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Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365 – Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. Once Outlook is set up, the Microsoft program provides a perfect foundation for sending, receiving, and managing email. The suite is complemented by an integrated calendar to easily organize your meetings and events. Users can also add multiple email accounts to Outlook and combine them into a single client. This makes sense if you use different e-mail addresses for personal and business communications, for example.

If you want to use Outlook to manage your email accounts, the first step is always to set up your account. The basic steps you need to take are no different than the steps you need to take to add another account to Outlook. The only difference is the protocol and address settings of the incoming and outgoing mail servers that Internet Service Providers use as the basis for their e-mail services. Some third-party providers, such as Gmail or Yahoo, may require you to change some settings on the provider’s website before adding your account to Outlook. Otherwise the connection will be blocked.

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

Adding a new account to Outlook usually requires the password of the email account. If you have set up a login process such as two-factor authentication with your provider, you should also prepare the relevant secondary device and create a special application password through your account settings.

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As mentioned earlier, the steps required to successfully set up a new account in Outlook depend on your Internet Service Provider or Mail Provider. An extra step is often required as many mail providers prevent integration with Outlook or require the entry of an additional application password. Also, the process for adding a new account to Outlook depends on the version of the Microsoft program you’re using (desktop client 2019, 2016 or 2013 versus Outlook on the web, etc.). You can also choose between automatic setup (not available for all email accounts) and manual setup.

In the following sections you will find detailed instructions for different versions of Outlook explaining manual and automatic settings.

The ability to automatically set up an email account is available starting with Outlook 2010. This option is not available if you are using an older version of the desktop client. The steps required for automatic configuration differ only in the individual versions and are considered in the following instructions.

For all versions, go to the “File” tab to start setting up your account. Then click the “Add Account” button on the “Account Information” menu page that opens.

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If you have already added your email account to Outlook, it will be listed above your account information.

In the latest version (Microsoft 365), the dialog you see has been slightly modified so you just need to enter the address of the account you want to connect to and click “Connect”. In previous versions up to 2013 (including the 2016 version), before proceeding with the “Next” setup, you will need to enter a password associated with your account and a name of your choice.

The new dialog for adding an account to Outlook was implemented at a later stage, which is why the old settings dialog is often seen in Outlook 2016.

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

Re-enter your password when prompted. If the automated account setup is successful, you will receive a success confirmation. Finally click “Finish”.

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If automatic configuration of your email account fails, you will need to check your account settings. The two-factor authentication mentioned above can be for additional security accounts, such as secure email that requires you to respond first, or the ability to block third-party apps like Outlook clients. For some accounts, the automatic add to Outlook won’t work, so you should always use the manual option.

For manual account setup, you will need not only login data, but also data about incoming and outgoing mail servers for each mail service. The process is basically very similar in all versions, but there are some differences in the buttons and dialogs. As with automatic account setup, first open the “File” tab and click the “Add Account” button under “Account Information”.

In newer versions, select “Advanced options” and check the “I want to set up my account manually” box before clicking “Connect”.

However, in the classic dialog, change the selection to “Manual settings or additional server types” or “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” (Outlook 2010), then click “Next”.

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If you choose manual configuration to add a new account to Outlook, the automatic configuration fields will be grayed out.

Under “Choose an Email Service”, click “POP or IMAP” or “Internet Email” and click “Next” again. This will ask for address and server information that you have received or have already received from your Internet Service Provider or Mail Provider. To configure this, you need to write the following:

Select the “Require sign-in using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” option only if your provider’s mail server supports it or if your provider explicitly requests it.

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

If you are unsure of your choice of exchange protocol, we recommend that you refer to our articles on IMAP and POP3.

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So far, your connection to the mail server is not encrypted, so please click the “More settings” button in the bottom right corner before completing the settings.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol for sending and receiving email and has been the first choice for outgoing mail servers since 1982.

Go to the “Outgoing Mail Server” tab and check the “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication” box. Keep the default option “Use the same settings as the incoming mail server” and switch to the “Advanced” tab. Depending on whether you previously entered IMAP or POP3 as the transport protocol, set up encryption over SSL or TLS for your mail server connection by performing the following settings:

Save the changes with “OK” and use the “Next” and “Finish” buttons to finish adding the account to Outlook.

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You can consolidate multiple email accounts (up to 20) in the web version of Outlook. Like the desktop client, Outlook on the web offers a choice between automatic and manual configuration. Both types can be started via the “Email Synchronization” menu which is invoked as follows.

Now, under “Add Linked Account”, Outlook provides two buttons to launch the setup. Select the button with the same name to connect the web client to your Gmail account, otherwise click “Other Email Accounts”.

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

If you’ve added multiple accounts to Outlook, you can use the “Sync Email” menu to specify which account should be used as the default sender address, among other things.

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As with the Outlook desktop client, a dialog box now opens allowing you to choose between automatic and manual account setup. Start the former by entering the address and password of the account to be connected, and optionally a display name of your choice, and click “OK”.

Outlook will automatically create a new folder on the web for the emails in this new account. You can also select the second option under “You can choose where your imported emails are saved” to have your imported and future emails in an existing folder.

The option to import messages from accounts added to existing Outlook folders, such as “Inbox”, should only be selected for manageable daily emails.

If you’d like to set up your own account, leave the address and password fields blank for now and check the “Manually configure account settings (POP, IMAP, or transfer-only account)” box. After clicking “OK” the window will reload and you can save your personal data about incoming and outgoing mail servers as already described.

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Instead of each provider’s outgoing mail server, you can also select the server as the outgoing server in Outlook on the web.

We already mentioned at the beginning of this article that you cannot easily integrate your email account with Outlook or other email clients with services like Gmail, Yahoo or GMX. In most cases, these services block access from other applications for security reasons. Below we will show you how to disable this security feature in Gmail and then add your Gmail account to Outlook.

The procedure for removing this blockage varies from service to service, so the following instructions for Gmail, Google’s mail service, are provided as an example only. You can usually find the information you need on each provider’s support form.

Ionos Email Settings Outlook 365

Gmail has not one, but two security settings that prevent you from connecting your account to Outlook. First, it blocks “access from less secure apps” centrally configured in your Google account. first

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