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Send Email Via Command Line – Simple Java Mail exposes the full builder API as CLI commands, meaning everything you can do in Java with simple Java Mail you can do in the terminal.

To support the CLI, commands and options are created using Picocli’s Java API and Therapi’s Javadoc bundle. Along with a lot of custom glue, the common Java Mail Builder API has been converted into CLI commands.

Send Email Via Command Line

Send Email Via Command Line

The main benefit of this is that the CLI automatically supports the new Builder API and documentation is still central to the Builder API, providing a consistent experience.

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The script package includes all dependencies and two helper scripts for Windows and Unix (generated by the standard Maven plugin).

If you enforce a character limit in your console, you can also use “argument files” or “@-files”, which are supported in Picocli, a library used under the hood:

This feature is similar to the ‘command line argument file’ processing supported by gcc, javadoc and javac. The documentation for these tools shows more examples. Since picocli 3.8.1, a simplified argument file format is also supported where each line (except comment lines) is interpreted as a single argument. Arguments containing whitespace do not need to be quoted, but arguments cannot contain newlines. Set the system property picocli.useSimplifiedAtFiles to no value or to a value of “true” (case insensitive) to enable this simplified argument file format. This convenient format is similar to the argument file format supported by JCommander.

With the provided script, anything added to the etc folder will appear on the classpath. In the current release, you can add your property there and it will be selected.

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In the current release, log4j2 is supported as properties and you can only edit the log4j2.xml provided in the /etc folder (see above).

If you want to run the CLI directly from jar or class files, the CLI support for Java libraries works like any other Java stack void main invocation:

A normal Java mail must have its own main role on the classpath, all non-optional dependencies, optional class module dependencies and

Send Email Via Command Line

You can add a .properties file to the classpath like this, which is automatically selected for default and configuration. If you’re a command line lover, you’ll welcome any tool that lets you do at least one thing. Using this powerful work environment for your daily tasks, for example, from scheduling appointments and managing finances to accessing Facebook and Twitter.

How To Send Email From The Linux Command Line

In this post I’ll show you another cool use case from the Linux command line: accessing the Google Gmail service. To do this, we are going to use

Basically, a command line email client (not to be confused with Alpine Linux). We will configure Gmail’s IMAP and SMTP settings

To receive and send email messages through the Google Mail server in a terminal environment. By the end of this tutorial, you will realize that it only takes a few minimal steps to use another mail server.

There are already excellent GUI-based email clients such as Thunderbird, Evolution or Web Interface. So why would anyone be interested in using a command line email client to access Gmail? The answer is simple. You need to get something done quickly and want to avoid using system resources unnecessarily. Or you’re accessing a minimal headless server that doesn’t have X Server installed. Or the X server on your desktop has crashed and you need to send emails immediately before it can be fixed. In all these cases

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And after spending at least a few minutes getting comfortable with its interface and menus, it’s time to actually set it up.

Once IMAP access is enabled in your Gmail account, follow the steps below to start reading Gmail messages.

If everything is as expected, the new folder you selected earlier should be named Alias. You should find your Gmail mailbox there:

Send Email Via Command Line

File. This configuration file is heavily commented for clarity. To set the required mail check interval to 10 seconds, for example, you would:

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To set the Google SMTP server address. You need to change the value of the SMTP server (to send) line below:

! To do this, go to Compose in the main menu and start enjoying your Gmail account from the command line.

In this post we have discussed how to access Gmail in a terminal environment through a lightweight and powerful command line email client.

Apache is free software released under the Software License 2.0, a GPL-compliant software license.

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It prides itself on being friendly to new users, yet powerful for experienced system administrators. I hope after reading this article you realize how true the last statement is.

Feel free to write your comments or questions using the form below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please note that this article is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you wish to use all or part of this article, you must cite this web page as the original source. Windows PowerShell is known as a command-line shell used to handle some administrative tasks in Windows and running apps. In this OS. At the same time, it is a scripting language that allows you to configure cmdlets – lightweight commands – to perform specific tasks. And today we will talk about it

Send Email Via Command Line

All you have to do is enter the sender and recipient email address, as well as specify the SMTP server you are going to use. Then copy and paste this script into your powershell and press enter.

Run A Command And Send The Output To An Email On Linux

To check if the code is working properly, you can send a test email to the virtual inbox. For this, you need a suitable email testing solution such as an email sandbox associated with an email delivery platform.

Email Sandbox gives you a virtual inbox (or up to 300 virtual inboxes with its higher plan) where you can send test emails and check and debug them. This way, the solution creates a safe environment for you to detect any issues with your emails without risking spamming genuine recipients or ruining your domain reputation as you need more testing purposes. No need to use your personal inbox.

Email Sandbox features include HTML/CSS analysis, email content spam score checking and preview, valuable technical intelligence insights, domain blacklist reports and more. This means that this test solution works regardless of whether you are working with plain text or HTML emails, have images/attachments or etc.

Here, we define only SMTP host. As you might expect, the recipient and sender addresses are not real. This is one of the benefits of using an email testing solution – you don’t need to deal with the actual email to test the email workflow.

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After you copy and paste this script into PowerShell and press Enter, a window will pop up asking for your virtual inbox SMTP credentials (username and password). You can find these credentials in your account under Email Sandbox -> Inboxes -> SMTP Settings.

Enter the credentials using the pop-up window and continue. Soon after, the test email will appear in your virtual inbox.

Alternatively, you can use a dummy email, but this can be a poor testing exercise. Find out why using a fake email for testing doesn’t work in our blog post.

Send Email Via Command Line

Yes you can! Send-MailMessage allows you to pump your email with many parameters including HTML content, priority, etc. Also, you can send emails to multiple recipients by specifying them in the relevant parameters. Here’s what you can use:

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The sender(s) specified in the form parameter will be notified upon delivery. Here are the options:

So, let’s create a script that sends an email containing HTML text and an attachment. At this point, we already define the parameter and then refer to it

You can now see how this email looks and analyze its HTML/CSS using Email Sandbox’s HTML Check feature. This feature gives you insight into top email clients’ support for HTML elements and CSS rules used in your emails.

For unsupported or partially supported elements/rules, this email provides a list of clients experiencing the problem as well as a link to the element/rule’s code.

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An email delivery platform comes with an email sending solution called the Email API, which you can use to send your emails to actual recipients from PowerShell or any other app.

The Email API provides the means to send up to ~10,000 emails/second, but provides more control over email delivery due to its actionable analytics features.

Using actionable analytics features including deliverability alerts, 60-day email logs, dashboards with critical metrics, and webhooks, you can quickly find and fix shipping issues.

Send Email Via Command Line

What’s more, if you really want to dig deeper into your email performance, you can filter

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