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Send Email Newsletter From Gmail – If you’re looking for a new ESP, Gmail probably won’t be your first thought. This platform is primarily used for personal email accounts, not for marketing purposes.

However, Gmail is completely free, which makes it perfect for small businesses looking to expand their email marketing. Check out our free email marketing tips for using Gmail as your email provider.

Send Email Newsletter From Gmail

Send Email Newsletter From Gmail

Gmail is great for small businesses looking to expand their email marketing. Click to tweet #1. Set up Gmail ESP

Email Sender Name Best Practices For Newsletters

Free tools like Gumbamail are free Chrome extensions that turn Gmail into an email marketing tool. This email marketing tool allows you to schedule and send email campaigns to your subscribers without leaving Gmail. After installing this browser extension and his BEE Templates for Gmail, you will be able to create beautifully designed mass email campaigns in your Gmail account.

Create a mailing list in Google Contacts. In Google Contacts, select the address you want to add and add it to a new or existing tab. Once done, use GMass to send his Gmail message to everyone on that list. Alternatively, use Google Sheets to create Gmail mail merges or use a free email marketing tool like Yet Another Mail Merge to get addresses from Google Sheets and track your email campaigns. You can also

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has some guidelines that email marketers should follow. For example, before you can send someone a promotional email, you need their permission. Some ESPs have features built in to help comply with these regulations, but Gmail doesn’t. This means that for Gmail mass emails, you’ll need to double check that everyone on your mailing list is opted in and not unsubscribed. This takes time and effort, but it is necessary.

Note that Gmail has a built-in sending limit of 500 emails in 24 hours (even if you’re sending to 500 recipients in one email, it still takes 1 day to send the email). All this applies even if you send 500 individual emails to ). Based on these email sending limits, Gmail is best suited for businesses with small email lists. Gmail’s free email sending feature is a great option for small businesses just starting out.

How To Send Newsletters In Gmail

If you send a lot of emails from a personal email address (ending in, your messages will likely be marked as spam and never reach their recipients. Platforms like Gmail are for personal use, not marketing. So make sure your sender address includes your domain name. This makes it look more formal and makes it more likely that your message will reach the recipient’s inbox.

Gmail has one major drawback as an ESP. That is the absence of design features. Add-ons or extensions are the only way to create beautiful HTML emails with Gmail. Luckily, BEE Templates for Gmail allows him to send completely free, professionally designed emails directly from his Gmail account. To set up the plugin with your Gmail account, install his BEE template for Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Once the installation process is complete, you will see her BEE icon in the right sidebar of your inbox.

Send Email Newsletter From Gmail

Once you’ve added your images and text, send a message to your email list. To learn more about this Google Workspace add-on, watch the video below.

How To Create An Email Newsletter [checklist]

If you have a BEE Pro account, you can also connect to Gmail from your BEE Dashboard. (Click here to try BEE Pro for free). This allows you to send Gmail email templates with the BEE editor (which has additional editing capabilities) and push them to your Gmail account. BEE has a large number of Gmail email templates, many of which are free and can be used for various events, holidays, and marketing purposes.

Gmail for email marketing is a great option for small businesses with easy-to-manage mailing lists. Combining Gmail with free email marketing tools like add-ons will skyrocket your email marketing to a whole new level.

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Mergo Mail Merge

When someone forgets his BCC on a mass email, it’s a reminder that Gmail wasn’t designed for mass sending. But still people are trying to figure out how to do email marketing with Gmail. There are all sorts of Chrome extensions and full-featured apps that let you send email campaigns from Gmail. Google also has a support page that recommends creating a newsletter in Google Docs and copying it to Gmail (or sending it directly from Docs).

Recently, Google has gone one step further. Gmail now offers built-in email newsletter templates and the ability to send emails to multiple individual recipients without BCC. Here’s how it works:

(If you haven’t seen this feature yet, it’s still being rolled out. You should have access to it soon.)

Send Email Newsletter From Gmail

For clarity, we do not recommend using Gmail for email marketing. But if you’re a small business, or in my case, sending fundraising announcements to your child’s preschool kindergarten, it can make a big difference to the professional look of your email.

How To Attach An Email In Gmail

Now every time you go to your home screen, all your layouts will be customized with your branding.

Once you have inserted the layout into your email, you can click on the elements to edit them. Change images, add links, edit alt text, delete entire sections, and more.

Customize the layout and the rest will come naturally. That means you’ll be using standard Gmail emails. However, it has some quirks, so here are some tips from my experience testing this feature.

Now that the layout is ready, he can send the newsletter to individual recipients without using a BCC (sometimes he forgets it). that’s it.

Why You Should Not Use Outlook Or Gmail For Email Marketing

Making an email look good is one thing, sending it to a huge list is another. Proceed carefully with these tips in mind.

There is an easy negative here. Using Gmail for email marketing is not a great solution. If you’ve used real email communication software before, you don’t need to explain why. But I do anyway!

The list goes on. Of course, that doesn’t mean email marketing on Gmail isn’t effective. If the newsletter is only sent once over a period of time (just a one-off blast), that’s fine. If you’re promoting his one-off event for an organization you’re a member of, this is a great way to make your email look pretty. Or, if you want to impress your co-workers when you invite them to a company picnic, do it.

Send Email Newsletter From Gmail

But most businesses will want to skip Gmail and go straight to their actual email marketing tools.

How To Create A Newsletter In 9 Easy Steps (completely Free)

Deb Tennen Deb Tennen is the managing editor of this blog. When she’s not working, Deb is watching TV or showing people pictures of her dog. provided gigabytes of storage, threaded mail chains, POP3 and IMAP support, and more. People are turning to specialized solutions for sending emails to tens or thousands of subscribers.

MailChimp, Sparkpost, and all other newsletter solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, but none of them divide email campaigns between sending people direct messages and sending newsletter emails. Ideally, these two activities should be combined into one solution for her. That’s exactly what GMass offers, putting his email marketing needs within his GMail.

A free Chrome extension lets you send up to 500 (GMail free) or 2,000 (G-Suite) emails per day through GMail’s servers. This is a sufficient monthly fee for most small businesses. Fewer logins to remember and less logins by consolidating all your email needs into one service

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