Live Mail Outgoing Server Settings

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Live Mail Outgoing Server Settings – This article will show you how to configure the new version of Windows Live Mail client running on Windows 8. This process does not show installation.

Install Windows Live Mail and you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to add an email account. It will ask for an email address, a password (your email address) and a display name for the messages you send. The display name in this case is your first and last name. Don’t forget the little “Remember this password” box below the password field. When you have entered the correct information press Next.

Live Mail Outgoing Server Settings

Live Mail Outgoing Server Settings

Now a window will appear asking you to configure your server settings. Make sure your server type is set to POP (jump to the next image for if you want to send to IMAP) and make sure your incoming mail server is POP. with the port at 100 On the right side for your outgoing server information (this is the server you use to send emails) put the server address as smtp. I went with port number 587. In the lower left corner you will see “Logon User Name”. There is no email address in that field. Then when it happens.

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If you are using IMAP instead of POP, you will need the following fields. The type of server to be attached to IMAP. The address is the imap server. at port 143 The outgoing mail server is smtp. It uses port number 587 and In the lower left corner you will see “Logon User Name”. There is no email address in that field. Once done, then hit.

Then you will see the window below by clicking. Macte! You have added an email account to Windows Live Mail. Hit finish and you’re done.

Let’s say you have two email addresses and you want to add both but the next time you open Windows Live Mail it doesn’t pop up on the screen to walk you through the steps to add your email account. So how does it add up? Go to the top left corner, click on File and then on Options > Email accounts.

Select the account address and tap Next. It will walk you through adding a new account, similar to the steps shown above.Windows Live Mail – set up and how to set up and use Windows Live Mail as an email client for your messages.

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How to set up and use Windows Live Mail as an email client for your message information An email client is an application to manage (receive, send, archive, type) email messages. Almost any operating system today can be used with a browser without an external email client. You can check your or e-mails by typing at, compose new messages and reply to incoming messages, manage your Gmail messages at If you have email from your Internet service provider or email accounts set up on your domain through a hosting provider, these service providers (almost always) have a client interface and an interface for you to manage your email. Using a client application on your computer adds an extra layer of functionality. You can view email samples locally, and you can use a single interface (the email client) to manage multiple email accounts from different providers. This tutorial will show you how to set up and use the Windows Live Mail email client to manage your email messages. Doceo shows the basics of the Windows Live Mail client, I’m happy to post your questions about additional features in this thread. From Wikipedia: Windows Live Mail (formerly Windows Live Mail Desktop) is Microsoft’s free email client. It is the successor of Outlook Express in Windows XP and Windows Mail in Windows Vista. The application is available to manage through the Windows Essentials suite. Contents: Use these links to jump to the part you want in: Part One: Install Windows Live Mail Part Two: Add an Email Account Part 3: Compose & Send a New Email Part Four: Reply or Forward an Email Message Part V: Email Notifications Part the first

Install Windows Live Mail 1.1) Install Windows Live Installer from Windows Essentials – Download Windows Live Essentials 1.2) Run the installer Click Select programs if you want all Windows Live applications: 1.3) If you want to select Applications, make sure to select Mail. Click Install 1.4) Once installed you can find Windows Start Mail in the Start Menu: Part Two

Add an email account In most cases the user does not need to think about email protocols, the latest email clients including Windows Live Mail can set up an email account without entering the server and the user’s protocol. If you want to set up the server and protocol information manually, here are the email protocols briefly explained: Most email services use IMAP, POP3 or Exchange Activesync email protocols to handle incoming mail, almost all email services allow you to choose a protocol. Please note that not all services support all protocols. IMAP and ActiveSync exchange are very similar in terms of their functionality and features, the same email account can be accessed by multiple clients on multiple computers; Messages are always stored on the server and synchronized with the client. POP3 stores messages by email address, and the local message storage can be other than the word storage server. Deleting a message from an IMAP account in Windows Live Mail also deletes it from the server and all other email clients on all other computers, and the server deletes a message from any client deleted from any computer, but when using POP3 it is possible to distinguish if the messages always remain on the server with the client were read, the server was read with the client If it is always deleted from, 10 days after being received by the client it will be deleted from the server and saved on the counter even if it is deleted from the local computer. ESMTP is a protocol for handling outgoing mail. More information: Exchange Activesync: Exchange Activesync – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPOP3: Post Office Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 2 (Windows – Wikipedia 2 Free) Live Mail first are running and No email accounts have been set up yet, this will directly open the New Account Email Wizard. Enter your e-mail address, its password, and the name of the sender you want to display when you send e-mail from this account, and click Next. For instructions, consult your provider’s support and assistance pages. Note If you use your email address for two-step verification, you’ll need to enter a special app password here instead of your regular account password. See these guides to set up two-step verification and generate app passwords using any free Microsoft email account (Hotmail,,, For all other email services, consult the help and support pages for your service. : Microsoft Account “Two-step verification” – Turn on or off Microsoft Account “App Passwords” – create or remove Click Yes: 2.2) When you want to add additional email accounts, click File > Options > Email accounts, click Add, select Email Account and same as step 2.1 above: 2.3) The WLM user interface is simple and self-explanatory: the main parts of the user interface, a list of numbers referring to the macro above: Ribbon and menu bar folder for the current account electronic view switcher (Mail., Calendar, Notes, etc.

Live Mail Outgoing Server Settings

Compose & Send a New Email 3.1) Click on the email button to compose a new email address (write / create) write an email message, send the email to the recipient, choose the possible CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) ) recipients, Type your message and send password: If you want to send the same message to multiple recipients, separate the email addresses with a semicolon. For example, to send this message to both [email protected] and [email protected] you would want to combine these two addresses: Code: [email protected]; [email protected] 3.2) The terms CC and BCC originated from snail mail, but are still used in electronic mail. Difference between CC and BCC: CC: example of carbon; Original receiver or electronic message receiver and all CC receivers All other receivers (TO) and other CC receivers (CC)BCC: carbon blank copy; Original recipients or recipients of email messages and all CC & BCC recipients see all recipients (TO) and all CCs

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