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Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook – For example, I have the following range of data in a worksheet that contains columns Name, Email Address, Registration Code, and now I want to add a personal greeting and personal registration to the assigned email addresses in column A. “I want to send a message. with the tooth code. The following methods can help you solve this problem.

You can do this quickly and easily using Word’s mail merge feature, please follow these steps:

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

1. Start a new blank Word document, and then click Mail > Select Recipients > Use Existing List, see screenshot:

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2. In the data source selection window, select the workbook that contains the data range you want to use, and click the “Open” button, see screenshot:

3. In the next “Select Table” dialog box, select the worksheet with the desired data range, and then click “OK”, see screenshot:

4. If the main email document and your mailing list are linked together, you can now edit the message and add placeholders to indicate that each message shows unique information.

(1.) Click Mail > Add Merge Field > Name to enter a personalized greeting name, the personalized name is included in the message, and the field name is surrounded by ” “.

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(2.) Continue writing the message and enter the registration code in the required space, see screenshot:

5. After creating the message, you can click the Preview Results button under the Mailings tab to preview the email and make changes before the merge is complete.

6. After you make sure there are no problems, you can send emails to individual recipients, please click Mail messages > Complete and merge > Send email, see screenshot:

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

8. And then click OK, the emails will be sent to individual recipients with their registration code at the same time, after the emails are sent, check Outlook to make sure the emails have been sent successfully. You can say.

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In addition to the mail merge feature, you may also find the following VBA code useful. Please do this:

1. Press and hold ALT + F11 and the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window will open.

3. Then press F5 to run this code and a prompt will appear reminding you to select the data range you want to use. See screenshot:

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4. And then click OK, the emails will be sent to individual addresses one by one with an individual registration code, after the emails are sent, you can go to Outlook to confirm that the emails have been sent successfully.

If you have Kutools for Excel with email sending function, you can quickly send personalized emails to multiple recipients with different attachments as needed.

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Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

2. In the Send E-mail dialog box, select the data range you want to use, then specify the recipient addresses, attachments, and subject, if necessary, see screenshot:

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3. Enter individual greeting words in the edit box, please select Name from the drop-down list and click the Add Placeholder button to insert the words into the message, see screenshot:

5. After finishing the email text, please choose the sending mode as you like, you can send via Outlook or specified server, see screenshot:

Note. If you want to use another server, please click the Outgoing Server Settings button to set your sending mode, see screenshot:

6. Finally, click the “Send” button to send the email. After completion, a prompt window will appear to remind you of the sending status. see screenshot:

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This code worked very well, thank you very much for it. But I have a little problem, trying to change the code to predetermine the cells I want to receive and send emails to, because I created my Excel file. I want to replace the select box for the selected range of cells. Example: All my data will be fixed in the range A2:C6, so I don’t have to select it again when I run the macro. Many thanks for what you mentioned above

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

Can you modify the code to attach multiple files to an email? That would be a big help. Thanks in advance.

How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Outlook

Is it possible to add code so that it also takes my regular email signature? Also, when I select my range for email, I filter my Excel spreadsheet, but when I run the macro, it still pulls out the hidden rows.

When you use Kutools for Excel, it can help you insert topics based on cell values, you just need to select the topic column name in the dialog box, as shown in the following screenshot:

I tried to add a signature to my email, but I can’t get it to work! Do you have a bit of code I can add to make this happen?

That’s great, I need help. I need to attach a different pdf file to a different email each time.

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First, you need to enter the append path in the cells, then apply Kutools, please see the following screenshot:

I used your code below to send the mail and it works great. Any help to change the code to send pdf attachments?

I have more than 100 mails to send so it is difficult to attach the file every time. Will Kutools work on the specified path and send the mail automatically?

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

If I have data for many customers, and some customers have more than 1 data… and I don’t want to email the customers individually, but I can email them in a table . How can I send only 1 email to a customer?

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Hi Steven, did you find a way to do this? We can help you with a simple online web portal

But I tried to run the test and I am not sending anything to the email. There is also no error message. May I know what happened?

I have a list of email addresses in Excel to send emails to The subject and body are in cells except the email address and I have the following script but I need to send 100 emails in 1 hour please support , how to

Our Kutools for Excel Email can help you solve your problem. Please set the conditions as shown in the following screenshot:

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You can also CC, BCC and you can add multiple attachments with this feature.

Apakah methode ini bisa di lakukan pada word 2007 soalnya saya coba lakukan di file pdf nya tdk terkirim .. terikahim

For some reason, this code has a place where all the other emails on the list are sent. Is there a reason they don’t ship every one? I directly copied the above code and didn’t change anything

Send Mass Personalized Email Outlook

To solve the problem, use the following code: (Note: Column C must be added to column CC)

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I have used the VBA code mentioned above in “Sending Personalized Bulk Emails to a List from Excel with VBA Code”. I was wondering if I could send an email to specific people who need to be notified based on Excel that I need to send a reminder to those who are expiring? I can’t get Excel to send emails and I know it’s because of the code itself. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

I want to send emails with a unique subject line. How to do this with VBA?

I need code to automatically send a draft email from page 2 to each of the 5 members on the list on page 1.

Once the first 5 emails have been sent, the code should mark them as “Sent” in a new custom column and wait 60 seconds before sending the next 5 emails. We are expanding our business. Run on a white label with your logo and colors. Create your own lead generation program. Meet Suite | Find emails, check emails, set up a chatbot, grow your business and more!

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You want to send the same email to different people, but you want to personalize it. Doesn’t it make you wish you had a tool that made this task easier?

Sending bulk emails in Outlook is not as scary as it seems. Of course, there are several subtleties. But when you will understand

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