Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

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Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp – In the following two article series, we review how to use the “Send Email PowerShell Script”, which will use the Office 365 mail server as its mail server. The most common use is to use the “Send E-mail PowerShell Script”.

Let’s briefly review the method by which a client can respond to mail services in Office 365 before starting with the exact instructions on how to create the necessary “Send Email PowerShell Script”.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

If we want to solve the Office 365 mail server (Online Exchange), we can use one of the following methods:

Send E Mail To Office 365 Using Powershell Script

One way, where we respond to the Office 365 mail server using an SMTP session (non-encrypted session) with a PowerShell script.

“Anonymous connection” means that the party addressing the Office 365 mail server (PowerShell script) does not provide any credentials to the user.

The main advantage of this method is that we are away from the process of providing user credentials. The requirement to provide evidence is “blinded” by other functions such as the requirement to preserve evidence and so on.

The main disadvantage of using an anonymous connection is that the mail server cannot trust the sender because the sender appears anonymous.

Powershell Script To Send Email With Attachment

Usually, the email sent by the PowerShell script can be recognized as a Spoof email because – the email address of the Office 365 recipient that we use as “From Address” is not verified.

There are additional disadvantages, that when using the “anonymous session”, we cannot send e-mail in the sense of “external recipient”, whose e-mail address is not hosted on the Exchange Online server that hosts our domain .

The solution to this problem can be implemented by creating an Exchange Online incoming mail connector or by defining ten e-mail addresses of the sender in the whitelist of allowed senders.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

Note – If you need more information on how to create such a mail connector, read the article – Send mail to Exchange Online using a standard SMTP session. Part 2#4

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A method, where a PowerShell script addresses the Office 365 mail server, providing a TLS session (encrypted session) + user credentials (authenticated session).

Securing the communication channel – When the TLS protocol is used, the communication channel between the host sending the email and the Office 365 mail server is encrypted.

Session authentication – The main advantage of this method is that when we provide credentials to the recipient in Office 365, Exchange Online associates the “sender” as a trusted sender.

For this reason, we do not need to add additional configuration settings on the Exchange Online server side and also, we can send e-mails to external recipients that are not hosted on the Exchange Online server.

Send Text And Email To User From Task Sequence

If we want to use “Send Email PowerShell Script” as a scheduled action, we need to find a solution where the PowerShell script can access the necessary credentials to store in the file.

Although we can add the password to a non-secure text file (PowerShell file), this option is not recommended.

The solution to this “security need” will be implemented through a method, where we will create an encrypted password file, and instruct the “send mail powershell script” to access the encrypted file and get the required password from it that file.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

Consider the process where we need to encrypt the credentials more complicated than the scenario where we use an SMTP session without credentials.

Smtp Relay In Office 365 Environment

In this section, we review how to create a “Send Email PowerShell Script”, which will respond to Office 365 as a mail server.

In this scenario, we will create a standard SMTP session, and we will not provide any credentials to the user (anonymous connection).

Before we run the “Send Mail PowerShell Script”, we need to make sure that the following requirements are met:

If we haven’t used an existing PowerShell console to run a PowerShell script before, we need to configure the PowerShell console to “allow” PowerShell script execution.

Use Powershell To Send Email With Gmail Account

If you need to read instructions on how to enable PowerShell script execution, you can use the instructions in the next section.

We need to include a rule that enables our desktop to establish an SMTP session (port 25) with our network firewall, Office 365 mail server.

If you run the “Send Email PowerShell Script” from the desktop using a “Dynamic Public IP Address”, the Office 365 mail server (Exchange Online) will not accept communication requests.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

You should use a host located on a network that uses a static IP address to represent internal hosts.

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In an Office 365 environment, if we want to use an unauthenticated session on the Office 365 mail server, we need to find the Exchange Online host name that represents our publicly registered Office 365 domain .

Note – We will explore how to get information about Exchange Online hostname in the next section.

Task 1#3 – Get information about the host name in the MX record that represents your public domain name in Office 365.

To get the hostname of the Office 365 mail server that represents our public domain name, we use the Office 365 Management Portal.

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In our scenario, we will choose to view the domain name settings – by double clicking on the selected domain name.

In our scenario, we saved the “Send E-mail PowerShell Script” in the Scripts folder we created on drive C:

In order to run the PowerShell script, we need to set the default PowerShell execution policy.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

To be able to update an existing policy with PowerShell, we need to run the PowerShell console as an administrator.

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For example, to call a PowerShell script we need to type the following characters ā€“ ., type the first letter of the PowerShell script (ā€œsā€) and press the Tab key.

After “hitting” the TAB key, the PowerShell console, we complete the rest of the name of the PowerShell script itself.

To verify that the e-mail message was successfully sent, we will login to the admin mailbox using the OWA mail client.

In the following screenshot, we can see that the e-mail was successfully sent to the destination recipient, but it is important that the e-mail was sent.

How To Test Office 365 Smtp Server Using Powershell

This is the expected result because, as mentioned, the PowerShell script uses the identity of the Office 365 recipient ([email protected]). Since the PowerShell script does not provide any user credentials, Exchange Online considers the e-mail message to be “suspicious e-mail” and, therefore, marks the e-mail as junk!

If you want to avoid this scenario, it is recommended to create an Exchange Online connector that can identify the “source sender” by its public IP address.

You can read more about this configuration in the article – Send mail to Exchange Online using a standard SMTP session Part 2#4 Friday night. Like most people, you have somewhere else to go. Instead, you’re stuck at work because you completely forgot about some scheduled maintenance that needed to be done that night.

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

You’re familiar enough with PowerShell to create a few scripts to perform maintenance, but you’re worried about the possibility that one of the scripts might fail or you’re worried something might go wrong.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could launch your scripts and configure them to email you the results? You can still go out, enjoy your Friday night and rest assured that your scripts are doing their job without losing their jobs!

There are several ways to send email using PowerShell. This is a native cmdlet option that is simple and easy to use. It uses the Send-MailMessage cmdlet.

Delivery notifications will be sent to the email address specified in the from parameter. None – No notification (default) OnSuccess – Notify when delivery is successful. OnFailure – Notify if delivery failed. Delay – Notify if delivery is delayed. Don’t – don’t announce.

Specifies an alternate port on the SMTP server. The default value is 25, which is the default SMTP port.

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Use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to establish a connection to the SMTP server to send email. SSL is not used by default.

Here is a complete example of sending email through Gmail’s SMTP servers. It will prompt you for username and password thanks to (Get-Credential). A username and a password are required, although you can always pipe in PSCredential and get the same effect.

################################################## ## ### ################# $From = “[email protected]” $To = “[email protected]” $Cc = “[email protected] .com” $Attachment = “C:tempSome random file.txt” $Subject = “Email subject” $Body = “Enter body text here” $SMTPServer = “smtp.gmail.com” $SMTPPort = “587 ” Send-mail message – $From $To -Cc $Cc -Subject $Subject ` -Body $Body -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -port $SMTPPort -UseSsl ` -Certificate (Get-Certificate) -A Attach ###### #### ############################################## ###### ### Windows PowerShell is known as a command-line shell used to solve some administrative tasks in Windows and apps. It runs on the OS. At the same time, it is a scripting language that allows you to customize cmdlets – lightweight commands to perform specific functions. And today, let’s talk

Powershell Script To Send Email Via Smtp

All you need is to insert the sender and recipient email address, as well as specify

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