Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

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Mail Server Settings For Hotmail – Do you have a Hotmail email account that you want to set up on your iPhone or iPad? This tutorial shows you how to add one to your iPhone and iPad.

I received a call from a friend asking how to set up a Hotmail email account on his new iPhone. I’m really surprised he asked this because he already has an iPad and had no problem setting up Hotmail.

Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

Looking at the problem, I remember that the Hotmail brand has been retired and replaced by Outlook (since 2012), which I think is confusing for people who are still looking for a Hotmail option in their iPhone or iPad environment.

Email Settings For Windows, And

I figured if my friend needed instructions on how to set up Hotmail on his iPhone, he’s probably not the only one, so I’m posting this.

Note that these instructions are written for Hotmail, but the process is the same whether you want to set up an Outlook, Live, or MSN account.

4) From the list of services, type As mentioned above, the process is the same if you have a Hotmail, Live, or MSN email account.

5) Login page will appear on your screen. First, enter your Hotmail email address and click Next.

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7) Select the Hotmail data you want to access on your iPhone. You can choose to sync your email, contacts, calendar, reminders, and notes with Hotmail. By default, everything is turned on. Once you have selected what you want, tap Save.

8) Go to the Mail app on your iPhone. Your newly created Hotmail account should now be available.

By default, only one month of new email is synchronized with your iPhone, but you can easily change it in the settings to synchronize all old and new emails. Here’s how:

Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

4) Select Mail Days to Sync and select Unlimited if you want access to all Hotmail emails.

How To Set Up Outlook 2010 With Hotmail

The process above shows you how to add a Hotmail email account to the Mail app stored on your iPhone. If your main goal is to access your Hotmail email, you can download the Microsoft Outlook application and connect to your Hotmail email with your password.

As you can see, setting up Hotmail on iPhone is quite easy. Just follow the steps above, and you should be up and running in no time. Perhaps the most important thing here is to remember that Hotmail is Outlook, and even if it doesn’t change anything for you as a user, the Outlook option is the option you have to choose in order for Hotmail to work on your iPhone. If you are using the recently released Outlook 2013 preview, you may have a bug that prevents you from installing your Hotmail account correctly. Here’s the solution, and some bad news for Gmail users.

If you have installed the Office 2013 preview, you may have noticed a welcome addition to the email setup routine for Outlook 2013. It now supports Exchange ActiveSync as an explicit option.

This means you don’t need to install the kludgey Outlook Connector to set up your Hotmail account with Outlook.

How To Get Outlook Mail Or Hotmail In Windows Live Mail

Unfortunately, as we found in our tests, the account setup wizard does not always detect Hotmail accounts correctly. If you enter your Hotmail address and cannot set up Exchange ActiveSync, it will try to set up your account using POP and SMTP support. Bad idea.

This opens the Add Account dialog box, with Auto Account Setup selected. Do not enter your email address and password here. Instead, click Manual configuration or other server type and click Next.

Complete the Server Settings dialog box using your name, email address (,, or, and password. In the Mail server box, type Your settings should look something like this.

Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

Click Next to continue. Outlook will test your connection, and if you have configured it correctly, you will see a new message store in the navigation panel on the left, and your Hotmail messages have arrived.

I Can’t Receive My Hotmail Emails

For Gmail, the news is not good. Although Gmail supports Exchange ActiveSync on mobile devices, it only offers POP and IMAP options with Outlook. If you try to set up your Gmail account manually using Exchange ActiveSync, you will not be successful.

Historically, the performance of IMAP in Outlook using Gmail accounts has been terrible. I’ll try it in this preview release to see if it improves, but I’m not holding my breath. We teach you, how to set up Outlook 2010 and Hotmail. Your email server settings, applied to your version of Outlook, with step-by-step instructions with pictures and practical examples.

Microsoft Outlook is part of Microsoft Office so if you don’t have it, you need to install it or use a free alternative like Mozilla Thunderbird. This tutorial is also available for other devices like PC, Android, Mac and iPhone, just select the option from our menu.

Thunderbird Outlook Express Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2016 Outlook 2019 Outlook 365 – get version –

Setting Up Pop/imap Email On An Android (jellybean)

This is probably not the first time you have opened Outlook, and no window will appear to help you set up your email. No problem, because this is all you need to do to set up an email account:

If this is the first time you open Outlook, then a window will appear to help you set up your email. If you take this help, you will skip the first steps, but they will all make progress.

Replace the fake user information with name, email and password, and set them according to the image below

Mail Server Settings For Hotmail

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