Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

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Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy – If you want to transfer your hosting and domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost, there is an easy solution. I recently changed hosting providers and was amazed at how easy it was. Here I show you how to migrate your WordPress site from GoDaddy to Bluehost in 11 simple steps.

Searching the web for information on how to migrate a blog or website from GoDaddy to Bluehost, I found a lot of advice that was outdated or incomplete, or both.

Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

This is mainly due to the fact that Bluehost and GoDaddy are constantly changing and changing, so their website is better in 2020. It will look different than two years ago.

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My goal is to show you how to move your hosting from Godaddy to Bluehost without a headache. I will also show you how to transfer your domain from Godaddy to Bluehost, although this is completely optional.

UPDATE: Bluehosthas given me a special discount for my readers! Now you can get hosting for $2.95/month (includes a FREE domain name for the first year!). Claim your Bluehost discount now!

I know how important it is to do it quickly and without a headache. That’s why I put together this guide so you can follow the steps easily.

In this tutorial I will show you how to change hosting providers manually (without plugins). I’m no expert at all, but it took me less than an hour to move my blog from GoDaddy to Bluehost and I didn’t even have this manual to go through!

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Note: Whether you want to transfer your WordPress website or blog from Godaddy to Bluehost, the step is one.

In other words, you must first purchase a hosting plan with Bluehost. You can then download your entire blog (including themes, plugins, text, comments, photos, etc.) from GoDaddy to your computer, link your domain to your new hosting account, and upload your blog from your computer to Bluehost. We promise it’s super easy!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to switch hosting from GoDaddy to Bluehost. However, the process would be the same if you moved your WordPress blog between other hosting companies using cPanel – let’s say you want to

Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

For this tutorial, I will assume that you purchased your old hosting and domain through GoDaddy.

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First of all, you need to sign up for a hosting account with Bluehost. To do this, CLICK HERE – you will get a discount of up to 70% on the monthly hosting fee + a free name for the first year. This is a special price that I personally negotiated with Bluehost, so you can host your blog for $2.95/month.

When you click the Host Your Website button, you’ll be asked to choose a hosting plan (if you only have one blog, a basic plan is probably what you need).

On the next page, enter your custom domain name (the one you used with GoDaddy) in the Custom field.

Then enter your details, choose the length of your plan (I recommend the 36-month plan because you’ll save a lot of money in the end), choose domain privacy (optional) and pay. Finally, you will be asked to create a password for your account. Everything!

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If you need step-by-step instructions, read my post on how to create a WordPress blog, where I explain in detail how to sign up for a hosting account with Bluehost.

Currently, your domain is still registered with GoDaddy. You can leave it or move it to Bluehost. It all depends on you.

That’s right. The transfer may take a few days, but everything should happen behind the scenes.

Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

Also, if you have a personal email account with GoDaddy webmail, you will need to transfer it.

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I don’t see the idea of ​​paying GoDaddy for email. email service when bulk/unlimited email is already included in the Bluehost hosting plan. email account.

Tab in your Bluehost account and create one custom email. The email address you entered into with GoDaddy. Then connect your personal email. Email to Gmail, Outlook, or whatever email service you use. sending and receiving mail.

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How To Migrate Hosting From Godaddy To Bluehost 2020 (ultimate Solution)

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Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

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Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

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Compared to their competitors, they offer cheaper prices. Fortunately, Bluehost does and offers some of these services for free.

Before you start transferring your domain from Godaddy to Bluehost, you must meet the following requirements to proceed with the transfer:

Move Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

The first thing you’ll need, if you haven’t already, is to purchase your web hosting from Bluehost.

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If you only have one website, the basic plan will work fine. On the next page, enter the name of your existing domain (the one you want to transfer from GoDaddy).

You can get it at a 67% discount for $2.95 a month. The regular price is $3.95 per month, but using the Promo line will give our beloved readers a discount of $2.95 per month.

First, we need to back up all our website files and folders so we can migrate properly

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