Send Email Using Shell Script

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Send Email Using Shell Script – As in most programming languages, a function is a way to group commands for later execution to reduce code repetition. Functions are called once

, etc. In a POSIX shell command in a function is executed in the current shell context. Bash provides some flexibility in any location

Send Email Using Shell Script

Send Email Using Shell Script

A bash compound command is a command that combines a bash if statement and another conditional construct, bash loop construct, or more traditionally using parentheses.

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👉 The recommended notation is to use the first one with fn_name() as it is more portable. Also, the second notation requires the use of braces when the function is defined with the function keyword and parentheses () are not used after the function name.

The exit status of a function definition is null (success) unless there is already another read-only function with the same name or a syntax error has occurred.

File to your other bash alias. In a shell script, a function can be defined anywhere before it is called to execute, and you can source your function definitions using the source or dot command. A function is executed when called by its name, which is equivalent to calling any other shell command.

⚠️ When using curly braces notation, be sure to separate function content and braces with blanks or new lines, otherwise a syntax error will occur near an unexpected token. This is due to historical reasons that braces are reserved words and can only be recognized when separated from a command list by whitespace or another shell metacharacter. When using braces notation, you must end the last command with a semi-colon ;, ampersand &, or a new line.

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. The last example shows how a global variable used in a function is not changed after execution in a subshell by parentheses.

Because the function definition calls any compound command, you can create a function that uses a loop or conditional structure without directly using the grouping command.

💡 When executing a shell function, you can access the function name inside the function using the FUNCNAME variable. This is often used when debugging a script in conjunction with the bash environment variables $BASH_LINENO and $BASH_SOURCE.

Send Email Using Shell Script

If you define a function with the same name as an existing builtin or command, you must use it

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The builtin first looks for the shell builtin, then for the on-disk command found in the $PATH environment variable. you can use it

There are two variable scopes in Bash, global and local scope. Bash variables are defaults

And can be accessed anywhere in your shell script. However, in a function, you can limit the scope of a variable by using

Inside functions. This determines how the shell controls the visibility of variables in functions. How a function sees a variable depends on its definition within the function or caller/parent. An advantage of dynamic scoping is that it reduces the risk of variable conflicts in the global scope. A

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A variable is defined locally in a function of the same name as a global variable. A local variable reflects a global one.

Like a shell script, bash functions can take arguments. Arguments to a function can be accessed using the shell’s positional parameters notation

, etc. When a function is executed, the shell script positional parameter is temporarily changed within the function for function arguments and special parameters.

Send Email Using Shell Script

A counter loop is not necessary as shown above, but it presents some exciting possibilities, such as making a simple one-liner bash calculator.

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Status after implementation. By default, the function returns the exit code from the last command executed within the function. When it is called, the function execution stops. you can use it

The builtin is limited to the least significant 8 bits from 0 to 255. Any number greater than 255 returns a zero value. If no number is used, error

A builtin function should be limited to returning the error code associated with the execution and should not return actual data.

To return actual data, including return strings or large numbers, you can use standard output or a global variable.

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A function can be iterable, meaning it can call itself. No limit is placed on the number of repeat calls. However, you can use

A variable to limit the depth of the function call stack and restrict the number of function invocations. If you reach

It can be difficult to debug a shell script that relies on standard libraries loaded in or by you.

Send Email Using Shell Script

In interactive mode. Tasks with conflicting names can quickly become problematic and overlap each other. However, there are several ways to monitor, debug, and troubleshoot how your functions are defined and where they are found.

How To Execute A Command In A Shell Script?

There are two differences in the shell execution environment between a function and its caller, both related to how traps are handled.

Buildin sets the trace attribute for a given function when executed within the root or dot (.) context

⚠️ The bash shell option extdebug allows more than just functional monitoring, see the next section. ⚠️ Be careful when enabling trap return functions as it can change how your script behaves. Especially when you expect a specific string to be returned in a variable from the function’s standard output. Trap means standard output rather than your normal function standard output.

👉 Conveniently define and trap your debugging functions in a separate source file and invoke it only when debugging using the bash environment variable $BASH_ENV. Find out where a bash function is defined

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In many cases, it can be useful to know where a function is defined so that you can fix or update it. However, in interactive or non-interactive mode, you cannot find a specific function easily. In bash, you need to enable

. This option enables a large set of debugging features, including the ability to display the source file name and line number corresponding to a given function when used historically, the shell is a native command -line interpreter for Unix-like systems. This has proven to be one of Unix’s most important features over the years and has become an entirely new topic. Linux offers a variety of powerful shells with great functionality, including Bash, Zsh, Tcsh, and Ksh. The most impressive feature of these shells is their programmability. It’s very easy to create simple yet effective Linux shell scripts to handle everyday tasks. Moreover, a modest knowledge of this subject will turn you into a Linux power user in no time. Stay tuned for a detailed introduction to Unix shell scripting.

Most shell scripting done on Linux involves the Bash shell. However, power users with specified options often use other shells such as Zsh and Ksh. In our examples, we will mostly stick to Linux bash scripts because of their wide popularity and immense utility. However, our editors have tried to come up with some shell script examples that deal with shells other than Bash. As a result, you will find a large amount of familiarity between the various shell scripts.

Send Email Using Shell Script

Bash, aka Born Again Shell, is the default command-line interpreter in most Linux distros these days. It is an upgrade of the previous Bourne shell, first introduced in version 7 Unix. Learning bash shell scripting will allow you to understand other shell scripts faster. So, try these simple examples yourself to get first hand experience.

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Programmers often learn new languages ​​by learning the Hello World program. This is a simple program that prints the string “hello world” to standard output. Then, use an editor like vim or nano to create a file and copy the following lines into it.

The echo command is used to print information to bash. It is similar to the C function ‘printf’ and provides many standard options including escape sequences and redirection.

Run the script to see what it does. The -e option is used to tell echo that the string passed to it contains special characters and requires an extended function.

Comments are useful for documentation and are a requirement of high-quality codebases. It is common practice to place comments in code that deal with critical logic. To comment a line, use the #(hash) character before it. For example, see the example Bash script below.

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This script outputs the number 60. First, see how comments are used by using # before some lines. However, the first line is an exception. This is called a shebang and tells the system which interpreter to use when running this script.

Many people use multi-line comments to document their shell scripts. See how this is done in the next script called

A loop construct is used to execute certain instructions multiple times. See the following script called for a better understanding of this concept.

Send Email Using Shell Script

The for loop is another widely used Bash shell construct that allows users to

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