Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

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Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

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Namecheap Review: A Top Domain Registrar

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Namecheap Black Friday 2022 Deals: Up To 97% Off

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Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

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How To Save Money On Domain Names And Renewals

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Domain Registration & Transfer Deals November 2022

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Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

According to a press release, Namecheap has more than 10 million domains under their control. This is still small potatoes compared to their worst competitor – Godaddy, which advertises 40 million domains.

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It’s worth noting that Namecheap has come out on the right (in our opinion) on several important political issues that seriously affect the internet:

Enough about the Namecheap story. You are here to find out if Namecheap is the right choice for you to buy your domains or hosting. So let’s continue the show.

Comparing prices on domain registrars can be difficult because most registrars offer coupons and promotional codes (like on our site!). This makes comparisons very difficult.

But since most domain registrars only offer a discount or coupon for the first year or invoice of domain registration, the standard and non-discounted prices give a good idea of ​​how competitive they are.

Best 7 Domain Name Registrars In 2021 (with List & Comparison)

At the time of this writing, at full price, Namecheap offers a .Com domain for $8.88 per year for the first year with free private Whois.

Buying a new .Com domain from Namecheap is a much easier process than Godaddy. The first thing you will notice is that by default, Godaddy will try to keep you registered for two years. Not really a big deal since it’s just one more click to change to a year, but still kind of annoying. So we’re changing it for a year – see below.

Now let’s compare prices. We chose domain privacy (Whoisguard on Namecheap) because, well, you’re crazy not to have a private whois. If you don’t like spammers. Which we don’t.

Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

As you can see, Namecheap is 2 1/2 times cheaper than Godaddy (250%). That’s a lot. The price difference alone is reason enough to choose Namecheap for our domain registration needs, but read on – there are more reasons why you might want to choose them if you haven’t already.

Namecheap Review 2022: How Does It Fare In Hosting?

Virtually all domain registrars will try to upsell you. Things like web hosting, email, and even SEO services. Namecheap is no different from others. But the good thing with Namecheap is that they don’t push it like some other companies.

Below you can see an example of the sales screen for Namecheap. All of these options are at the bottom of the process test section, and you actually have to scroll down to see them. And none of them are enabled by default.

Domain registrations are a low-margin, high-volume business, so we don’t blame Namecheap for having extras. And we give them full marks for not walking in our face.

I especially like the DNS probes, they are quick and easy to use. Since I have over 50 domains registered with Namecheap, I appreciate that I can log in and do what I need to do quickly. There are better things to do with life than struggling with a bad interface.

Namecheap Registrar Review 2021

Very rarely need support when it comes to domain registration, but I’ve had to contact them twice in the last few years and I have to admit my experience was a bit mixed. Both times I had to contact them it was about a domain I had transferred to them from another registrar (can you guess which one?)

Initially, the problem was that the other registrar was not as helpful as they could be in transferring the domain from them. The suggestions I received from Namecheap were prompt, knowledgeable, and issues were resolved very quickly.

The next time I had to contact them was a little different. There was one section of their site that I felt was a bit misleading. The support agent apologized but made no further effort to follow what their website said or say they would fix the misleading text. I think they could have done better. To be fair, this was a non-standard issue with domains, which have their own set of rules that Namecheap has no control over. Anyway, I think it could have been handled better.

Namecheap Domain Renewal Promo Code 2021

But overall, the responses from Namecheap support were very quick. I typically use live chat because I prefer to have things resolved immediately rather than waiting for emails. I have never waited more than a minute or two to speak with an agent and have never been put on hold.

How To Purchase Premiumdns For A Namecheap Domain

The good news is that Namecheap makes it very easy to use promotional codes for domain registration, web hosting, email, and other services they offer. The other good news is that they come out with new promo codes every month, so if you find a coupon on our site that you like right now, come back at the beginning of the next month and they might have another coupon. be suit your needs.

Now for the bad news. As of this writing, Namecheap no

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