Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

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Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter – PHP is the most widely used programming language in web application development. And sending an email is one of the most important modules used in all web applications. Web applications send various types of system generated emails such as login confirmation, forgotten password, bank statements and more.

Every PHP framework nowadays provides well-managed and advanced email functions. And CodeIgniter is nothing new and has a built-in email library for sending emails.

Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

Sending emails in CodeIgniter just got easier. You need to configure the SMTP properties in the configuration file, load it and start sending emails via SMTP. that’s it.

Sending Emails Using Php

Now that you’re done with the setup, it’s time to create the code to send emails with CodeIgniter. Here are some steps to follow:

CodeIgniter doesn’t have a predefined configuration file to manage all your SMTP protocols – the protocol used to send emails. So, let’s create one:

If you encounter problems and are unable to send email, please follow the error library listed at the end of this tutorial for more information.

You have successfully sent an email using CodeIgniter. You can use this in your web application, define your templates and start sending emails.

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If you faced a problem that is not listed as part of this tutorial, feel free to contribute in the comments below.

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Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

(See attachment for full print_debugger() output, I’m hiding some confidential information. I can trust you but not all of them)

How To Set Up Gmail To Send And Receive Emails Using Your Domain Name, Gmail With A Custom Domain

I tried a lot to solve the problem but I don’t have enough access to get the details of error log or email logs. So I changed my code as below and it worked

I would like to thank @cherrysoft for his offer of help. I’m posting it here because it might help someone.

This isn’t really a CodeIgniter issue and anything can happen here, but the first thing I would do is make sure the web server hostname is set correctly and your mail server recognizes that host. You should follow the mail.log of your mail server (if you have access to it) while sending emails from your web server and you will have a better understanding of what is happening. If you post the mail logs here we can take a closer look at the problem.

By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. CodeIgniter’s Email class is the easiest way to send emails in a CodeIgniter application. Not just text/HTML email, you can send email via SMTP server using the CodeIgniter email library. This email class is a system library and comes with the CodeIgniter framework. So, it can be easily used in CodeIgniter application without additional library. Alternatively, the PHPMailer library is the best option to send emails through an SMTP server without using CodeIgniter’s default email library.

Email Sender Code In

Generally, the PHPMailer library is used to send emails using PHP’s SMTP server. You can also use PHPMailer library in CodeIgniter framework to send emails through SMTP server. In this tutorial, we will show you how to integrate PHPMailer into CodeIgniter 3 application and send emails through SMTP server using CodeIgniter’s PHPMailer.

Note the following: All PHPMailer library files are included with the source code, you don’t need to download PHPMailer separately.

The PHPMailer_Lib library allows you to send emails using PHPMailer in your CodeIgniter application. The following sample code shows how to send emails through an SMTP server using PHPMailer from the CodeIgniter application’s controller.

Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

You can use Gmail SMTP to send emails with CodeIgniter’s PHPMailer. Before you get started with Gmail SMTP, using Gmail SMTP requires some changes to your Google Account settings.

Cara Mudah Mengirim Email Dari Localhost / Server Dengan Codeigniter

You’re done! Now Google lets you use Gmail SMTP to send emails from PHP scripts in your CodeIgniter app.

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Need help with script installation or customization? Submit your request for our script customization, support for existing web applications and new development service. In this tutorial, we will learn how to send an email in CodeIgniter 4 from local host using built-in email library.

Sending emails is a normal job as well as a daily job in personal or professional life. Fortunately, sending emails to any email client is possible with Codeigniter. With its own ready-made email library, this task becomes very easy for you too.

How To Send Mail In Laravel 8 Using Mailtrap?

The process of sending email is simple and requires that you correctly configure the Codeigniter email library in your CI 4 application. When configuring email settings, you should take care of all the requirements.

Codeigniter’s built-in email system supports simplicity, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. CodeIgniter’s robust Email class supports the following features:

You can also see the full list of email preferences here. Codeigniter can help you send emails from your app with its email library. Let’s see how.

Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

To send email via SMTP, open application/config/Email.php and add valid configuration parameters. We have updated Gmail email credentials.

Integrate Mailtrap As An Smtp Server

We are sending email from localhost using Gmail, so we need to make a small change in the Gmail account.

Create a new controller file SendMail.php in the application/controller folder. Then paste the following code into the SendMail.php file.

Create the file application/Views/form_view.php and add the following code. A form will appear, by filling this we can send email with specific message to the given email id.

To send an email from Codeigniter’s localhost we need to start the application. So run the command to start the application:

Codeigniter 4 Send Email With Smtp (integrate With

I am Digambar, full stock developer and fitness enthusiast. I created this website to share my programming experience with new programmers. I love writing on JavaScript, ECMAScript, React, Angular, Vue, Laravel. The function cannot send the email to the recipient or deliver the email to the spam folder. To avoid this problem, SMTP is an efficient way to send an email. The CodeIgniter Email Class provides an easy way to send emails from PHP scripts. Also, you can use the CodeIgniter email library to send emails through an SMTP server.

In this tutorial, we are going to show how to send HTML email through SMTP server in CodeIgniter application. CodeIgniter uses the email library to send emails through the SMTP server.

To use Gmail SMTP to send emails in CodeIgniter, you need to make some changes in your Google account settings. Follow the steps below to use Gmail SMTP in CodeIgniter email library.

Send Mail Using Gmail Smtp In Codeigniter

The following sample code will help you send HTML emails in CodeIgniter using your Gmail account. You just need to provide your Gmail email address (smtp_user) and password (smtp_pass).

Php Mail Using Gmail Smtp Tutorial

If you notice that emails are going to the spam folder, use CodeIgniter’s Encrypt Class to solve this problem in Gmail. You must load the CodeIgniter Encrypt library before sending emails. It encrypts your email and helps to avoid Gmail’s spam problem.

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