Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

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Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365 – This article is written for Office 365 business subscribers who use it as their internal and external information system. As your business grows, you may start to see inbox clutter. This means that you need to integrate your information system with ERP or CRM. That way, you can continue to use your favorite email client, as all communications, including sales, service, support tickets, etc., are handled with ERP/CRM.

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to configure Office 365 Exchange to work with the Odoo ERP system. This guide is intended as an A-Z guide. If you find that this article is incomplete or unclear, please leave your comments below and we will correct the instructions and add details to it.

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

1. Assumptions – You are already a user of an Office 365 business subscription that includes Exchange Server. For example, “Office 365 Business Premium”.

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2. You are already using an Office 365 mail plan. This means you are not a new Office 365 subscriber. If you have purchased a subscription that has not been configured, you must first follow Microsoft’s official instructions to perform initial configuration. It is especially important that you organize your custom section properly. This Microsoft guide can help you with this.

3. Those who follow the steps below must have administrative access (Role: Global Administrator) to https://portal.office.com. This is required to create new users and groups in the portal.

According to the official Odoo documentation, you can use Office 365 servers if you are running Odoo on premises. Office 365 SMTP relays are not compatible with Odoo Online.

Yes ERP is trying to make a relay server. Meaning, it is used as an intermediary layer to send email from any email address to any email address. For example, after processing this message, Odoo can send emails from any email (for example [email protected])

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1. Go to https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home with your Global Administrator account credentials and click on “Admin Center -> Exchange” menu on the left panel.

5. Give the link a name. For example, “Yellow Connector”. All items must be checked (contractual procedure). Click the next button

6. Select the option to view authorized senders by IP address and enter the IP address of your Odoo ERP session. This is a version of the whitelist. Office 365 will trust messages sent to those IP addresses.

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

Office 365’s outgoing mail server is configured and ready to use Odoo. But before we get into Odoo configuration, let’s prepare Office 365 to receive incoming messages for Odoo. This is explained in the next step.

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If you are trying to connect Office 365 email to Amazon EC2, you will need to follow this article as well. The reason you need this is because Amazon has additional security to prevent spammers from sending emails through their servers. So you have to ask their permission.

In this section, you will learn how to create a custom Office 365 email address that will collect emails sent to unknown recipients (ie, no users in Office 365).

1. Login to https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home, go to “Users -> Active Users” menu, see the list of users that have been created.

2. Click the “Add User” button. Create a new user with email as “ERP Level” [saved by email] You can choose any email address you want. Note that the user role must be “User (no administrative access)” and the product license must be Office 365 Business Premium or higher (in some areas of the Internet in the “Status” column in the picture on ‘up). have a separate mailbox.

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3. Now, still open a separate unknown browser window and login to the account created above. Use this URL https://outlook.office365.com/owa/ which is a URL specific to Outlook. The system will ask you to change your password. And remember your password! Select other interests.

4. Now we need to go back to https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home as Global Administrator, go to “Exchange -> Recipients -> Groups” menu and click on “Dynamic Distribution Group” in the drop down.

7. Now we need to go to “Admin center -> Exchange -> mail flow -> rules” menu. In this section, we will create a custom email system that will allow you to capture all emails to anonymous email addresses and send them to [email protected] so that Odoo ERP can process and analyze them. .

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

8. When you click on the “+” sign to add a new rule, you will be redirected to a new form where you can click on the Advanced Properties link. Therefore, you will need to specify the following fields:

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D. Exception = If the recipient is outside the organization or the recipient is a member of the entire user group (these rules should not have anything to do with messages sent to external email addresses or users in although your meeting).

10. Note that after the above steps, the process is not complete. Now if you try to send an email to an email address that does not exist, Microsoft will return the email to the user as “No such email address”. We need to disable this Microsoft feature in our domain (but later we need to change it on the Oda side, but that is the next step). Now we need to go to the menu “Admin Center -> Exchange -> mail flow -> domain accepted” and find our domain.

11. Now change your domain and set its type to “Internal Relay” as shown in the image below

In previous steps, we configured Office 365 to accept all emails sent to specific domains, even if those email addresses do not exist. This means that users will not know that they made a mistake and used the wrong email address. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

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1. You need to install this module https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/fetchmail_notify_error_to_sender/ At the time of writing this module is only available for Odoo 8, 9, 10. Other versions please let us know.

2. When you install this module, when some users send emails to some email addresses that are not in Office 365 and not in Odoo ERP (not related), it will receive messages automatically hands.

In the previous steps, we configured Office 365 as a Relay server. These steps will help you run the server with Odoo.

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

1. Go to https://mxtoolbox.com/ special online tools. This tool allows you to quickly retrieve and display the registered DNS records for your domain. Specifically, we are looking for all MX records for our domain. Enter your domain name (eg yourdomain.com) in the text box and click the “MX Search” button. As a result, you will see a list of MX records. One of the “hostname” entries is closed with “outlook.com”. Move it as needed in the next step.

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2. Login as an administrator in Odoo ERP and go to the menu Settings -> General Settings. In the section related to E-mail – click “Outgoing e-mail server”. Select an existing one (to edit it) or click the “Create” button to create a new one. You just need to enter the following values ​​(no login and password are required as Office 365 trust Odoo server):

3. Save the resulting message server and click the “Test Connection” button. The following message should appear

Yes, the incoming mail server needs to scan some mailboxes for new emails. And based on the “To” address, it can create new objects (or add information to existing objects) such as methods, functions, etc. Below are the steps required to do this setup.

1. Login as an administrator in Odoo ERP and go to the menu Settings -> General Settings. In the section related to e-mail – click “Incoming e-mail server”. Select an existing one (to edit it) or click the “Create” button to create a new one. You need to enter the following values:

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After saving, click the “Test and Confirm” button to make sure everything is set correctly.

2. On the “Advanced” tab, make sure you set “Error Message template” to the value “Fetchmail – error”. Or else, when a user sends an email to a mailbox that cannot be configured by Odoo – he will not receive an error message about it.

3. As an administrator, enter debug mode and go to “Settings -> Technical -> Options -> System Properties” menu. And make sure these resources are properly maintained:

Outgoing Mail Server Outlook 365

A. web.base.url should be equal to the URL of your Odoo instance. This is important to add the correct URL to your email

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B. web.base.url.freeze – we recommend adding this parameter to the value of “True”. Odoo ERP’s default behavior at admin user login is to replace the web.base.url parameter with the current url.

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