and conditionally return values. Check out our hands-on documentation to see everything you can do with dynamic data and Twilio SendGrid templates.

Alternative tags allow you to use any saved or custom field data you’ve included in marketing campaigns to dynamically create unique content for each recipient of your email. A common example is to include the recipient’s first name in the body (or even the subject line) of your email.

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

The data that populates your conversion tags comes from the information you store on each contact. You can manage this information on the Marketing Campaigns Contact page.

How To Send Email With Marketing Campaigns

In addition to the following specific fields that are available by default in all communications, you can add custom fields to marketing campaigns. When designing marketing campaigns, your custom fields are available in the Tags tab of the editor. For information on managing these fields, see our Custom Fields documentation.

For contacts without an entry in the custom field, the replacement tag will appear empty. To set the default value, use the following format:

The following tags are provided by default by Twilio SendGrid and are available in each of your contacts.

Shows recipients different unsubscribe options based on the unsubscribe groups you’ve created and set to display on your unsubscribe preferences page.

A Simple Ui For Transactional Email

This tag has been replaced with a link that allows your recipients to opt out of emails sent using your chosen unsubscribe group. ASM tags are only available when using the Email API and should not be used in marketing campaigns.

This tag has been replaced with a link that allows your recipients to opt out of all email communications. ASM tags are only available when using the Email API and should not be used in marketing campaigns.

This tag is replaced with a link that allows your recipients to opt out of unsubscribe groups in any email you send. ASM tags are only available when using the Email API and should not be used in marketing campaigns.

Sendgrid Send Email With Template

This tag is replaced with a link that opens the email on a web page hosted by Twilio SendGrid. This feature makes it possible to view email if an email client fails to open or deliver the message correctly.

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* For your convenience, these alternative tags are added by default to the Opt-out module found in the Design Editor’s Tags tab.

Both design and code editors offer a test data preview feature. This means you can add saved and custom fields to a contact, as well as other variables you want to pass to your template, such as order confirmation data. Test data provides a way to ensure that your final design will complete and accurately reflect the alternative. If you want to collaborate on the design, for example, storing test data directly in the design means that each team member can use the data structure and create alternative tags without digging into the code base.

Type information is stored as a “non-PII” field and may be used for calculation.

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