Java Program To Send Email

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Java Program To Send Email – Java has consistently ranked as the most popular web programming language over the years and its popularity is still going strong as late as 2022.

This popularity factor has Java in common with e-mails, which are essential communication tools for all companies to update users and inform them about their accounts, passwords, authentication, and more. Provides necessary information. others

Java Program To Send Email

Java Program To Send Email

Given the fact that you are reading this article, you already know that you can use Java to send email messages to your users. And in this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to do this, as well as how to complete some additional but often necessary steps.

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When searching the Internet to learn how to send emails using Java, there is a good chance that everyone will mention something like “Jakarta Mail” or “Java Mail”.

To avoid confusion, it is important to note from the outset that Java Mail is the former name of Jakarta Mail and both represent the same software.

So, Jakarta Mail, or Java Mail as some still call it, is an API for sending and receiving emails via SMTP, POP3 and IMAP, and is a popular choice that supports TLS and SSL authentication. It is platform-independent, protocol-independent and built on the Jakarta EE platform. You can find Jakarta Mail as an optional package for use with the Java SE platform.

How to send emails in Java using Jakarta Mail and SMTP? Step 1 – Learn to install Jakarta Mail (JavaMail) basics

Send Email From The Java Html Editor As Multipart Mime Message

File in your CLASSPATH environment. You can download the file from the Jakarta Mail Project page on GitHub.

You can also find the jakarta.mail.jar file in the Maven repository and add it to your environment along with the Maven dependencies:

Note: Inside the code in some tutorials, you may see javax.mail instead of jakarta.mail. This shouldn’t worry you, because it’s an API reference used in dependencies that represents an older version of Jakarta Mail.

Java Program To Send Email

Before we jump into the code, let’s take a look at some Jakarta Mail basics you need to know to create and send messages.

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The first and perhaps most important thing we will mention is the message class. The Message class is open, which means that to create a Message object, you need to use a subclass of it that can implement Message.

The MimeMessage subclass has a set of methods that you can use to change the message details, such as the message’s “To” header field, “Subject” header field, subject, recipient address for a specific recipient type, and so on.

For more information on Jakarta Mail classes and their most popular methods, as well as a detailed guide on using Jakarta Mail, visit our Jakarta Mail tutorial.

The code example below is all you need to send an email using the Jakarta Mail API, so feel free to copy it into your project and run it.

Send A Transactional Email

Note that the SMTP server details should be configured according to the SMTP server of the email service provider you are using. So, for example, if you want to send emails using the Gmail SMTP server in Java, the host address would be “”.

If you want to email your message as HTML instead of plain text, you need to replace the setText(String text) method with setContent(Object o, String type) and “text/html” with the second method argument. .

However, if you want your message to contain both HTML and plain text, you need to create it using the MimeMultipart(“replace”) object.

Java Program To Send Email

For this, you have to manually create two different parts and add them separately – text/plain body as the first part of the multipart and text/html body as the second part.

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If we were to pick one great feature of the Email API, it would undoubtedly be the actionable analytics that include delivery alerts, 60-day email logs, and dashboards with key metrics that allow users to identify and address sending. Greater control over their email delivery.

Email API also comes with dedicated IPs, push lists, IP auto-warmup and more. So, if you’re looking for a tool that not only sends your emails but also helps get those emails to the right inboxes, Email API is definitely worth a try!

Next, go to the Forwarding Domains section of your dashboard to add your domain and verify it. Then choose between sending with API or SMTP.

On the other hand, to send with SMTP, copy the provided settings into your email service or application. It allows you to use it as an SMTP server.

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So, we have already explained how to convert your plain text email to HTML email. But what if you want to further customize this email and add some images? We’ve got you covered on that end too!

To insert an image into your HTML email in Jakarta Mail, you can choose any of three common options: CID Image Embedding, Inline Embedding or Base64 Encoding and Linked Images. To embed a CID image, you need to create a MIME body/associate message using the following code:

For inline embedding or base64 encoding, you must include the encoded image data in the HTML body like this:

Java Program To Send Email

Note: Each base 64 digit represents 6 bits of data, so your original image code will be very long. It is best not to inline large images, as this affects the overall size of the HTML message.

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Finally, we have linked images, which are basically images hosted on some external server that you then link to. You can do this by using the img tag in the HTML body:

Adding attachments to your emails is often a requirement and in Jakarta Mail this is achieved using the previously mentioned MimeMultipart object. The first part of the object is the body (the text), the second part is the extension, which can be .txt, .png, or some other extension.

If you are using a newer version of Jakarta Mail, you can replace the following code with methods:

Methods are available for users of Jakarta Mail 1.4 and above and make attaching a file a very simple process:

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Since both versions of the code work on Jakarta Mail 1.4 or higher, feel free to use whatever you want to create emails with attachments.

To implement multiple recipients in Jakarta Mail, you need to use the setRecipients method we’ve already shown in our code, only this time, instead of passing just one email address, you need to pass a range of them like:

The addRecipients method works like setRecipients, so you can use it as an alternative. We went with setRecipients to stick with the code snippets provided in the article.

Java Program To Send Email

When it comes to emails, on your priority list, email testing should be enabled as soon as email delivery is enabled because without it, emails you thought were well-crafted may never reach recipient inboxes.

Configuring Gmail As A Sendmail Email Relay

Our choice in terms of email testing tools comes down to the email sandbox component of the email delivery platform, along with the email API we talked about earlier.

An email sandbox is an environment for previewing, checking and debugging emails before they are sent to recipients. It is capable of analyzing every email for spam in content and validating its HTML/CSS regardless of whether it is custom made or based on an HTML template. Also, it enables you to send as many test emails as you want to perfect things, but not run the risk of accidentally sending them to the original recipient.

The tool takes about 5 minutes to set up, thus saving you the time and trouble required to set up your own SMPT mail server. Additionally, it helps maintain your domain reputation as you don’t need to do manual testing using your personal inbox.

After that, copy the below code into your project, change the details like username, password etc. as required and run it.

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Finally, go to the Email Sandbox Inbox section, where you should see a test email sent using the code and start previewing, checking and/or debugging.

Throughout this article, we’ve guided you through Jakarta Mail’s main use cases and options. If you experience any problems installing, implementing or using this API, please refer to the Jakarta Mail FAQ.

That being said, we understand that creating transactional emails and sending them from your Java application with the Jakarta Mail API can be time-consuming. So, as an alternative, feel free to consider these other simple options.

Java Program To Send Email

The default email package in Spring is org.springframework.mail, but MIME features can be used using the org.springframework.mail.javamail.MimeMessagePreparator.

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You can get the code to add the latest version of the dependency on this Maven repository page or simply use the code we provided in this article.

Once that’s done, copy the code below into your project. It does

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