Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

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Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail – Google imposes a limit on how many emails each Gmail user can send from their account per 24-hour period. If you only use your account for personal email, this is usually not a problem. However, if you want to send bulk emails from your Gmail or Google Workspace account, you’ll need to exceed these limits. provide a solution.

If you use Gmail or your company uses Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), your email account is limited to sending Gmail.

Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

Gmail sets a rate limit of 20 outgoing emails per hour. If you exceed this limit, Google may suspend your account for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours. If you slowly and steadily increase your usage to higher numbers, Google will tolerate the increase. But if you aggressively exceed this limit, Google will mark your emails as spam, which will hurt your email delivery because it will trigger spam filters among the email services that receive it.

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Anything you send from an alias address to external recipients will count toward this total, as will holiday autoresponders. And when you sync your phone with your Gmail or Google Workspace account, any email you send from that device will also count.

If you send an email to multiple recipients, Google counts each recipient as a separate email. If you frequently send emails to the same recipients – for example, your cycling club’s 30 members, or your local volunteer group of 12 – one way to expand your reach is to set up a Google Group of these members (eg, “speedycyclers”). Then you can put your email address in the name of the Google group, and it will only count as one unique recipient (SpeedyCyclers) even if it is distributed to all members of the group.

For individual Gmail accounts, the sending limit is 500 emails per 24-hour period. If you are a regular Gmail user, you may not even know about this limit because it is doubtful that you send many emails in a typical day. But remember, Google counts each email address as a separate email, so a message sent to five email recipients will count as five emails.

For Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) accounts, the daily sending limit is 2,000 emails per rolling 24-hour period, per email address. These accounts are usually for businesses and operate under company domains, such as, but they use the same Google email technology (Gmail).

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If you’re someone who uses an email address, you’re unlikely to go up against the 2,000-email-per-day limit. But if you are sending a bulk email campaign on behalf of your company, and you have a large subscriber or prospect list, that 2,000-email sending limit will not meet your needs. Because, just like individual accounts, an email address with 5,000 recipients counts as 5,000 emails.

At this point, you may be wondering, “How can I send more than 500 emails a day in Gmail?” There are two ways.

“SMTP” (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an automated system of rules, authentication and steps that a server uses to prepare your outgoing email for delivery to other email addresses. “SMTP relay” is the process of one SMTP server delivering email to another SMTP server. The SMTP process is quite technical, so most email senders use a service to manage their SMTP relays.

Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

Learn more about how and why you can set up an SMTP server using We Made It Easy.

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Although you can set up an SMTP service in Gmail, it will still impose these lower limits and block your account if you exceed them. However, if you set up an SMTP relay service, you won’t have to worry about this lower SMTP limit because you’ll be sending to the ‘server’.

Google limits the maximum number of emails you can send per day based on the number of email recipients from an authorized Gmail or Google Workspace account. Google treats a recipient as a unique email address and counts each email sent to them in a 24-hour period as one email.

The maximum limit applies to all emails you send in a day, not just your essential emails. And each email you send to a unique recipient counts as one email. So, if you send four separate emails to your boss about different tasks, preview two versions of your mass email message as a test, and then put the boss in Your work is on the final mass email distribution list, which would count as seven emails (4 + 2). ). 1).

Likewise, if you use the same email account to send meeting reminders to 85 members of your cycling club, that will count as 85 emails.

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That’s why it can pay to set up a separate email account with your webmail provider just for essential email, especially if you have a large mailing list.

If you exceed this limit, your account may be suspended for up to 24 hours. You can still access your mailbox to receive emails and use your Google Account for other features, such as your calendar; But you cannot send emails during this period.

When you CC or BCC an email address in an email, Google counts each unique address as a separate email, just as you put in the TO line. So no

Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

Advantages of having an address on the CC or BCC line — that is, you don’t increase your recipient limit by moving their names to BCC or CC.

Message And Attachment Size Limits In Gmail

Some emails use the BCC line as a way to send messages to multiple people without revealing those names to the entire group. Technically, this works, but it is not considered a best practice, as it is a hold-over from before you can afford to use an advanced email marketing service. (What once cost $1,000+/month in the early days of this type of service now costs as little as $12.95/month.)

For example, when you use, even if you put many email addresses in the TO line, each email is sent individually, and the recipient sees only their own name – not others. Not only is this a best practice, it also has the benefit of improving email delivery rates, which is very important for any mass emailer who wants to avoid recipient spam records.

To get the most out of your bulk email campaigns, you’ll want to increase the sending limit for your Gmail or Google Workspace account, and you’ll want to make sure that what you send within your limit is delivered and not lost-name messages they are dealing with a Google script. , no blocked messages, no undeliverable messages, and so on.

Examples of group sets would be Wild Trail Cyclists of Texas, Wild Trail Cyclists of Arizona, Wild Trail Cyclists of Oregon, etc. 30 groups of 50 members will be sent to 1,500 people but only 30 will count as emails. However, this means managing 30 different groups, so it can increase the amount of time you spend managing your mailing lists and managing responses.

Email Sending Limits Of Email Service Providers

The most effective of these is to manage your bulk email campaigns through a centralized Gmail service, which can provide you with a range of related benefits, such as advanced customization, scheduled sending, personalized attachments, check lists, to ensure your email addresses. Legal, and more.

Now you can send mass email campaigns with up to 10,000 emails using Gmail and we will automatically distribute emails over multiple days based on your Gmail account’s sending limit.

As explained above, if you have a regular Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails per 24 hours. If you have a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account, you can send a maximum of 2,000 emails per rolling 24-hour period. Here’s a guide to the official Gmail sending limits

Maximum Email Sending Limit Gmail

, if you have a Google Sheet with 8,000 addresses and you’re sending from a Google Workspace account, when you press the button, 2,000 emails will be sent immediately, another 2,000 24 hours after that, another 2,000 48 hours after that , and after that. 2,000 for the last 72 hours.

Email Sending Limits Overview

It even now has more than 1 million registered users, which means I have to use this feature every time I send an ad to my users.

. Most email campaigns are not time sensitive, so I can use this new ability to send ads. If you want to send 500,000 emails an hour, you should use a commercial email service for high volume, such as MailChimp. Although it pains me to recommend a different email service provider, I must admit that it is not optimized for speed but for delivery.

Our platform will automatically send the maximum allowed emails/day, which is either 500 emails/day or 2,000 emails/day, depending on whether you have a Gmail or Google Workspace account. However, you can also control how many people will go out per day and the speed in the setting box. If they remain empty, a maximum of 500 (regular gmail) or 2,000 (Google Workspace) will be sent automatically, but you can override on the spot.

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