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Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup – Veeam has released the long-awaited version of Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v6. This is a big release that brings new features and functions that make the users’ life much easier and better.

First we will highlight what it can do, how useful this product is in terms of data protection for Microsoft 365. This is already v6 of the Veeam software.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup

Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup

You can use advanced search capabilities to perform eDiscovery across mailboxes, emails, files, websites, and Microsoft Teams components.

Set Up Office 365 Email In Outlook And Import Gmail

Self-Service Recovery Portal – This allows you to continue automatic recoveries. Allows end users or help desk to quickly recover through the web-based self-service recovery portal. You can restore Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDriver for Business objects from any location to Microsoft 365.

Backup compatible with low-cost object storage: Azure Archive, Amazon S3 Glacier, and Glacier Deep Archive are available options. The backup function solves your long-term retention scenarios by allowing you to copy the most recent backups from your primary object storage repositories to low-cost file-level storage such as Azure Archive, Amazon Glacier, and Glacier Deep Archive. You can schedule options or let the copy job run immediately after the new backup.

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There are various reasons why you might want to download Office 365 emails to your desktop computer. Your Microsoft 365 subscription is expiring and you do not need to renew your subscription. To prevent email data loss, you want to export email from Office 365. Another use case for exporting email from Office 365 is the need for email backup. When you have a copy of your email data on a local computer, you feel more secure and mitigate problems related to interruptions to Internet services.

How To Back Up Microsoft Office 365 Data: Best Practices

This blog post explains how to save an email from Office 365 webmail and how to save an email to the desktop using a standalone email client. It covers different methods: for example, saving a Microsoft 365 email message to a file and saving multiple messages to a single file. Read the blog post and choose the method that best suits your needs.

With this method, you can use a virtual PDF printer, which prints an email message to a PDF file, and as a result, allows you to export an Office 365 email to a PDF file format. You can then save this PDF file to your desktop machine.

Sign in to Office 365 with your Microsoft 365 account in a web browser and open Outlook Online to access your Microsoft 365 email.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup

Click Print to continue and go to the list of physical and virtual printers available on your operating system.

Why Choose Intermedia Business Email Services

Page, select the required printer from the drop-down list. You must select a virtual printer that prints a Microsoft 365 email message to a PDF file. In this example, I select the printer named Microsoft Print to PDF. Alternative options in my case are: Save to PDF and Adobe PDF.

If you are using a standalone version of Microsoft Office Outlook installed on Windows, you have more options for saving Microsoft 365 emails in different file formats on your desktop computer. Let me explain how to save Microsoft 365 desktop email as PDF file format in Microsoft Office Outlook 2016. By default, there is no direct option to save email as PDF in Microsoft Office Outlook, but there are workarounds that enable to do so.

You must set up your account in Microsoft Office Outlook to send and receive Microsoft 365 email using a separate email client. Read how to set up an email client installed on your machine to work with Microsoft email on your computer.

Select the email message in Microsoft Office Outlook that you want to save as a PDF file on your computer.

Backup Office 365 Data With Veeam Backup For Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office Outlook page. You must select a virtual printer that prints emails to a PDF file. Select Microsoft Print to PDF in the list of printers. You can also select another virtual PDF printer if you have other printers installed on your operating system. Modern versions of Windows provide a virtual Microsoft PDF printer. In earlier versions of Windows, you can manually install the necessary utilities that provide a virtual PDF printer.

Enter the file name, select the file location to save the PDF file to, and click Save to finish.

If you are using a standalone version of Microsoft Office Outlook installed on your computer, you can export Office 365 emails to file formats other than PDF. Let’s explore how to export emails to other formats.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup

Select the Microsoft 365 email message you want to export in Microsoft Office Outlook (there is an explanation in the previous section).

Office 365 Backup

Browse to the location to save the file on your desktop and enter a file name. The subject name defined in the Microsoft 365 email message is used as the exported file name by default.

Note that exporting a large number of emails from Microsoft 365 to individual files makes it difficult to find data in these exported messages.

You can save all Microsoft 365 emails for your Microsoft 365 account to a PST file using a separate Outlook client installed on your operating system as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Office Outlook must be configured for your account to work with Microsoft’s POP3 and SMTP servers, and emails must already be downloaded to Microsoft Office Outlook before you can export them to a PST file.

A PST (Personal Storage Table) file is the Outlook data file that contains all email items saved by an email client to a disk drive. As for Outlook, POP3 email accounts usually store associated data in PST files. IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013 and earlier versions store data in PST files. Later versions of Outlook store data in OST files for IMAP accounts.

Veeam Backup For Microsoft 365 Enhances Cloud Object Storage Integration

The advantage of copying or exporting emails from Microsoft 365 to a PST file is that the attached files are also saved in a PST file. It has all the necessary content in PST files, unlike what you get after exporting emails to TXT, HTML, or PDF files. When opened in Outlook, PST files allow you to perform indexing searches.

Page, select the required Microsoft 365 email account from the drop-down list. Then click Account Settings and click Account Settings again.

Since I’m using Windows, my PST file is displayed in the new window that opens in Windows Explorer. Copy the PST file used to store email data for your Microsoft 365 email, and paste this file to a safe location. This copy of the PST file can be considered as a Microsoft 365 email backup.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Backup

If you are using a standalone version of Microsoft Office Outlook, here are some tips on how to save emails for your Office 365 account. You can export personal data from the email client to CSV and PST files. CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel. The information stored in CSV files is separated by commas.

Restore Microsoft Office 365 Data From Veeam Backup

Set the location to export the file. Click Browse and choose where to save the file. I save my export file as

In the next window, you can assign custom fields for the exported CSV file. Click Finish to start the export and close the wizard.

If you use this method to export Office 365 emails to a PST file, you can only export one email folder. This is the difference between this method and the method explained above where you copy a PST file containing all the email folders available in the Outlook client to your Microsoft 365 email account.

You can make your life easier by using a dedicated Microsoft 365 email backup solution that allows you to back up emails from necessary accounts, restore mailbox folders or emails to a source location or a location that has to personalize. Backup & Replication is a data protection solution that combines all these features and includes many additional features to protect Microsoft 365 email data and other Office 365 data. You can back up emails to a repository local backup, create multiple restore points, and perform instant restore of email messages, attachments, folders, contacts, and calendar items. You can schedule backup jobs (to run automatically) or you can run them on demand (manually).

How To Protect Both Microsoft Office 365 And Exchange Mailboxes

Let me walk you through the easy email recovery process in Backup & Replication. Before you can recover emails, you must add your Microsoft 365 account to Inventory, create a SaaS Backup Store, and create a Microsoft 365 Backup Job. The settings are explained in detail in the post blog about Microsoft 365 email recovery and the help center. Also read about SharePoint Online backups.

To restore a Microsoft 365 email message or attachment from a backup in Backup & Replication, visit the web home page

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