Php Contact Form Send Email Code

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Php Contact Form Send Email Code – I received a request from someone who was unable to send emails from the contact form in the Laravel app they were running. I’ll make sure to make this as beginner-friendly as possible, so fear not, the code is with you 😄.

I will send you an email with a very simple contact form. It will collect data including: name (sender), email (sender) and message content. It’s really easy!

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

Let’s start with the simplest thing you know, our markup (HTML) for the contact form. Since you are using Laravel, this will definitely be in a

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And another sends a POST request to the same path. The POST request is what will send the mail.

If you go back to your browser and go to the URL link for your project, you should see a form pop up. You probably understand how this works. So let’s get down to the real work, which is sending mail.

What you will do next is generate mail (Mailables are simply PHP classes that you can use to configure how mail will be sent, you can specify the address to send from, the address to send to, the address to reply, address(es) to have copies of mail, ie.

We’ll come back to this post soon, but first let’s create a simple email template that will contain our message

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A line is added that is the variable defined in contactmail.blade.php earlier and the value of $email is set to an object

Construction class. This simply means that for every message you send using this result, you must pass the Request object that was defined in our mail method earlier:

You can also specify the destination of the email using the name and email you entered in the form by changing the value of the “from” method to $this->email->email, $this->email-> name , as you say :

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

So the $request object we’re passing here has the following attributes: name, email, and content, which reside in the name attribute of our form fields.

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With that in mind, let’s send a letter right away and redirect to the home page after sending the email:

Once that’s done, we’re ready to sail! You should see your email sent after you submit your form and bingo you will be redirected to the home page yay!!! Contact forms have always been a pretty effective alternative to email contacts that are prevalent on the Internet. And this is still the case in 2022.

It is easy for customers to use and difficult for email spammers to detect. As you might expect, building an effective PHP email contact form is not difficult at all. I will explain the process step by step in this article.

We will not only explain how to create a php email form, but also show you how to secure an email form with reCaptcha and how to do form validation, as well as how to deal with common errors. So, let’s get started.

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For starters, we’ll need to build a simple form with just HTML code. If you don’t care too much about the visual aspect, it can be as simple as this:

But it will be fine for demonstration purposes. If you don’t write CSS yet, you can use one of the hundreds of email form builders and templates with beautiful layouts for form input fields, attractive submit buttons, and overall design and attractive UX.

Some options include Simfatic, 123FormBuilder, and PHP Jabbers. CodeCanyon has hundreds of tools with reviews for each to make the choice easy.

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

Well, we have the contact form, but whatever data users enter goes straight into a black hole. So we will need to add two more elements to the template – ACTION and METHOD.

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In our case, we want to load a new page in the PHP background, which we’ll discuss in the next chapter. Since we will be processing the data, we are legally required to protect the user’s information (name and email address), making the POST method a safer option. Using GET means appending those details to the next page’s URL, something we’d prefer. Note that the URL has its own limit (the final value must not exceed 2048 characters), so the GET method cannot really be used in contact forms due to the URL limit.

To get rid of some spammers, but also to prevent your users from typing their contact details by mistake, it is worth adding some validation algorithms to the contact form. For the best chance of success, consider doing this both client-side and server-side.

Client-side validation will quickly return any errors to the front end, allowing the user to fix them immediately. The server-side check will also catch those that passed the previous test (they, for example, disable JavaScript in the browser), but it shouldn’t.

Although you can write your own script, it is often better to use one that has already been created and tested. We will be using a bullet proof schema validation solution – For simplicity, just add a CDN library.

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If one of the authentications fails, it would be a good idea to notify the user. You can use the following code to create an error message:

Our model leads somewhere, but it is not clear where. Let’s add some action points and use the default mail() function to send a simple email after sending.

The PHP contact form code defines the message headers and body and sends each email with the post() method. It also includes the validation we explained in the previous chapter and the HTML format itself.

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

If the PHP contact form returns a 500 error, double-check that you have defined the post() parameters correctly. Make sure that the mail server is correctly configured on your device.

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PHP contact forms, of course, allow for different ways to send emails. Probably the most popular option for sending emails in PHP is PHPMailer. If you’re not familiar with it, read our tutorial on how to send emails using PHPMailer.

There are several other reliable tools that can also do the job. See our guide to sending emails in PHP for more details

Here’s what the code for a simple PHP form posting checkbox would look like:

For PHP email forms, the rules are no different than for PHP email in general. Add multiple email addresses for forms sent via the cc and bcc methods (which use commas):

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If your contact form has a file upload field, the file must be emailed as an attachment. With the post() function, you can easily send a contact form to an email with an attachment in PHP. Just add the following pieces of code to your app.

First, you need to add an attachment field to the HTML post form. Add the following lines of code inside the tags:

Second, check and confirm the file extension to allow certain file formats (PDF, PNG and/or MS Word files).

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

However, use post() to test it, or if you get a response from the contact form, that’s always the only thing you need from the post function. But if you send a lot of transactional emails, it’s worth looking for a reliable alternative. Learn more about how to test emails sent from PHP.

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To add another layer of security, you may want to add a simple reCaptcha script to your PHP post form. You can do this in a very easy way.

First, go to and fill out the form you will find there. You can choose between reCaptcha v2 and v3 (v1 is no longer supported). For simplicity, we will choose the former.

ReCaptcha v2 is submitted in a form and we can easily manipulate it behind the scenes with the rest of the form fields. ReCaptcha v3, on the other hand, must be called manually from the interface. This is doable, but would require us to rewrite all the code. Let’s leave that for another occasion.

Submit the form and you will see your unique site key and password. See the full form with ReCaptcha added:

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Since we only want to save space with a few values, we can just load Google Sheets with the results. Let’s connect Zapier webpack to a spreadsheet. At the beginning, don’t forget to define the table columns that the application will use to determine where to put the data submitted to our form.

Create a new Zap that will connect the webhook to the spreadsheet, following Zapier’s instructions. They are very clear so you will be able to identify them yourself. In the app, your Zap will look like this.

Use this icon to submit a request to Zapier and see what your spreadsheet looks like after submitting each form.

Php Contact Form Send Email Code

PHP contact forms use the mail() function or SMTP credentials to send emails. This means that some of the common problems you may encounter are related to either the mail() function or incorrect SMTP settings.

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