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Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email – One of the best ways to communicate with readers is through email. Having an active reader email list is essential for any author serious about selling books. An often overlooked but very important aspect of managing an email list is making sure your readers get a welcome email when they sign up.

A welcome email can have 2-3 times the open rate of a regular email and is the first step in building a relationship with the reader. Email providers like Mailchimp often offer an easy way to set this up. In this article, How to set up a welcome email using Mailchimp’s automation feature This article is full of images and screenshots to help make preparing your welcome email as easy as possible for busy writers like you.

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

Mailchimp has an easy way to activate your welcome email. They now offer their One-Step Automation feature (including a welcome email) for every pricing plan (including their free plan). You can learn more about their different pricing plans here.

How To Use Mailchimp In 2022

Mailchimp’s Essentials paid plan starts at $10 per month and doesn’t require basic automated setup, but we think it’s worth it. (Note: The larger the size of your mailing list, the more you’ll pay for a Mailchimp plan. Use the ‘Calculate Your Price’ link below each plan’s pricing to determine the best plan and pricing option for you.)

Once you’ve chosen a plan and signed in to Mailchimp, You’re ready to set up your automation. Click Create Campaign.

You need to name your automation. A simple naming like “Welcome Message” is recommended. As you progress, you can name your automated emails with more interesting names. Let’s cover the basics to get started.

You also need to select a list. This is an easy choice because most writers only have one list. You will need to carefully select the list that your readers will have. Once you’ve entered your automation name and selected an audience, Click Start.

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MailChimp may ask you to provide your email address; subject line; sender information; You’ll be taken to your campaign screen where you can view and customize the different parts of your email, such as the content.

Your email is titled “Welcome Message”. Then, You need to specify the subject line of the email. I suggest you take this opportunity to welcome your readers; So use a subject line like “[Welcome to author name]” or “Thank you for joining my mailing list.”

Another, You must update the sender information to tell readers who your email is from. Your author name and email address should remain the default, but if not, make sure you add them. Make sure the author’s name is correct, and if writing under a pen name, use a pen name, not your real name.

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

From the email address is a very important aspect of this whole process. Make sure you use an email address from your website (like [email protected]) and not a free email provider like Gmail or Yahoo ([email protected]). This makes your email DMARC compliant, a complicated but important rule. You don’t need to fully understand this, but you should avoid free email providers. If you don’t have a website. We can teach you how to get it yourself in this course.

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Important Note: If you see a ‘Verify Domain’ button next to your email address; click Verifying your email domain is an important step in keeping your email free from spam filters. You need to click on the button that appears. Mailchimp will send you an email. Once you click on the link that appears in the email, confirming it is easy as pie.

Mailchimp has many options for templates. They have ‘Themes’ which have ready-made designs with images. It might look fun, but it’s better to use the ‘Basic’ 1-column template. The simpler the email; We find that the better. You’ll see the basic template designer sitting there. Although it can be a bit overwhelming to think about designing an email from scratch. Follow our instructions and you’ll be fine.

If you skip the part about verifying your ‘From’ email address, MailChimp will give you a little discount for it. All you have to do is get it and get a non-free email address. If you use a service like Squarespace for your website; You can easily get the email address through it. MailChimp will warn you about so-called ‘social cards’—if so. You can safely ignore the warning.

Click the blue Start Sending button at the top of the page to start your welcome email.

How To Connect Wpforms And Mailchimp

If it’s convenient, MailChimp will display a Rock n’ Roll monkey hand to let you know you’re done.

That’s it! Now every time a user signs up for your email list; They will receive a welcome email. This is sure to engage your readers more deeply and drive sales.

Are you facing problems? Want more screenshots here? Just ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to update the post with an answer. Try our modern App Hosting. For a limited time, Your first $20 is covered by us.

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

Did you know that twenty years ago was the best time to plant a tree and now is the second best?

Guide To Migrating From Mailchimp

It’s the same with email marketing. The best time to start building your list is when you have an idea for your business. The second best time is now. in fact, In 2017, the DMA found that the average return for every £1 (~$1.28) spent on email marketing was £32.28 (~$41.28), an incredible return on investment.

But that’s easier said than done. The number of email marketing software options can make your head spin. Which one should you go for?

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and widely used email marketing software in the world. Founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius, Mailchimp now has more than 20 million users and is valued at $4.2 billion. Because this is a good starting point for beginners.

Today we’re going to look at how to use Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing tools out there, and show you how you can use it to start building your email list.

Send A Welcome Email

In the beginning, It was just a side project aimed at helping Ben and Dan’s web design agency clients build email lists, and for the first six years of its existence, it earned just a few thousand dollars a month.

But in 2007, Ben and Dan realized their hearts were no longer in the web design agency business and decided to focus full time on Mailchimp.

They don’t take any outside investment and finance the growth of the business by reinvesting its profits back into it.

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

Since then, Mailchimp has become one of the most popular and popular email marketing software out there, turning it into a complete marketing platform.

Best Welcome Email Examples [+ Best Practices] —

According to Forbes, in 2018 it had 20 million users, generated more than $600 million in revenue, and was valued at $4.2 billion.

“To this day, it’s a funny feeling that we can help,” Kurzius explains. “I want people to see that the last 17 years were just a warm-up,” Chestnut said.

It is impossible to answer this question. It all depends on your business needs. So what you really need to ask is, “Which email marketing software is best for me?”

MailChimp, like any other tool, It has its pros and cons and works better for some than others. If you want to know, We love using Mailchimp.

Automatically Welcome Your New Patients

There is something called the Lindy Effect. A theory that states that the future life of a non-perishable object is proportional to its current life. for example, If a company has been in business for one year. You can expect to be a business in the next year, but if a company like Mailchimp has been around for 18 years. It can be expected to continue working on it. Another 18 years.

This is an important consideration because a failed email marketing software provider can hamper your email marketing efforts.

Sure, The software always works; But they have time to finalize the user interface (although some argue that there is a lot of room for improvement there as it takes some effort to learn how to use Mailchimp), add the necessary features and ensure deliverability.

Mailchimp Api Send Welcome Email

If you’re just starting out; Opportunities are already scarce; Paying a $30+ monthly subscription fee to email three of your subscribers might be ridiculous.

Best Welcome Email Examples To Engage Your List

But with MailChimp, you don’t have to.

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