Send Email Free Smtp Server

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Send Email Free Smtp Server – Try upgrading to a modern hosting plan. For a limited time, your first $20 is paid by us.

If you’re having trouble sending and receiving email from your WordPress site, using a free SMTP server can provide reliability and free delivery.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

Send Email Free Smtp Server

By default, WordPress tries to send emails sent using PHP email, which leads to all sorts of problems.

List Of Sites For Free Smtp

SMTP, short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, allows you to send your website’s email through a private email server. This means that your website can send emails reliably and those emails won’t end up in the spam folder.

In this post, we’ll look at seven SMTP server options you can use with your WordPress site, including Gmail’s free SMTP server.

For each category, we’ll give you a brief introduction, share all the limitations with the free plan, and show you how to install it on WordPress.

Some of these devices offer their own plugins. If not, you can find many free SMTP plugins on, such as Post SMTP Mailer/Email Sender, which is 100% free from the popular Postman SMTP plugin.

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Here are some free SMTP providers we’ll look at; Read on for more details on each tool:

You probably already know Gmail for its free email service. However, Google also allows you to use Gmail as an SMTP server to send emails to your website.

With a free Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails in a 24-hour period. Or, if you’re a paid Google Workspace subscriber ($6/month), you can send up to 2,000,000 emails in a 24-hour period.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

Setting up a free Gmail SMTP server is a lot less work than some of the other tools. However, the extra effort is worth it because Gmail also offers maximum sending limits for every device on this list.

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You can use Gmail SMTP server information in different places. You can use this in your email client like Microsoft Outlook or on a WordPress website, which is what we’re going to focus on.

If you want to send email from a private account (eg: protected email]) instead of Gmail ([protected email]), you’ll need to set up and pay for Google Workspace first. We have a full post on why we love Google Workspace and how to set up a Google Workspace MX record to link Google Workspace to your personal domain name.

If you’re comfortable sending email to a Gmail address, you don’t need to do anything before starting the tutorial.

To tell your WordPress site to send via your Google Account, you can install the Post SMTP Mailer plugin from

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Once you’ve done this, go to the new Post SMTP tab on your WordPress site and click Show All Options to see all the options.

Once you’ve done that, go back to the account page and use the Type drop-down menu to select Gmail API. This will reveal additional options. Continue down this page as you will need the following information in the next step:

Next, you need to activate the Google app. This is what allows a WordPress site (or any other application) to effectively communicate with Gmail’s SMTP server to send emails.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

To do this, open a new browser tab, go to the Google Developers Console, and create a new project. If this is your first time signing in, Google should ask you to create a new project. Alternatively, you can do this by clicking the drop-down menu next to the Google APIs logo (shown by [1] in the image below).

What Are Gmail’s Smtp Settings?

This should launch you into a custom version of the Gmail API. To continue, click the Create Documents button:

Google will now ask you to set up an OAuth screen. Click the app button to set permissions:

This will open a new tab on the OAuth screen. For User Type, select External. Then click Create:

The Refresh button should be changed to create an OAuth ID. Click the button to complete the process. Then click Done.

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After clicking Done, you should see an entry on the OAuth 2.0 Client Attributes page (you will be directed to this page immediately after clicking Done).

Now, go back to your WordPress site and publish your SMTP mail/email settings and enter your client credentials and client password. Then click Save Changes:

When you click this link, a regular Google Account will open. You will need to click and give your site permission to access your Gmail account.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

Because you haven’t submitted your app to Google for review, Google will notify you that your app hasn’t been reviewed. Since you developed the program yourself, you can safely ignore these warnings. Click the link to display initial settings and select Go to “your site” to continue the authorization process:

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To make sure everything works, the SMTP email login plugin includes a feature that allows you to send a test email.

SendGrid is a popular email marketing service that is easy to set up with WordPress thanks to its API integration. It also gives you detailed analysis and access.

SendGrid offers a one-month free trial that lets you send up to 40,000,000 emails. Once your month is up, you can continue sending up to 100 emails per day forever.

For small WordPress sites, this limit should be fine. If you need to exceed the free limit, the paid plan starts at $14.95 per month for up to 40,000 emails.

Local Smtp Server

SendGrid also offers a personalized service that will allow you to send marketing emails if you want. To set up SendGrid with WordPress, you’ll need:

Pepipost is an email service. You can integrate it with any software or service, including a WordPress site. You’ll also receive real-time analytics reports on the emails you’ve sent.

Pepipost lets you send up to 100 emails a day for free forever. You will also be able to send up to 30,000,000 emails in your first few days.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

If you have to exceed this limit, there is no à la carte price. The next cheapest plan is $25 per month for up to 150,000 emails.

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To help you use Pepipost with WordPress, Pepipost offers an official WordPress plugin that allows you to connect to the Pepipost API (

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be prompted to add your WordPress site’s URL as a referral link:

If you are hosted, you can add TXT records for your domain from the DNS tab in My Directory. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can follow our guide on email verification to learn how to add these DNS records and why they’re important.

After confirming the domain name, go to Settings → Integration in the Pepipost dashboard to get the API key. Keep this value as you will need it in the next step:

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Now, go to the new Pepipost Settings tab in your WordPress and add the API key in the Api box.

Next, you’ll also want to set up basic sender information, such as your name from your username and email address.

Once you save your changes, you should be good to go. You can use the Send Email section to make sure everything is working properly:

Send Email Free Smtp Server

Sendinblue can help you send marketing and sales emails (it’s a great alternative to Mailchimp). It focuses heavily on content marketing as well as product launch activities and more.

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Sendinblue also has one of the highest free sending rates, allowing you to send up to 300 emails per day forever. However, if you need to exceed these limits, the cheapest option is $25/month for up to 40,000,000 emails/month. So, if you think there’s a chance you’ll exceed 300 emails a day, this might not be the best option.

Once you’re signed in to your account, click on your username in the top right corner and select the SMTP and API options. Or, you can visit this page while logged in.

You should now see the API key value; keep it as you will need it in the next step.

Now, click on the new Sendinblue link in your WordPress and add the API key in the box. Then click Help to sign in.

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To start sending emails from your website using Sendinblue’s free SMTP server, select the Yes radio button in the Transactional Email section.

You can now select your sender information (you can check this from your Sendinblue) and send a test email:

Mailjet is a simple email solution that can help with email marketing and email marketing. With the SMTP forwarding service, you can send up to 200 emails per day for free forever, even if your email contains the Mailjet logo in the header.

Send Email Free Smtp Server

To unsubscribe and/or increase the number of emails you send, a paid plan starts at $9.65 per month up to 30,000,000 emails per month.

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Once you’ve created your Mailjet account, go to Transactional → Overview in your Mailjet account to get your API key:

You can also use

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