Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

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Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings – 1. When you’re in Office 365 Outlook Web Access, click the gear icon in the upper right and select Show all Outlook settings.

2. Click Mail on the left and then Sync Mail on the right and scroll down to POP and IMAP.

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

Note: Make sure you have not configured to use POP in any of your email clients. Because your folders are stored on your Mail 365 hosting server, you won’t see if there are outdated POP settings in the email programs you use. For more information on POP restrictions, visit our website

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TIP: For older Office 365 accounts, the IMAP server address may be different from the previous settings shown in our sample image. Follow the steps above to verify your account if necessary.

If the screen looks like the one below, select “Mail” first to enter the Options screen.

Office365 cannot handle non-ASCII characters in passwords. If you get invalid password errors when trying to sign in, make sure you’re using only ascii characters. You can check by clicking this link to see what characters can be used in your password.

Works with any email client, device, or provider (except POP-only providers, and there are very few left).

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The goal is to get unnecessary emails out of your way so you can deal with what’s important now. We capture all unnecessary emails and throw them into SaneLater (or any other Sane folder you can) so you can archive or delete them when you have free time later. This article is written for Office 365 Business Subscribers who use it as their main office. internal and external mail system. As your business grows, you may start dealing with problems in your refrigerator. This indicates that you need to integrate your mail system with ERP or CRM. This way, you can continue to use your favorite mail client, while all communications are synchronized in the ERP/CRM to manage sales, operations, support tickets, etc.

This guide provides a complete set of instructions for configuring your Office 365 Exchange to work with the Odoo ERP system. This guide was written with the aim of being an A to Z guide. If you feel that this article is not comprehensive or something is not clear, leave your comments below and we will correct the instructions and add more details.

1. You are considered an existing user of an Office 365 Business subscription that includes Exchange Server. For example. “Office 365 Business Premium”.

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

2. You are already using the mail features of Office 365. This means that you are not a new subscriber to Office 365. If you have purchased a subscription and have not set anything up, you must first do the initial setup by following the official Microsoft guide. It is important that you have already set up your custom domain correctly. This guide from Microsoft can help you with that.

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3. People who perform the following tasks must have administrative rights (position: global administrator) to This is necessary to create new users and groups on the Portal.

According to the official Odoo documentation, you can use an Office 365 server if you run Odoo locally. Office 365 SMTP relays are not supported by Odoo Online.

Odoo ERP is trying to act as a relay server. Basically it is used as an intermediary layer to send email from ANY email address to ANY email address. For example, after this mail configuration, Odoo can send emails from all emails (for example, [email saved])

1. Log in with your Global Administrator User account at and click on the “Admin Center -> Exchange” menu on the left.

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5. Give the plugin a name. For example. “Connect Odoo”. All checkboxes must be checked (default behavior). And then click Next

6. Select the check box to verify the approved senders by IP address and add the IP addresses of all your Odoo ERP. It’s a kind of white list. Office 365 trusts that messages sent from these IP addresses are secure.

Your Office 365 outgoing mail server is configured and ready to use with Odoo. But before going to Odoo side configuration, Office 365 must be set up to receive incoming mail for Odoo. This will be described in the next section.

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

If you are trying to integrate Office 365 emails with Amazon EC2, you should also follow this article. Why you need it: Amazon also has protections against sending emails from their servers. So you really need to ask them for an allowance to do so.

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In this section, you will learn how to create a private email address in Office 365 and collect emails that are sent to unknown recipients (that is, no users in Office 365).

1. Log in to, go to the menu “Users -> Active Users” to see the list of users that have been created.

2. Click the “+ Add User” button. Create a new user like “ERP Notification” with email [email protected] You can select any email address you want. Note that this user’s role is “User (no administrative access)” and the product license is Office 365 Business Premium or higher (you can see some email addresses in the “Status” column in the image above) as this user must have a separate mailbox.

3. Now we will open a special anonymous browser window and perform an initial session for the previously created account. Use this URL – This is the correct URL to Outlook. The system will ask you to change your password. Also remember the password! And select other preferences.

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4. Now we need to go back as global admin to, go to menu “Exchange -> Recipients -> Groups” and in the drop down menu click on ” Dynamic Distribution Group “

7. Now go to “Admin Center -> Exchange -> mail flow -> rules” menu. In this section we will create a special mail flow rule that will allow you to capture all emails to unknown email addresses and forward them to [email protected], so that Odoo ERP can handle them and analysis.

8. After clicking on the “+” sign to add a new rule, you will be sent to a new form where you have to click on the advanced items link. Finally, you will need to define the following fields:

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

D. Unless = The recipient is outside the organization OR The recipient is a member of the All Users group (these rules do not apply to messages sent to external email addresses or to real users in your organization)

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10. Remember that after carrying out the above, the work is not done. Now, if you try to send email to invalid email addresses, Microsoft will send that email to the user saying “This email address does not exist” We have to disable this feature Microsoft on our domain (but it should be restored with Odoo later, but the following steps will be taken). For now, we have to go to the menu “Administrative Center -> Exchange -> mail flow -> domain acceptance” and find our domain

11. Now edit your domain and set its type to “Internal Relay” as shown in the image below

In the previous steps, we configured Office 365 to accept all emails sent to a specific domain, even if those email addresses do not exist. This means users don’t realize they’ve made a mistake and use the wrong email address. For this, you need to do the following:

1. You need to install this module At the time of writing this module is only available for Odoo 8, 9, 10. If you need to this part and other versions, please let me know.

Office365 Smtp , Pop3 Und Imap Einstellungen

2. After installing this feature, a user sends an email to an email address that is not in Office 365 and not in Odoo ERP (no associated object), then automatically receive the following message now.

In the above steps, we have configured Office 365 as a print server. The following steps will help you configure your server to work with Odoo.

1. Go to the special online tool This tool allows you to quickly retrieve the DNS records registered for your domain and display them to you. Now we are looking for all MX records for our domain. Enter your domain name (for example, in the text box and click “MX Lookup”. As a result, you will see a list of MX records. One of the “Host Name” records ends in “”. Copy it as we need it in the next step.

Office 365 Incoming Mail Server Settings

2. Login as administrator in Odoo ERP and go to Settings -> General Settings menu. In the section about emails, click on “Outgoing email server”. Then select an existing one (to modify) or click the “Create” button to create a new one. Enter the following values ​​(no login or password is required if you have already done so

How To Configure Emails To Work With Office 365 And Odoo

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