Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings

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Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings – Here are instructions on how to set up a Fastmail email address on a custom domain hosted by Namecheap ([email protected]). I found the instructions on the Fastmail website for setting up custom MX records were missing some information for Namecheap hosted domains. (See Fastmail’s instructions for namecheap DNS here.)

I don’t know much about how DNS settings work, and this is probably the case for many people who are moving from Gmail monitoring to a more specific email setup. I finally figured it out, so I thought I’d post my findings for others who, like me, are very unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of DNS and just want to follow a step-by-step setup.

Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings

Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings

Note that these instructions are only for Fastmail email service for Namecheap hosted domains. Fastmail already has setup options for Google Suite and Zoho email addresses in custom domains which are well documented on their website. These instructions are only for nameservers hosted with NameCheap, which requires you to assign an MX record to Fastmail.

How To Configure Namecheap Dns For Custom Fastmail Email Address

If you registered for Fastmail with a custom domain, this should already be listed automatically. It will look like this (without the text “Manage MX Records”).

If your default domain doesn’t appear automatically, just click the “Add Domain” button and enter your default domain like this:

There are two steps to the process of configuring your DNS records in the Namecheap dashboard for Fastmail.

Both of these DNS settings can be found in the “Advanced DNS” section when you manage a Namecheap domain.

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Scroll down the page and you will see the “Mail Settings” section. Click on the drop down menu and select “MX Custom”. (Shown in the screenshot below.)

The value is required at the end of the list, but namecheap will add it automatically if you don’t add a period at the end.

, they also recommend setting up SPF and DKIM to ensure your emails are properly delivered and not marked as spam.

Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings

To set this up, you need to add the following record to the “Host Records” section of Namecheap’s “Advanced DNS” area (replace “” with your domain):

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Finally, the next step is to make sure Fastmail has seen your DNS updates and everything is working as intended.

Within minutes (up to hours in some cases) you should be able to send and receive email to another address and your emails should appear in the inbox without flags or warnings. In my case, everything worked within ten minutes.

If you want to test your new Fastmail/Namecheap address, email me at [email protected]! Home » Imap Settings » Email Settings » Namecheap IMAP Private Email Settings for Outlook, Mac, iPhone and Android

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Namecheap Private Email Smtp Settings

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