Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

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Send Bulk Email Using Gmail – Sometimes you may need to send the same email to many people. That’s where this Gmail merge tutorial comes into play.

Today you will learn how to send bulk emails from Gmail using Google Sheets. You will learn 3 different, very simple tools to do this and the exact process of using both.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Two methods use a Chrome extension and one uses a script. All are available for free, but extensions are limited. Everything works with attachments.

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If you’re watching this and want to spam people, you’re shit. But there are many other situations where it is perfectly legal.

I use this in my business with several partners and I don’t want to add them to my email list, just send them a message. If it’s from my email list and has an unsubscribe in the footer and it will all clearly look like I added them to the email list. I don’t want them to think that.

I’ve also used it in my personal life to send out wedding invitations. Because who uses paper and cardboard anymore?

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How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail

One thing to remember is that if you overdo it, your emails will end up as spam. There are no hard and fast rules when this happens. It will depend on the emails you send, your past reputation, and how many people you send them to.

Gmass is a paid tool, but you can send up to 50 emails per day for free. This is the simplest of all the tools in this post.

It is highly recommended and if you need to send more than 50 per day, I arrange a special deal with the founder.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

If you are not automatically prompted to create an account, click any of the Gmass buttons that appear next to the search bar.

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Create a column for the email address and then any column you want to use in the mail merge.

When you’re back in Gmail, click the spreadsheet icon next to the search bar. Select a spreadsheet from the list and click “Connect”.

Whenever you want to add a column to your spreadsheet, click the arrow next to the “Gmass” button, click the “Customize” drop-down menu, and select the column.

That’s what makes Gmass so easy. Other methods require you to ensure that the columns match the locations specified in the email. Gmass make sure you get it right.

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And remember, if you need to exceed the 50/day limit, get your Premium account at a discount here.

Get your Gmass premium account at a discount! I negotiated a deal with the founder so you can send additional messages, email schedules and more at a super low price. Click here to find it.

It’s also a very easy way to merge mail in Gmail. It is also a paid tool and the free tier allows 50 per day. I like this method best if you’re sending less than 50. It’s just a little easier than the script below.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Go to Gmail and start writing a new email. The tool will copy this draft and send it to all recipients.

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In an email, you can use spaces that use parentheses with column names, like this. Make sure it fits exactly

The first time you try to run it, you’ll need to give the app permission to access your account.

You should also check your email first using this button. Then just check that it has arrived and that all the spaces are filled. If you see curly brackets in your email, you know something is wrong.

This method has no sending limits (except for Gmail standards) and is completely free. But the configuration is a little more complicated.

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This method is almost the same as the previous method. However, you cannot set aliases, copy, or bcc with this tool. The attachment works though.

Again, make sure the column names are exactly what they are inside the curly brackets. Note that this time we use the word “Surname” instead of “Surname”.

Just add your email the first time so you can test it. You can copy the others later.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Here you can uncomment (remove the two slashes) the “no” line. This is where you type your name. You can do the same with bcc, cc and your email alias if needed.

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The first time you run it, you will be asked to give permission. It may tell you that it’s “unsafe,” and that’s because the script hasn’t been approved by Google. It’s up to you, but I’m happy to give permission.

This tool requires you to enter an email subject. So paste it right into your email draft.

It will also update the last column with the email sending status. Then just check if it works.

When you are satisfied with the test, add the rest of the recipients and repeat steps 4 and 5.

How To Send Email To Undisclosed Recipients From Gmail

Right Inbox is not only a mail merge product, but also has many other features such as:

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Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Learn how to save over 25 hours every week through automation. Get a guide by signing up for the productivity newsletter. Click here to get it.. We all know that Gmail has set certain limits for bulk email sending. They limit these activities because they don’t want to hinder the user experience on their platform. Also, sending 10,000 emails at once will compromise your email delivery speed.

How To Send Mass Emails From Gmail

That doesn’t mean you can’t send mass emails; you can, and that’s what you’re going to learn in this blog, a step-by-step way to send 10,000 emails without getting spammed or blacklisted.

Is an email helper tool to help you maximize your email efforts and become more efficient. Its powerful features improve your engagement and deliver email directly to your primary inbox.

With key features like sequencing, you can create and send bulk emails without spamming. You can compose an email exactly to your liking, download a list of candidates and even schedule it to be sent at a specific date/time.

We mentioned that we allow you to schedule all of these emails to be sent once, but the sending will be scheduled according to your email provider’s daily sending limit.

How To Connect Your Gmail Account, Create Templates And Send Bulk Emails

It is not recommended to send multiple emails at once as it may damage the reputation of your email account and result in your email ending up in the recipient’s spam box.

With , you can send campaigns (sequences) from Gmail, Outlook or any other email service provider without compromising the reputation of your email domain.

In addition, you can add additional actions (steps) to the bulk email campaign (sequence) you’re sending, freeing you from manual action and increasing response rates.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Depending on your email provider’s daily sending limit, all of these scheduled emails may take a day or two to send.

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But this and the Drip Rate Optimization technology (automatically setting short random time intervals between sending two consecutive emails) that we use when sending your campaign (sequentially) ensures that your email avoids the recipient’s spam filter and delivers the highest e -postal delivery even if sent. more than 10,000 emails from your email account.

You can think about how to send bulk emails from Gmail using , relax. All you have to do is start with these simple steps.

Before you send a mass email campaign (sequence), you must log in to your Gmail account. Account setup takes less than 2 minutes. You can register your email ID or just continue with Google.

After the first step, you need to create a list of recipients to whom you want to send a bulk email from Gmail. Always make sure you have a clean list of recipient names and email addresses.

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A title will help your mail look more personalized and is great for avoiding email spam filters.

Once you’ve prepared your list of candidates in an Excel spreadsheet or Google spreadsheet, proceed to create a sequence on the website .

Here you can add personalization to make your email campaigns (sequences) more effective. Plus, you can use pre-saved templates to get you started.

Send Bulk Email Using Gmail

Create a complete email by making it personal with custom fields. Give it a try, offer some value to your prospect and finish your message with a clear call to action

Why You Should Not Use Mail Clients For Sending Bulk Emails

Once you’ve created a sequence, you can add actions. You can add 49 steps (sequence) to a bulk email campaign. Don’t forget to add a continuation (action).

Handy tip: To increase open rates during mass mailings

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