Send Test Email To Smtp Server

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Send Test Email To Smtp Server – Want to test your WP Mail SMTP setup before going live? Sending a test email is important to ensure that your settings are configured correctly and that all your emails will be delivered successfully.

After installing the plugin, go to WP Mail SMTP » Tools and open the Email Test tab.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

This will open settings that you can edit before sending your test email. We’ll walk through each of the fixes below:

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The Send To setting is the email address you want your test message to be sent to. By default this will be set to match the current user account email address, but you can change this to any email address you like.

Note: Be sure to select an email address that you have access to so that you can confirm that the test message is delivered to your inbox.

By default, the HTML setting is set to ON. Although we recommend leaving this option enabled, you can also choose to send an anonymous email by turning this setting off.

Once you’ve configured your settings, go ahead and click the Send Email button to send your test email.

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If your test email is sent successfully, you will see an image with the message Test HTML Email Sent Successfully! Please check your inbox to make sure it has been sent.

To confirm that your test email was delivered successfully, be sure to check your inbox for an email similar to the example below:

If any problems occur when you send a test email, you’ll see an error message with more information about what went wrong, as well as recommended next steps.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

Go ahead and follow the recommended steps described in the error message. If the issue is not resolved after following these steps, be sure to contact our support team for further assistance.

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Note: Email support is available to users with an active license. With support for our Lite version, be sure to ask your question in our support forum for further assistance.

After clicking the Send Email button, the domain used in the From Email field configured in WP Mail SMTP is automatically checked by the API. This API is used to check if the DNS records for the sending email domain are resolved correctly.

Note: Want to learn more about how to add DNS records to your WP Mail SMTP setup? Check out our guide to adding DNS records for more information.

Depending on the mailer you use, the domain control API validates different DNS records. For example, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or other custom records required by the sender.

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Note: Domain check is skipped if the email address used in the From email field has a domain from a free email provider (eg email address with,,, etc.) . Since these free email providers do not allow users to change DNS records, the domain check is not performed.

Once the domain check is complete, you will see the email test results on the Email Test page. Here is an example of what the result might look like if some action is required:

Note! Clicking on the links within the domain checkbox will take you to the specific directory for the agent you are using. Inside the document you will find steps to add a record to your domain’s DNS.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

Then, do you want to keep your SMTP settings on your website? Be sure to check out our tutorial on securing SMTP settings and using updates for more information Invicti Web Application Security Scanner – a standalone solution that provides automatic vulnerability assessment with Proof-Based Scanning™.

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This means you trust your SMTP server; it’s something that most people don’t even bother to think about.

Companies emphasize creating lots of email copy and newsletters. But not everyone bothers to test your emails to make sure they have correct HTML, no errors and are delivered to the right place.

As a result, it can lead to errors, emails ending up in spam folders, weird formatting, and even failure to display properly in other email clients. Companies have lost their customers this way or frustrated their users.

To identify potential risks and resolve issues related to your incoming and outgoing emails, you need to consider the root causes of those issues.

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Usually this protocol is combined with IMAP or POP3. In contrast, SMTP is used to send messages, while POP3 and IMAP are used to receive them.

Don’t confuse yourself with SMTP relay services, which are third-party services or applications used when sending email between multiple servers, domains, and hosting services.

And SMTP server system is only used to send email. Similarly, SMTP authentication refers to the authentication process that ISP clients (such as Outlook Express) specify with the mail server they use to send mail.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

An SMTP test tool can detect SMTP server problems and fix them to keep your email secure.

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For this, the tool sends a message to the SMTP server and then displays and records the tests and results in a log. This message goes through the ISPs and when the message is verified with the associated password and username with the SMTP mail server, the connection is established.

However, if the tool fails to create that link, it will show you results that will help you solve the problems that did not start.

Tools help you check what’s wrong with your SMTP server by providing easy-to-understand log data. It checks if your credentials are valid or if there is an external threat.

Without this tool, you may not know the exact reason why your emails are not arriving as they should. So it also saves your effort, time and cost to send all the letters.

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Today’s SMTP services come with many integration options, so you can optimize the tools you already use. It varies from one SMTP testing tool to another, but common inclusions are IPv6 support, SOCKS support, ICAP support, etc.

By ensuring that your email security system is secure, your email bounce rates would decrease. This means email deliverability will be higher to give you better conversion rates.

Next, let’s explore some of the best SMTP tools you can use to test and diagnose problems and maintain security.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

SocketLabs offers a free SMTP testing, diagnostic and monitoring tool that is free to use and download. It helps you test and configure SMTP connections.

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The tool supports both secure (SSL) and open SMTP server connections. It has a built-in library of commands like DATA, EHLO, RCPT TO, etc. This SMTP tool is easy to download and requires Windows & .NET 2.0 framework or higher.

Test and evaluate the security of your server with MxToolbox. All you have to do is enter your email server address and press the button next to the field.

This test connects to your email server via SMTP and performs an Open Relay Test. This way, the tool will help you determine if the server contains a reverse DNS or PTR record.

In addition to that, you can also read the response times associated with your email server. If you don’t know your server address, consider using MX Lookup.

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Start the SMTP test from Wormly by entering your SMTP server IP or fully qualified domain address. Enter your email address so that the tool can identify your address with your SMTP server or with RCPT TO.

There is also an option to override your default TCP port for your SMTP server. You can also choose to send an SMTP test email via the provided email address. Alternatively, you can select “No” to perform an SMTP handshake attempt.

With CheckTLS you can check your email security and how your emails work. Their EmailSentry Outlook helps you make sure all your emails are private, legitimate and secure.

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

This tool is compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI, GDPR and other email security compliance regulations. If you see any problems with your emails after the test, CheckTLS will also help you fix them.

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Check the encryption of your email server from a simple tool with SSL tool. It’s a fairly simple tool to enter the domain part of an email address and test its security.

It helps you check whether its incoming mail server supports STARTTLS and has a valid SSL certificate or not. You can also find out about Its Perfect Forward Secret in addition to testing their ability to heart.

ImmuniWeb provides an efficient tool for testing SSL security. It is a free tool that has already done 73M security tests.

SMTP Open Relay Test by SpamHelp can detect and report all open relays to the Distributed Server Boycott List (DSBL).

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DNSQueries provides a useful tool for checking the health of your SMTP server to make sure everything is working properly.

Initially, the test will try to connect to your email server and then send email through it. Then it displays the results directly on this web page. If the tool manages to do both, rest assured that things are good.

A python-based one

Send Test Email To Smtp Server

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