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Send Email Via Gmail Smtp – In Gmail, you have the option to send not only from your or G Suite email address, but also any “alias” from email addresses that you configure in Gmail settings as well as in ” Send mail by address”. Then, if you send a mail merge campaign “from” one of these alias addresses, it may affect your email delivery as your messages may not be sent through capable email servers. Gmail’s high deliverability.

Previously, you could set any additional address that you had to use as a Sending Address in your Gmail account and send that email through Gmail’s servers. A few years ago, Gmail changed that policy and now forces you to enter your SMTP server credentials for any new From addresses you want to set up that aren’t hosted on Gmail or G Suite.

Send Email Via Gmail Smtp

Send Email Via Gmail Smtp

For example, I own the domain and one of my old email addresses is [email protected] NOT a G Suite domain. I run my own mail server for My personal email account is [email protected], so if I want to be able to send “from” [email protected] in my [email protected] account, I’m forced to enter settings SMTP server to send mail from [ email protected ]

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Gmail made this change around August 2014. With the increasing use of SPF and DKIM, it is no longer valid for Gmail to let you send email from a domain that Gmail itself does not control through Gmail servers. reason anymore. Gmail has opened itself up to abuse by allowing people to send any email they want from any domain they want through their email system.

Google has made this change. I have a Gmail account, [email protected] and I set up [email protected] as an Alias ​​from Address in 2012, so I can do that and still use Gmail’s servers . I haven’t touched the settings since…if I want to make any changes I’m forced to enter the SMTP server.

If you’re getting a “permission” error when you try to add a Sender Address to your G Suite account, you’ll need to ask your G Suite admin to make changes to your permissions to allow you to do the same. so. By default, this permission is disabled.

To set up extensions from non-G Suite email addresses on your G Suite account, your G Suite administrator must set permissions to do so.

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Whether or not Gmail asks you to enter an SMTP server when you add a new “Send mail with” address depends on the type of Gmail account you’re signed in with and the type of Sender address you’re adding.

If you’re signed in to a G Suite account, that means your account ends up at your company’s domain and uses Gmail:

Let’s say I have now set up [email protected] to send using [email protected] The SMTP server for is and I enter this as my login.

Send Email Via Gmail Smtp

I’m setting the Recipient Address to [email protected] and entering the SMTP server information for the domain.

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If I send a Gmail merge campaign from [email protected], that email is routed through and not Gmail’s highly distributed servers. My mail merge might work fine, but I might miss the mailing benefit. One of the advantages of using over traditional email marketing services like MailChimp or Constant Contact is the huge distribution advantage that Gmail’s private servers offer over traditional ESP’s servers, which are known as mass mail servers.

The third-party SMTP server may not be configured to handle multiple e-mails concurrently. Some SMTP servers allow a single user to send only a few hundred emails per day. In that case, you will be limited to the number of emails you can send not by Gmail’s own limit but by the limit of a third-party SMTP server. If you start receiving non-Google bounces indicating throttling or delivery issues, it’s a third-party SMTP server that’s throttle you.

If you want to route your email through Gmail’s servers, even when sending “from” an external email address, you can use Gmail’s SMTP server, Whether you can use and what credentials you use to authenticate with depends on your configuration.

You can authenticate to with any G Suite account using your G Suite email account and password as logins. You must enable “Allow less secure apps” for this feature to work.

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You must enable “Allow less secure apps” in order for your G Suite account to authenticate to with your G Suite email account and password.

If you don’t want to allow “less secure apps,” you can enable two-factor authentication and create your own app passwords as described in the instructions below for Gmail. This will also work for G Suite accounts.

As a G Suite user, you can also choose to authenticate with, which is an SMTP relay specific to G Suite users, not regular Gmail users.

Send Email Via Gmail Smtp

Unlike G Suite where your regular account email and password authenticates with if you enable “allow insecure apps”, for a regular Gmail account you need to set up a password. application-specific password for authentication in smtp. I see this as a loophole in Gmail’s policy, as I don’t believe this is Google’s intention, however, can be used as the SMTP server for external addresses inside the account. Gmail account. Another person, much smarter than me, discovered this technique and wrote about it.

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Given that you can authenticate to with a Gmail or G Suite account, you can now also complex route your email across multiple accounts. For example, on my G Suite account [email protected], I can set up an Alias ​​From Address on [email protected] (not a G Suite account) by authenticating with smtp. with my regular Gmail account, [email protected] Still confused?

Note that I’m adding [email protected] as the Sender Address of my G Suite [email protected] account. But instead of using my [email protected] login for, I will use my personal [email protected] account.

I’m authenticating to with my [email protected] account. However, the password is not the password for ajaygoel999, but the Special Application password that I generated using this technique.

After Gmail checked the SMTP connection and sent me the verification code, I sent the word [email protected] from my [email protected] account.

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Since [email protected] is configured to authenticate to the SMTP server with the [email protected] account, which of my Gmail accounts will the email be sent from? What is the [email protected] where I have this set up, or what is the [email protected] account that the SMTP server will use?

It turned out that the email would show up in the Outbox for BOTH [email protected] and [email protected]

Which account actually sent the three emails? As expected, the [email protected] account actually sent the email “From” [email protected], since it was the ajaygoel999 account that was authenticated to the SMTP server. How do we know? Looking at the subject line of one of the emails we received hints at that.

Send Email Via Gmail Smtp

These are the headers for the email received by [email protected] and they indicate that the email was sent “from” [email protected] via the [email protected] account.

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If you’re sending through a third-party SMTP server, are you subject to G Suite/Gmail sending limits?

If you have configured a third-party SMTP server (not to handle email for your new From address, you might think that you can now send as many emails as you want. . After all, why does Google care how many emails you send if it doesn’t go through their servers? It turns out that there are some shipping restrictions. I plan to do some more testing in our lab in the near future to determine the sending limit when sending through a third party SMTP server. This will be the subject of the next blog post.

If you’re using or as your SMTP server, the boundaries are even more confusing. Remember that the two SMTP relays are not intended for use from within Gmail. They are intended for use with external devices such as printers and scanners as well as external email systems that need to send emails through your Gmail account.

G Suite: Google says the daily limit for emails per recipient via is 10,000 emails per day. However, we also know that the sending limit from a G Suite account is 2,000 emails per day. So the question becomes: If you’re sending from your G Suite account via G Suite SMTP relay, is your limit 2,000 emails per day or 10,000 emails per day? What is the answer? I don’t know, but we will test this in our lab and post our results in a future blog post.

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Gmail: Google says the daily limit for emails per recipient via is 2,000 emails per day. However, we also know that the limit for sending from a Gmail account is 500 emails per day. So the question becomes: If you are sending from your Gmail account via Gmail SMTP forwarding, is your limit 500 email/day or 2,000 email/day? What is the answer? Again, I don’t know, but we’ll try this too

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