Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

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Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email – Hello friends, today in this blog you will learn how to create a business contact form in PHP. I will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to create this business contact form. In the previous blog I shared how to send email using PHP from Localhost and it’s time to create a contact form in PHP.

The contact form is an important element on the page that allows users to communicate with the website owner. This contact form has multiple input fields to fill name, email address, subject, message etc. You can add or remove fields according to the needs of your site.

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

In this project [PHP Contact Form] as you can see in the preview image there is a contact form with title, input fields, button and status text. This text is dynamic, that is, this text changes according to the state of the form and informs the user that his message has been sent, sent or failed. This contact form is completely valid, that is, the user cannot send a message without entering a valid email address and message. You can see the demo version of this contact form or its tutorial.

Ninja Forms Contact Form

In the video, you have seen the demo of this contact form and how to create it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I hope you like this PHP contact form and want to get the source codes, but don’t worry, I have put the codes of this project at the bottom of this page and you can easily copy paste or download the code files.

But first, read this blog to the end to get familiar with the codes and concepts of creating this contact form in php. Well, I used ajax in javascript so that this contact form doesn’t refresh when your message is about to be sent, failed, or delivered. Using ajax I sent all the form data [name, email address, phone, website and message] to the PHP file and received everything in the PHP file.

After getting all the user information, I first check if the user has entered a valid email and message because these two fields are mandatory. If the user has entered his valid email and message, I will send this data to the given email address using PHP’s built-in mail() function.

If a message failed to send due to invalid email, empty message field, or network problem, I sent an error message with the reason and displayed this error in the contact form using javascript.

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To create this project [PHP contact form]. First you need to create four files HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. After creating these files, simply put the following code in your file. You can also download the source code files of this contact form in PHP and JavaScript from the given download button.

First, create an HTML file called index.html and put the given codes in your HTML file. Remember to create a file with the html extension.

Second, create a CSS file named style.css and paste the given codes into your CSS file. Remember to create a file with the css extension.

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

Third, create a JavaScript file called script.js and paste the given code into your JavaScript file. Remember to create a file with the js extension.

How To Create A Working Contact Form In Php

Finally, create a PHP file named message.php and put the given codes in your PHP file. You must have a file with the extension php. create. Remember, after copying and pasting these PHP codes, you need to put the email address in the $receiver variable where you want to receive all messages.

That’s it, now you have successfully created a business contact form in PHP. If your code is not working or you are facing any error/problem, please download the source code files from the given download button. It’s free and downloads a .zip file that you then need to extract. But it won’t work on your localhost and you have to upload it to a web server for it to work.

To upload it to an online server, first extract the downloaded zip file on your computer and open the message.php file. In this file there is a $receiver variable and you need to put that email address where you want to receive all messages. After entering the email, just save this file and create a compressed file from this folder, and then upload it to your host and extract it there. Now, you are ready to receive messages from your visitors using this PHP contact form. Contact forms have always been a very effective alternative to email links scattered across websites. And so it is still in 2022.

They are easier for customers to use and harder for email recipients to understand. As you might expect, building an effective PHP email contact form is not difficult at all. In this article, we will explain the steps step by step.

Contact Form Download

We will not only explain how to create a php email form, but also show you how to secure the email form with reCaptcha and validate the form, and also show you how to handle common errors. . So let’s get started.

To start, we need to create a simple form with only HTML code. If you don’t care too much about the visual side of it, it can be as simple as this:

But it will be good for demonstration purposes. If you don’t already write CSS, you can use any of the hundreds of email form builders and templates available with beautifully designed form data input fields, attractive submit buttons, and an overall attractive UX design.

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

Some options include Simfatic, 123FormBuilder, and PHP Jabbers. CodeCanyon has hundreds of tools with reviews for each to make choosing easier.

Profile Tab With Cf7 Form Inside

Well, we have the contact form, but any data users enter goes straight to the black hole. So we need to add two more elements to the form – ACTION and METHOD.

In our case, we want to load a new PHP page in the background, which we’ll talk about in the next chapter. Since we will process data, we are legally obliged to protect user data (name and email address) and make the POST method a more secure option. Using GET means including these details in the URL of the following page, something we prefer to avoid. Note that URLs have their own limitations (the trailing slash value must not exceed 2048 characters), so the GET method cannot really be used for contact forms due to URL limitations.

To get rid of some spam, and also to protect your users from accidentally typing their contact details, it’s worth adding some validation algorithms to the contact form. For the highest chance of success, do this on both the client and server side.

Client-side validation quickly returns any errors to the front end, allowing the user to fix them immediately. Server-side verification also takes those who passed the initial test (eg by disabling JavaScript in the browser), but is not required.

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While you can write your own script, it is often worth using a script that has already been built and tested. We will use a bulletproof solution for schema validation – For simplicity, just add a library from the CDN.

If any of the validations failed, it’s a good idea to let the user know. You can use the following code to create an error message:

Our form is going somewhere, but it is not clear where. Let’s add some action points and use the default mail() function to send a simple email after sending.

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

The code in this PHP contact form specifies the header and message body and sends each email with the mail() method. It also includes the validations we explained in the previous chapter and the HTML form itself.

Working With Forms In Php

If the PHP contact form returns a 500 error, double-check that you specified the mail() function parameters correctly. Make sure the mail server is configured correctly on your computer.

PHP contact forms, of course, allow many different methods of sending emails. Perhaps the most popular option for sending emails in PHP is PHPMailer. If you are not familiar with it, read our tutorial on how to send email using PHPMailer.

There are other reliable tools that can do this. See our guide to sending email in PHP for more details.

The code for a simple email form with a checkbox in PHP is as follows:

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In PHP email forms, the rule is no different than sending PHP emails in general. Add multiple recipient email addresses for forms sent via the cc and bcc methods (which use commas):

If your contact form has a file upload field, the file must be sent as an attachment with the email. With the mail() function, you can easily send the contact form via email with the PHP plugin. Just add the following code to your app.

First, you need to add an attachment field to your HTML email form. Add the following lines of code inside the tags:

Php Code For Contact Form To Send Email

Second, check and confirm the file extension to allow some file formats

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