Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007

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Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007 – Below you will find a detailed explanation of how to set up an email account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

To set up a new e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2007 you must click on “Tools” in the bar above and select the option “Account options…”.

Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007

Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007

After doing so, select the “Email” tab and click the “New…” button to set up a new email account.

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Now a setup assistant called “Add New Email Account” opens. Select “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP” for your email service and click “Next>” to continue.

On the next page “Auto Account Setup” tick the option “Manually create a server set or other types of servers” and continue by clicking “Next>”.

Now enter the “User Information”, “Server Information” and “Logan Information” of your email account. After providing all the information you need click on “More settings…”.

Note: If you are not sure which information and server are correct for your e-mail account, you can check it in your local Control Panel, with the E-mail Manager module at “Action> ” → “Mail client settings” of the email account.

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Now select the third tab “Outgoing server” and tick the option “The outgoing server (STMP) requires credentials” and select “Use the same settings as the -incoming mail server”. Save the settings by clicking “OK”.

The newly created email account is now displayed in the list of available email accounts and can be used to send and receive emails. To exit the “Close” button. Below you will find a detailed description of how to set up a new POP3 email account in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Start Microsoft Outlook 2013 first. You can do it by typing “Outlook 2013” in your Windows search bar or by desktop or taskbar icon.

Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007

Select the last point in this list “Manual installation or other types of servers”. Click the “Next >” button to continue.

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Now you must enter “User”, “Server” and “Logon Information” for your email account. In the “User Information” field you write your name and the email address you want to set up. Important: “Server Information” must be set as shown in the image to ensure that you are using a secure SSL connection. The “Account Type” is POP3. “Incoming mail server” and “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” are both ssl01. account in your Control Panel on the Email Manager module. All the necessary settings for this step can be looked up on the Email Manager module of your Control Panel. Click the “Action>” button outside the email address and open “Mail client options”.

In the “General” button you can set the name of your email account but this is not necessary. If you do not select a name the email address will be entered as a name.

Move to the tab “Outgoing server” and make sure that the first two points “The outgoing server (SMTP) needs authentication” and “Use the same configuration as the server I have posts” selected. Now move to “Advanced” tab.

In the “Advanced” button you can set the ports and the encryption method for the incoming server and the outgoing server. Incoming server (POP3):

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Back on the previous window you need to uncheck the box on “Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked”. Click “Next>” to continue.

You are now done setting up your email account. Now you can click on “Add another account…” or close the installation by clicking on “Finish”.

The last step is to open the main Microsoft Outlook 2013 window and switch to the “SEND / RECIVE” tab and then click on “Send / Receive All Folders”. Now all emails of the setup account are being synced.

Pop3 Settings For Outlook 2007

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