Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

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Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail – If the headlines surrounding Yahoo recently have you worried about the integrity of your Yahoo Mail account, you should consider switching providers. While there are many options, this quick guide exists to help you quickly switch from Yahoo Mail to the other big guns: Gmail and Outlook.

Although it started as one of the original seminal free email services along with Hotmail (later renamed Live, then Outlook), Yahoo Mail suffered years of neglect.

Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

To find out, the recent NSA scandal and another confirmed breach in an old hack… it’s almost time to switch providers.

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No email service is perfect, but most are better than the sorry state Yahoo has been left in all this time. Being the techie that I am, you’d think I’d abandoned Yahoo a long time ago.

Well, I’ll be honest, I actually have several accounts open on the service, mainly because they were the first email accounts I created; the oldest is 17 years old – they grow so fast.

Interestingly, in the last 15 years of using said account, I’ve never had to log into Yahoo directly, I’ve just used Microsoft Outlook and finally Mozilla Thunderbird to download and manage all my mail via POP and IMAP.

I was only able to log into Yahoo to change settings… or reset my password after the breach (this is also a friendly reminder for you to reset your password if you haven’t already).

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After all this time and with the recent security scare I think it’s time to step away from Yahoo and with that this is a guide to help others who are thinking of doing the same – providing Yahoo will enable the feature once it is changed. turned off.

The thing is, transferring 17 years of emails, contacts, and all logins associated with the account is no small task. Fortunately, there is some degree of automation to make the whole process less stressful (although not completely stress-free).

First, I must remind you, dear readers, of some limitations associated with migrating email accounts. Any logins associated with your Yahoo email address will not be transferred. You must log into each service you use and change your email address to your new account – if the said services allow it.

Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

For example, your Netflix, Amazon, forum, Steam, eBay, etc. logins all need to be updated with your new email address. It is a disease that is small and has little to do with it (think about moving).

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However, migrating all your email and contact information is really easy, especially with the help of the various migration tools available from Gmail and Outlook. It’s as simple as setting up another account (or using an existing one) and using the mail import feature.

Other email systems may also have similar features buried in their options, but if no dedicated import feature is available, you can log into Yahoo and set up mail forwarding. It doesn’t forward your contacts (but any good email service can get contact information from the emails themselves), but it sends all your mail to another service. Mail forwarding also allows you to keep up with your inbox once you start using your new account, as there are some services you’ve forgotten are still sending mail to your old account.

First of all, you’ll need another email account – in this example we’ll be using Google’s mail system, Gmail. If you have a Google account, you can use that as well.

If you haven’t created a Gmail account yet, do so, then under the setup steps there is an option to import mail. If it’s an existing account, you can go to settings – accounts and import – then select import mail and contacts. Either way, you’ll be presented with a new browser window to navigate through, and the options are straight forward.

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With a new account, the option to import mail will be available after the “How to use” tutorial.

If you have an account, you can import mail by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and going to settings.

The Import Mail dialog box pops up and the instructions are very clear. Start by entering your Yahoo account email address.

Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

You must open your Yahoo Mail account in another browser tab for the migration to continue.

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You can import mail from multiple accounts if you want. Just go to settings and import from another address.

The slider in the image above shows the necessary steps and highlights which buttons to press, or you can follow the basic steps below.

That’s all that’s surprising. However, the migration will take some time as all mail has been transferred. Google will show the migration status under Accounts and Imports, and it may take a few days to complete, depending on how much mail you have.

One great thing about this system is that the migrated email accounts get their own list in the sidebar, so the email doesn’t go straight to your main inbox. You can also go into settings and set it so that when you reply to an email from a migrated account, you can send it as your original account or as the new Gmail account.

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However, after 30 days, the migration tool will stop importing emails. If you want to continue receiving mail from your other accounts, you’ll need to set up mail forwarding from Yahoo (which, for various reasons, Yahoo decided to disable for now. Update: forwarding is now working again). Alternatively, if you have a local Yahoo account (in my case Yahoo UK), you can set up Gmail to access your Yahoo account via POP. US Yahoo accounts cannot use POP access unless they have Yahoo Plus.

Another popular e-mail system is Outlook from Microsoft, which has a very confusing name because it is the same as the desktop client. It was originally called Hotmail and later changed to Live, but @hotmail addresses still exist. Outlook is linked to your Microsoft account, so if you use it to sign in to Windows or even Xbox, you can also use that account for email. If you don’t have one, you can create an account now.

Enter your Yahoo email address and password, keep the default setting of using a separate folder for new email.

Move Email From Yahoo To Gmail

The mail import process is simpler than Gmail (surprisingly). As before, you can browse the images above to see where the options are, or follow the steps below.

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At this point, it’s the same as Gmail because you have to wait patiently for your email to be imported. Again, this is a one-time thing, and you’ll need to set up a Yahoo redirect if you want this to be a permanent solution (which Yahoo has blocked for now).

Your Yahoo accounts have their own list of menus and a separate inbox, but they behave as if you were using Yahoo directly, meaning that sending an email is just like if you were sending it from your Yahoo account.

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