Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

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Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook – Well, you can now send mass emails or mail merges in Gmail with individual attachments.

Why do you need to do this? Let’s say you run a small business that needs to send PDF invoices to your customers once a month. Your invoicing software generates PDF invoices for each of your 100 customers. Now you need to send the right invoice to the right customer. Until now, you had to prepare a lot of emails – create and send 100’s of personal emails, and attach the correct PDF to each email.

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

Your files can be in your Google Drive or in a publicly accessible location on the Internet, such as your own web server, a public Dropbox folder, or an AWS S3 bucket. the public.

Methods To Batch Open All The Attachments In Your Outlook Email

If you are going to host the file attachment in your Google Drive, our software needs permission to access your Google Drive. This is a step you should take before sending personal attachments with multiple emails.

You just need to grant read permission to your Google Drive! By default, this is disabled when you sign up for an account.

Also note that the files don’t have to be in the same folder; They can browse multiple folders while in the same Google Drive account. Finally, if you use Google Drive, make sure the “Edit uploaded files…” setting is unchecked:

If you do not uncheck this box, some file types, such as .txt files, will not remain as txt files after you import them; They will be converted to Google Docs instead of being “attached” to your own email.

Sending Emails With Python

First, set up your Google Sheets. Make sure your column headings are in the first row, and you need at least two columns, one for email addresses, and one for file attachments. You can also have other columns, such as FirstName, LastName, Company, and whatever else you want to use to create your mail merges. This is what your spreadsheet will look like:

The file column can be named anything as long as it starts with “Attachment”. Any of the following are valid column names:

If your file is hosted on Google Drive, only the name of the file attachment should be in the column. If your file is hosted somewhere on the web, the column should contain the file’s full URL. Here’s what your spreadsheet might look like if you host your files on your own web server to send emails to multiple recipients.

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

If you’re a spreadsheet user, feel free to use formulas for nested columns as well. For example, if you send monthly statements to your customers, and your billing software generates monthly statements in the format [CustomerNumber].pdf, and CustomerNumber is one of the columns in your spreadsheet. , you can set the column Attached to . “=A1” + .pdf.

Send Multiple Attachments To Each Recipient

Finally, if you have an empty cell in the “Attachment” column, it is assumed that there are no files related to these recipients, and you will send an email without a file attachment.

If you’ve done mail merge before, you should know the next steps. Click the Sheets Connector button, select your sheet and spreadsheet, click the “Connect” button, and Gmail Compose will open. Write your message, and click the button. You do not need to attach a file to this message. Automatically load files into your spreadsheet that look for columns and attach them to your own email.

Recipient. At that time, the file you attached to the bill will be sent to all recipients, and in addition, each attachment placed on the sheet will be sent to a separate email.

For example, let’s say you publish a monthly PDF newsletter that you want to send to everyone with their personal invoice. Then, insert the newsletter into the Gmail Compose window, and after clicking, each email will be sent as one PDF attachment and each invoice PDF as a second attachment.

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Need to send more than one personal attachment per recipient? For example, if you send invoices and account statements to your customers each month, and they are two different PDFs, you might have two columns in your spreadsheet, for example:

You can set up your campaign and spreadsheet once, and then let the email send on autopilot every day, week, or month, depending on your business needs. Let’s say you want to send email attachments on the first of the month. Schedule the first email to be sent on the first day of the month, and repeat each month.

Now, on the first of the month, it will automatically read your spreadsheet, download the files and send an email with their attachments. Everything you need to do

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

New files are received on the first of the month, either in your Google Drive or wherever you host them.

Three Ways To Save An Email From Outlook To Sharepoint

If you cannot retrieve a file for a specific email address, that recipient will be suspended and you will receive a report at the end of the campaign for all recipients you have discarded. If you deliberately do not want some recipients to receive attachments with the email, always check these cells under the “Attachments” column – that way they will still receive the email without attachments. This makes it easy to send multiple emails with different needs.

If you host your files on Google Drive, but you don’t have read permission on your Google Drive, your campaign will fail with this error:

You don’t have enough permissions on your Gmail account to do what you want. If you try to send private attachments, please reconnect your Gmail account and click the RESTART link.

If you want to use Dropbox to store the files you want to attach to your email, you have to do some manual work – you have to create a public URL for every file you want to attach, even all of them. The files are in the same Dropbox folder. While Dropbox makes it easy to get a public link to a folder, and even a public link to a file, Dropbox doesn’t make it easy to generate a public link to a file. 100 files, without going through the process of creating links for each one. one. You need hundreds of links for a mass email campaign.

How To Save Multiple Attachments At Once With Outlook

To create a public link to a file, right-click the file and select “Copy Dropbox Link”, then enter the URL in the appropriate Google Sheets column.

But again, you need to repeat this process for each file, because there is no pattern you can follow to define the links. For example, if you have two files in Dropbox, doc1.pdf and doc2.pdf, and you create a public URL for them, they will look like this:

Now suppose you have 100 files that you need to create a public link. You can see that the left part of the URL contains “”, as expected, and the right part contains the file name, as expected, with a single character string inserted between them that prevents you from generating these URLs. Easily copy and paste your Google Sheets to manage multiple emails.

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

If you go through the process of creating a Dropbox link for each file, your Google Sheet will look like this:

Save Multiple Attachments At Once In Outlook 2007

Using S3 is a more convenient option than Dropbox to store files for private attachments, because S3 makes it easy to define a public URL for all files. By default, S3 buckets are not public, so make sure that if you create a bucket to attach files to multiple emails, make your bucket public. You must uncheck the “Prevent all public access” box and check the Accept box:

Then, when you upload your file to the bucket, make sure you select “Give public readability…” from the options:

After you upload your files, S3 provides a public URL for each file, and the DNS name you choose for the bucket along with the file name:

Note that these URLs are not working, so do not try to visit them! However, all the files I upload to this bucket will have the same URL, which means my Google Sheet will look like this:

Mail Merge With Attachments

Try it for free and check out our quick start guide to send your first email merge in minutes! For example, I have the following data in a table with name, email address, Registration Code column, and now, I want to send one. Personal greetings and messages with registration codes for separate email addresses in column A. To solve this problem, the following methods can help you.

With Word’s mail merge, you can do this task quickly and easily, just follow these steps step by step:

1. Start a new blank sentence

Send Mass Email With Different Attachments Outlook

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