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Send Email From Gmail Smtp – If you’ve enabled two-step verification on your Google Account — and you have, right? – you must set an application password that ExpressionEngine can set for authentication. In Google, go to My Account, Sign in & security, and under Sign in to Google, go to App passwords. Here is the direct link:

On the next screen, select “Other” under “Select Application” and enter your website or domain name. This will help you remember what you created this app password for.

Send Email From Gmail Smtp

Send Email From Gmail Smtp

Click the Generate button. Google will then give you the app password, which you will see in ExpressionEngine. You must copy this password to your clipboard or keep a browser window open. If you click Done, there is no way to retrieve this app’s password. Don’t worry if you jammed the gn and clicked done before copying it; jst cancel the app password and create a new one. The password for the created app. Copy it to the clipboard before closing the window. The password for the created application. Copy it to the clipboard before closing the window.

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If you haven’t enabled two-step verification and don’t want to enable it for any reason, you’ll need to enable less secret logins under Connected apps and sites. Turn the switch under “Allow less secret apps” to “ON”.

Finally, make sure the newline character setting on this page is set to rn, which is a requirement for Google’s SMTP servers.

You are all set and ready to send emails through your Gmail account. Open the features in the developer menus and send yourself a test email from the communication feature to make sure everything is working. If you receive an error message, go through the steps again starting from the Google My Account page and check your settings.

Singing Gmail for website-generated emails is far from ideal. 100 emails are allowed per day via SMTP (custom domain G site accounts do not have this limit). Bt marketing and even transactional emails originating from a Gmail account may be flagged by email servers as spam or even phishing emails. This affects both your email delivery and your account. Google has an extensive list of guidelines for black senders, and problems can lead to your Gmail account being blocked.

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As a general rule, we do not recommend using Gmail SMTP for your website emails. This might be good for your development environment or if you just need something better than PHP

For admin notifications, password reset emails, etc. and only have a few serials. If your site has an email contact form, member registration, comment or discussion forms, you should use a transactional email service such as:

Marketing emails are a different category than transactional emails, the type that is triggered by a service provider. Sign up, reset your password, notify you of subscribed comments, and so on. For marketing and blk email, you need to find a purpose-built service like Campaign Monitor, ConstantContact or MailChimp. Some deal providers also engage in marketing emails and specifically state this in their marketing.

Send Email From Gmail Smtp

If you are using a version of ExpressionEngine earlier than 3.5.0, this article still applies, but you will need to manually define the new rule and connection type on your system.

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Derek has been making software since he was six years old, moving into video and msic production, graphic design and even retail management before joining ExpressionEngine at EllisLab. In Gmail, you can send not only from your or G Suite email address, but also from any “alias” addresses that you configure in Gmail settings and in the “Send Email As” section. If you then send a composite campaign from one of these alias addresses, your email delivery may be affected, as your email may not be sent through Gmail’s high-throughput email servers.

Previously, you could configure any additional address you owned to use as the From address in your Gmail account and have those emails sent through Gmail’s servers. A few years ago, Gmail changed this rule and now forces you to enter SMTP server credentials for every new sender address you want to set up that isn’t hosted in Gmail or G Suite.

For example, I own the domain and one of my old email addresses is [email protected] is NOT a G Suite domain. I actually have my own mail server for My personal email account is [email protected], so if I want my [email protected] account to be able to send “from” [email protected], I need to enter the SMTP server settings to send email from [ email protected ]

Gmail implemented this change around August 2014. With the increased use of SPF and DKIM, it no longer made sense for Gmail to allow emails to be sent through Gmail servers from a domain that Gmail itself has no control over. Gmail opened itself up to abuse by allowing people to send any email to any domain they wanted through their email system.

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Google made this change. I have a Gmail account [email protected] and I set the alias to [email protected] in 2012 so I could do this and still use the Gmail servers. I haven’t touched the settings since…if I want to make any changes I have to enter the SMTP server.

If you encounter a permissions error when adding a sender address to your G Suite account, ask your G Suite administrator to change your permissions to enable this. This permission is disabled by default.

To set up additional non-G Suite addresses on your G Suite account, your G Suite administrator must set up permissions.

Send Email From Gmail Smtp

Whether or not Gmail asks you to enter an SMTP server when you add a new sender address depends on the type of Gmail account you’re signed in to and the type of sender address you’re adding.

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If you’re signed in to a G Suite account, meaning your account ends with your organization’s domain and uses Gmail:

Let’s say I’ve now set up [email protected] to send via [email protected]. The SMTP server for is and I enter it as credentials.

I set the sender address to [email protected] and entered the SMTP server details for the domain.

Now, when I send a mail merge campaign for Gmail from [email protected], those emails are routed through instead of Gmail’s high-throughput servers. My mail merge may work well, but I may lose some deliverability benefits. One of the advantages of using traditional email marketing services like MailChimp or Constant Contact is the extremely high deliverability advantage of Gmail’s own servers compared to traditional ESP servers, or bulk mail servers.

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A third-party SMTP server may not be configured to quickly route many emails at once. Some SMTP servers only allow a single user to send a few hundred emails per day. In this case, the number of emails you can send is not limited by Gmail itself, but by a third-party SMTP server. If you start getting non-Google bounces indicating a speed limit or delivery issue, then it’s a third-party SMTP server that’s holding you back.

If you want to route your emails through Gmail’s servers, you can use Gmail’s SMTP relay server at, even if you’re sending from an external email address. Whether you can use and which credentials you use to authenticate to depends on your settings.

You can authenticate to with any G Suite account using your G Suite email account and password as credentials. For this to work, you need to enable the “Allow less secure apps” option.

Send Email From Gmail Smtp

You must enable “Allow less secure apps” in your G Suite account to authenticate to with your G Suite email account and password.

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If you don’t want to allow “less secure apps”, you can enable two-step verification and create a separate app password as described in the Gmail instructions below. This also works for a G Suite account.

As a G Suite user, you can also choose to authenticate to, which is a special SMTP relay only for G Suite users, not regular Gmail users.

Unlike G Suite, where the regular account email address and password are checked against when you enable the “Allow less secure apps” option, regular Gmail accounts require you to set an app-specific password for smtp authentication. gmail. com. I consider this a loophole in Gmail’s policies, as I don’t believe this is Google’s intention, but it is still possible to use as an SMTP server for an external Gmail email address. Someone else, much smarter than me, discovered this technique and wrote about it.

Since you can authenticate with a Gmail or G Suite account on, you can now route your email through multiple accounts in a complicated way.

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