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Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap – When building or developing a business, the first point of contact is the domain name. Finding the right place is the easy part; Choosing the right copywriter is the hardest part. Well, we’ve tested the most popular domains and found that each has its pros and cons. In this post, we focus on transferring domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

Many companies use GoDaddy as their domain registrar, but never use all their services like email, website builder, etc. For example, our website is built on Web Builder and our team collaborates through G-Suite. so we don’t need any other services from Godady.

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

While GoDaddy’s starting price is low, it will increase rapidly over the next few years to $70+/year. Namecheap on hand costs only $35 per year. With cost and effectiveness in mind, we decided to transfer our domain name to Namecheap and share with you the easy steps to do so.

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By adding cheap name servers to GoDaddy, we end up reducing the site’s bottom line, while ensuring a smooth transfer.

Once the request has been successfully made, Namecheap will take care of the transfer and will notify you via email.

Transferring a domain from this registry to another is easy if you follow the steps carefully otherwise you run the risk of delays of up to 5 to 7 days. In addition, choosing the right registrar for your needs is important in the long run. With these 5 steps you can easily move from one author to another quickly and efficiently.

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GoDaddy has introduced a GoDaddy system called GoDaddy Hub. Here you will find how Hub by GoDaddy Pro can manage all your websites in one place.

GoDaddy Web Builder, also known as Web + Marketing, is an online conversion and publishing tool that helps you create a responsive website with no technical knowledge required. This website uses cookies for certain functions. Click here to read the privacy policy and learn about the use of cookies.

Buying a domain name is one of the first things you do when starting a website. GoDaddy, Namecheap,, and others are among the most popular domain registrars that offer different TLDs at different prices. They compete for choice of TLDs offered, domain name features, customer support, ease of use and more. Price is often the deciding factor when purchasing a domain name because it varies widely from domain to domain.

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

I bought my first domain with GoDaddy because they are cheap. For first time customers, they offer great discounts. I decided to stay with my domain and hosting – I just changed hosting after two years, and recently, I changed my domain from them to Namecheap.

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I had my reasons for making this change and I don’t regret it. If you also have one or more reasons to move your domain, I recommend Namecheap for their price, ease of use, easy process, and competitive support. Namecheap is currently having a transfer sale where you can save up to 45% on shipping costs. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to transfer a domain to Namecheap.

I have been a Namecheap user for a few years where I purchased and hosted one of my domains. Although I have changed my hosting three times in the last six years, I have kept my domain with Namecheap. The first reason I chose Namecheap was their price, to be honest. Additionally, their support is responsive and their website is easy to use. In the end, when one of my domains is finished, I think it’s better to have them all together.

Namecheap also offers free domain protection with all the domains it hosts. This helps to hide your information from publicly available information and other private information is visible there. With GoDaddy, I have to pay for Whois protection.

If you transfer your domain to Namecheap, you still need to verify your domain from your registrar. If you still have three months with GoDaddy, for example, you’ll get one year and three months = 15 months of validity on Namecheap.

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In short, the reasons I choose Namecheap as my favorite registrar are price, ease of use, excellent customer support, free Whois coverage, and the ability to have all my domains in one place.

Although this tutorial was written with GoDaddy and Namecheap in mind, it should work with other domain registrars, too.

Log in to your GoDaddy account and go to your domain name list. Look for a line or button that says ‘Manage’ or ‘Regional Settings’ or something similar. This is where you change any settings related to a particular region.

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

Find the ‘Domain Lock’ option and turn it off. To transfer regions, this must be set. Depending on your subscription provider, it may take some time for this to update. You may also need to confirm this process using a link sent to your email.

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If you’re using a custom Whois service with your current registrar, you’ll need to download it for your domain, too.

The site will ask you to confirm your work. Click ‘Continue Transfer’ and receive your confirmation number. This number can be displayed on the screen and/or sent via email. Copy this code elsewhere as you need it in the next section.

Once you’ve turned off the site and received your passcode, you’re ready to switch.

, enter the domain name, and click Transfer. Namecheap will investigate to ensure your domain is approved for transfer. If you get a ‘welcome’ message, you’re ready to continue.

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. Then enter the authentication code you received from GoDaddy and click ‘verify auth code.’ It should show a sign if the code is checked.

Then click the Add on Cart button and click View Cart. See the next screen. It shows your referral plan with the domain name, its length, who registers for free WhoisGuard, and all the fees you will pay.

Note that you can buy domains for one year at this time. Once your transfer is complete, you can add additional years to your subscription.

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

As of this writing, Namecheap is running a limited offer on referral options. To get the discount, add the code TLD20TS1 in the ‘Promo Code’ box and click Apply Coupon.

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Then click Confirm Order and complete the payment process on the next page. Once you have successfully placed your order, the domain will be added to your Namecheap site. A ‘Waiting to appear in the original editor’s message’ will appear under your name.

After you’re done working with your old registry, wait for an email from the old registry. GoDaddy sent me the following email within 5 minutes requesting the transfer. You should look for similar emails, too.

This email confirms that the transfer request is proceeding as planned. Within 7 days, Namecheap will send your domain registration back to you. But you don’t have to wait until then. Some registrars may allow you to expedite this process by accepting this manual transfer request.

To do this, log in to your account on your old register and find the section that shows all incoming/outgoing transfers. To GoDaddy, I’ll Go

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Once you do this, GoDaddy will begin the process of releasing your domain and submitting it to Namecheap. You will receive a confirmation email.

Now you’ve done everything you need to transfer your domain to Namecheap and it’s time to wait for them to finish the job. It will take a few minutes on Namecheap to get your full domain name but it can also take a few days.

During the migration, your website will not experience any downtime and will continue to work. You can contact Namecheap support for any help.

Move Domain From Godaddy To Namecheap

If you decide to change your domain registrar for any reason, Namecheap is a great way to switch. The process of transferring a domain name includes refusing to block the domain, removing the private registration (if any), obtaining a valid code, and submitting a request to Namecheap.

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The domain deployment process is automatic and does not require the intervention of an old or new editor – unless something goes wrong. Although the process may take 7 days to complete, I transferred two domains from Godaddy to Namecheap in 20 minutes.

This tutorial is written to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap but it should work for any domain as the process is basically the same.

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